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the last of us part ii tips featured

The Last of Us Part II death threats are a selfish, destructive response to art

The Last of Us Part II has left players extremely divided, with some turning their dislike for the game into fuel for hateful comments. This trend must stop.
The DC Extended Universe's Justice League posing together.

By going back to Batman for HBO Max, DC is missing a golden opportunity

WarnerMedia is betting big on the Dark Knight with an upcoming series set in the universe of Matt Reeves' upcoming film The Batman, but they can do better.
Woman holds the new iphone in landscape mode and subscribes to apple arcade with pink background

Apple Arcade teeters on irrelevance as it desperately seeks ‘engagement’

Apple seeks to up Arcade's engagement, but its search for revenue might force the subscription to abandon its mission.
Vizio 2021 elevate soundbar.

Vizio’s $1,300 55-inch OLED TV is a game-changer

Vizio has unleashed a huge new product line, and it now includes an OLED TV model that is undercutting the competition. Here's everything you need to know.
the last of us part ii tips featured

The Last of Us Part II has a wokeness problem, but it’s not what you think

The Last of Us Part II was immediately bombed with sexist, homophobic, and transphobic reviews. They move the conversation away from valid and useful critiques.
iPhone on top of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

A portless iPhone will be a major shake-up for the smart home

There have been rumors about Apple producing a portless iPhone, so that will in turn have a major impact on how we it's charged The smart home will be affected.
olympus camera business sold analysis sale division causes

Olympus has fallen: The camera maker chose its fate years ago

After defending its choices in camera design, but not selling many cameras, it's no real surprise Olympus has not seen a profit in three years.
Collision From Home

Collision From Home is the stunning future of tech conferences

Into the conference void created by the coronavirus stepped web summit event Collision From Home, which kicked off not with a whimper but with an explosion.
Batman Forever

How Joel Schumacher and Bat Nipples made Batman fun again

Joel Schumacher, who died on Monday, helped show that Batman doesn't have to be super-serious.
Apple MacOS Big Sur design

What Microsoft can learn from Apple’s Mac on ARM transition

There is a lot Microsoft can learn from Apple's ARM Macs if it wants to continue on with a next-generation ARM-based Surface.

Brace yourself. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is going to be expensive

How much will Sony's PlayStation 5 cost? Pricing still remains unknown, but our estimate suggests the price will be higher than PlayStation fans expect to pay.
Pixel 4 running Android 11 beta

Android 11 beta’s smart home controls are a fresh start, but need to stay simple

Google Assistant can be useful, but sometimes it fails to listen to commands. A quick-access menu for the smart home will be a great feature for Android 11.
The DC Extended Universe's Justice League posing together.

HBO Max is playing bait-and-switch with its DC superhero movies

Just a few weeks after HBO Max launched, WarnerMedia is removing nearly all of its DC Comics movies, one of the streaming service's biggest selling points.
HBO Max.

I’m not mad, HBO Max, I’m just disappointed

The launch of HBO Max not only didn't bring 4K or HDR, but also wasn't supported by either Roku or Amazon Fire, raising eyebrows and testing patience.
Madden NFL 20

This could be the last time EA gets an NFL exclusive deal

EA's Madden will be the only football sim through 2025, but the shadow of NFL 2K looms large, and the company's days of exclusivity could be coming to an end.
fujifilm focus on video x t2 top lenses

Don’t upgrade your camera. It won’t make you a better photographer

Photographers are not spared from upgrade culture, but it's a trap we need to avoid. Image quality matured years ago, and your current camera is probably fine.
hollywood and the movie experience after coronavirus coronamovies illustration articleexport 200522

After coronavirus, what happens to Hollywood and movies?

Things will never be the same for Hollywood and the movie-watching experience after coronavirus, but that might not be a bad thing. Here's what we can expect.
Working remote

The pandemic might have killed the office forever. Is that a good thing?

Facebook will join Twitter and Square in moving a large chunk of its workforce to remote work permanently. Will Silicon Valley's shift kill office culture?
Satya Nadella

Microsoft Build: The all-digital dev conference is the future of tech events

This week, Microsoft moves ahead with its Build 2020 developer show, hosting not a physical event but a virtual one. Can Microsoft build a better Build?
Facebook Buys Giphy

When Facebook bought Giphy, it bought our emotions too

Facebook announced it is adding Giphy to its library of apps, but it isn't just buying a collection of GIFs. It's acquiring the raw emotions of its users.
nintendo success 2020 paper mario the origami king

Paper Mario proves that 2020 is Nintendo’s year

Nintendo surprised fans with news of Paper Mario: The Origami King's release, furthering its strength in the gaming industry and securing a win for 2020.
the best order to watch star wars movies starwars original trilogy screen vader

How to watch the Star Wars movies in order … the perfect order, that is

There's more to preparing for the perfect Star Wars movie marathon than just collecting all of the movies. You also need to decide when to watch each of them.
canon eos r5 video details 8k raw 4k 120p april 2020 update 1

8K cameras are coming. No, you don’t need one

Don't believe all the hype, whether you're a pro or not. While 8K may technically have four times the number of pixels, it's not four times the image quality.
samsung galaxy s20 ultra review ry 15

Has the pandemic recession canceled ultra-premium smartphones?

We saw a meteoric rise for the ultra premium smartphone segment, but priorities are shifting for those adversely affected, and budget phones are back in style.
why surface duo should run windows10x in hand

Why delaying the Surface Neo to 2021 was the only way Microsoft could save it

Delays are never a good sign, but with the stakes high for the future of Microsoft's dual-screen devices, here's why moving the Neo to 2021 is a good thing.
Quibi Logo

Quibi: Is it the next big thing or a billion-dollar boondoggle?

The new short-form video service Quibi has finally launched, but will its focus on keeping content brief make it a short-lived option?
Digital Detox Phone

Is it ethical to do a digital detox during the coronavirus pandemic?

There is no shortage of content right now during the coronavirus pandemic. But for some, more information means more anxiety. Is it okay to disconnect?
animal crossing bunny

Animal Crossing’s Zipper T. Bunny is a mystery fans have yet to solve

Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Bunny Day guest Zipper T. Bunny may not be who he appears. But if that's true, who is inside the bunny suit?
nfl 2k5 2k games

What we want to see from 2K Games’ new NFL game in 2021

For the first time in 15 years, 2K Games will be releasing a NFL game to compete with EA's Madden. While it isn't NFL 2K, the possibilities are still exciting.
fujifilm x t4 could be the perfect camera on table with coffee

The Fujifilm X-T4 looks flawless. Is it the perfect camera?

With in-body image stabilization, a vari-angle screen, and better battery life, the Fujifilm X-T4 erases every complaint I've raised about X-T cameras.
Unreal Deli Corned Beef

I tried a plant-based corned beef sandwich and it held up to the real thing

Sarge's Deli in Manhattan recently started selling plant-based meat and sandwiches to a discerning audience.

Parasite’s big night is one of the biggest Oscars surprises of all time

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho and his film Parasite were the surprisingly big winners at an otherwise by-the-numbers Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.
A person using the Surface Pro X.

The Surface Pro just turned seven years old, but its future hangs in the balance

The original Surface Pro was launched seven years ago. Though it has continued to grow in success over the years, Microsoft's many attempts at moving beyond traditional PCs jeopardizes the future of the Surface.
panos panay

Now married to Surface, Windows might finally get interesting again

The Windows and hardware divisions at Microsoft have come together under a single combined group known as "Windows + Devices" led by Panos Panay. Is Windows finally going to be interesting again?