The iPhone X may be expensive, but you’ll regret cheaping out with an iPhone 8

Even though the iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag, it defines what a flagship phone should be. The other two in the lineup – the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – offer only minor improvements and dated design.

3 modern car ‘conveniences’ that are more hassle than they’re worth

Car gadgets are great, until they don’t work quite as expected. Here are three modern car conveniences that somehow make life harder instead of easier.

A dozen companies could have built the iPhone X. Why did they let Apple do it best?

Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that the iPhone X will define the next decade of smartphones. He’s probably right, but why can’t any other companies truly step up and outperform the iPhone in a big way?

Here are 6 old technologies Apple wants you to think are revolutionary

Many of the “new” technologies that Apple presenters gushed about at Apple’s September 2017 iPhone X announcement seemed familiar, so we tracked down how old they really are.

Even Apple haters can’t afford to ignore the iPhone X launch. Here’s why

Every Apple event is anticipated, but the iPhone X and iPhone 8 launch justifies the level of hype surrounding it. It’s not just Apple’s big event, it’s likely to be the most important tech event of the year.

Is ‘Destiny 2’ any good? For many players, it doesn’t matter

Every gamer seems to have an opinion on whether Destiny 2 is good or awful – but with millions already playing, does popular opinion really change the game’s fate?

Here’s why the USB port built into your car charges so agonizingly slow

I have a 2015 Mazda and it has a USB charger that feels a decade old. What’s up? When will auto companies start providing charging solutions that work?

Whole Foods' prices on some products are now cheaper than Walmart's

In 20 years, Amazon reshaped retail commerce. The Amazon Whole Foods Market acquisition starts a new clock for retail changes. First steps include lower food prices and Amazon Prime benefits, but future changes could be dramatic.
Android Army

What will it take to sell smartwatches? Just make us feel something

Smartwatches aren’t a big sales success because tech companies are making them and selling them like phones. What we want is a smartwatch that tugs at our heart strings, and that will only come with help from the Swiss watch industry.

We can dream, can’t we? Here’s what our staff wants in the perfect phone

Every time a major new smartphone is released we put it through the paces. But what exactly are we looking for in our perfect phone? We asked the members of our team to find out exactly what they're looking for in a new phone.

Smile! Dentacoin wants to become the Bitcoin of the dental industry

Dentacoin is looking to do what many altcoins have failed to: become a global cryptocurrency phenomenon. But its roots begin in the gums and practices of the global dental industry.

Can a Fitbit watch challenge Apple? Fitbit Surge versus Apple Watch Series 2

The Fitbit Surge and Apple Watch Series 2 have become the faces of what a smartwatch and fitness tracker can do, but head-to-head you realize just how superior one of the devices is.