3 computer companies that killed it in 2015 (plus 3 that biffed it)

2015 saw the release of several impressive, important products, but the market overall continued to shrink, and many have suffered. Few have managed to improve their hardware and software despite the PC's stormy waters.

5 resolutions car companies should make for 2016 (listen up, VW)

We think automakers should follow our example and make new year's resolutions, so we’ve taken the liberty of offering a few suggestions of how they can improve their image, the environment, and their products.

Can an iPad Pro replace your laptop? Here’s what happened when we tried it

Apple makes a lot of claims about the revolutionary power of the iPad Pro, but a day in the life of one of my systems is no day at the beach. Does the over-sized tablet really have the power to replace your laptop?

Why Valve’s Steam Machines are in big trouble right now

Between the restrictive OS and the confusing assortment of compatibility questions, Valve's Steam Machine experiment is struggling to find an audience, despite piggybacking off the company's insanely successful Steam software.

John McAfee: As the dark Web bubbles up to the mainstream, hacking just got easier

The dark web consists of overlay networks that use the same infrastructure as the public web but require special tools and knowledge to access. Both lay beyond the casual reach of the typical Internet user.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may be beautiful, but its firmware isn't

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the best 2-in-1 device available so far, but its quirky firmware drags down the day-to-day experience with a grab bag of annoyances.

Donald Trump works the Internet better than you do (whether he knows it or not)

FDR rocked radio, Reagan triumphed on TV, and with his meme-ready quotes and hateful screeds, Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate born for Internet stardom.

John McAfee: Volunteers are the key to a secure digital world

John McAfee says he will reach out to the volunteer security groups to help bolster their efforts in ways that are effective and will protect our future.
Movies & TV

Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the feminist superhero we all need

Jessica Jones is must-watch television, exploring challenging themes in a thrilling, superhero noir that’s the darkest tale yet told in the MCU.

5 reasons why Black Friday is totally pointless

Thinking of going out on Black Friday? Just don't. Stay in and enjoy time with the family. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't bother with Black Friday.

YouTube is copying the RIAA’s legal tactics, except this time you win

To defend the legitimate reuse of copyrighted material, Google plans to raise the cost to content owners of filing baseless copyright infringement claims by defending uploaders of videos to YouTube against what it feels are baseless…