You can buy a laptop with an OLED screen now, but should you?

OLED screens, common on mobile devices, are just now beginning to appear on laptops. Their beauty will leave you wondering how you ever did without, but the new tech may leave you searching for the nearest power socket.

Why every browser sucks eventually (It’s all your fault)

The more you use a browser, the more you bog it down. Which is why you should never trust that new browser smell. Every browser sucks, eventually, and it's all your fault.

Intel won't lead the VR revolution, but it will power those who do

Intel is a driving force behind many PC standards that users enjoy every day, like USB and Thunderbolt. Now, the company seems to be getting into virtual reality, and its presence may establish tech we'll use for years, even decades, to…
Movies & TV

Why ‘Stranger Things’ should make you hopeful for the future of TV

The surprise hit of the summer, Netflix's Stranger Things has been racking up praise from critics. Yet, unlike many of the critically beloved dramas before it, the show offers a surprisingly optimistic take on human nature.

I, for one, welcome our new automated robot overlords

Automation isn’t a bad thing; we’re not going to be attacked by vacuums, after all, and there are plenty of conveniences it supplies. But are we reaching a tipping point where we start to trust computers and robots more than humans?

How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

A handful of companies own vast swaths of web activity – Facebook for social networking, Google for searching, eBay for auctions – giving these companies unprecedented power over us. This has inspired an effort to re-decentralize the…
Virtual Reality

Dlodlo's VR headset is trying to make a dodo out of all of us

Beyond just looking good, the Dlodlo V1 has specs that compete with headsets from Samsung, Google, and others. Digital Trends had a chance to test out the new glasses, and spoke with the company CTO through an interpreter. We remain ……

Say what? A guide to Microsoft's mind-melting jargon

Try as it might, Microsoft struggles to communicate clearly. Some Microsoft announcements read like another language entirely, which can cause problems, and occasionally even starts rumors.

Why you should wait to play ‘We Happy Few’

Everything about the early access version about We Happy Few suggests its going to be a fantastic, immersive experience, which is exactly why you should wait until it's done before playing it.

Are you prepared to purchase a new game console every two years?

Apple’s magic formula gets fans to buy new hardware almost every year. Now, Microsoft and Sony want to put gamers through the same never-ending churn – and the new versions of each company’s console are designed to do exactly that.

Throw open your doors, Apple! Secrecy isn’t impressing us anymore

Apple, we love you, but you’re bringing us down. Flagging quarterly results from the notoriously secretive company may mean it’s time to drop the veil and give us a taste of something new.

Gaming PCs are weaker than you think, but that’s okay!

Every PC gamer understands the urge to pump a system full of cards and cores until it heats your room with its outrageous power. But are people actually building those machines, or playing on budget hardware?