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Facebook is testing out a dislike button in Messenger, user reports

Instead of going on a rant on your favorite social media platform, just hit the dislike button instead. As per a new TechCrunch report, Facebook is testing out its highly requested feature, although it may not be where you expect it.
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Facebook ‘City Guides’ can help you find local sights on your travels

Facebook is testing a “City Guides” feature on its mobile apps that offers user-sourced travel recommendations in the vein of TripAdvisor. Find out exactly what the nifty little update does and how to access it.
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Facebook will reportedly “spotlight” original shows in new and improved video tab

Facebook is reportedly planning to highlight its original shows in an improved video tab. The platform is chasing entertaining episodic content, but is allegedly not interested in acquiring news programming.
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How to delete your Instagram account

Despite its outstanding popularity and photo-sharing dominance, Instagram certainly isn't for everyone. Thankfully, deleting your account is as easy as logging into the site and clicking a few buttons.

Facebook’s new Messenger menus could mean the end of chatting with chatbots

Facebook's new Messenger menus feature for chatbots ditches the chat altogether. Does this mean the social network has finally come to the realization that chatbots in their current form are hopeless at chatting?
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Looking for a gender-neutral bathroom? Yelp will help you find one

Yelp has always been a helpful source of information, and now, it's expanding the ways in which it contributes to your knowledge base. Yelp announced it would help identify "businesses that offer gender-neutral restrooms to patrons."
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Get ready to see more ad breaks between Instagram Stories

Instagram is capitalizing on the success of Stories by opening up ads for the temporal slideshows to all businesses. This could mean an influx of sponsored content within your Stories feed, so be prepared to start skipping.

Twitter strikes live-streaming pact with the world’s biggest eSports company

Twitter is stepping up its eSports coverage as it looks to position itself as the home of competitive gaming broadcasts. The company has struck a deal with the world's largest eSports company to stream a number of major tournaments.

Snap’s historic stock market debut turned its founders into multibillionaires

Snap Inc. made an impressive debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, which should please its newly minted co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, both of whom have yet to turn 30.
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Facebook hopes to build a safer space with more suicide prevention tools

On Wednesday, Facebook announced it would be "updating the tools and resources we offer to people who may be thinking of suicide, as well as the support we offer to their concerned friends and family members."
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Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? Elon Musk takes advice from a 10-year-old

This week a fifth-grader from Michigan wrote to Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk with a great idea for a contest to help promote the company's green sports cars. The inventor not only embraced the idea, but wrote back to say thanks.

Optical trick: These red strawberries aren't actually red — here is why

The Dress is back, only this time it's a tasty strawberry pie that is not actually red, but that doesn't stop our brains from seeing that color. The image is a manipulated photo from a psychology professor.