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Snapchat’s new partnership with Foursquare could open the geofilter floodgates

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has struck a deal to access Foursquare’s location data, which will be used to power the visual messaging app's geofilters, allowing you to essentially access new graphics tied to more specific places.
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Facebook now lets Pages access Instagram and Messenger interactions in one place

Facebook is finally starting to integrate Instagram with its flagship platform. Until now the popular photo-sharing app has remained independent from its parent company, but that’s all about to change — for businesses at least.
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Stills not enough? Here’s how to post an animated GIF to Facebook

In 2015, Facebook officially added support for GIFs, so users can quickly share their favorite dance moves and slam dunks. Check out our guide on how to post GIFs on Facebook, and reinvigorate your lackluster News Feed.

Snapchat confidentially files for IPO that could value it at $25 billion

Snapchat's parent company Snap Inc. has reportedly filed for its initial public offering. With an estimated $25 billion valuation, the move could make it the biggest firm to go public on the U.S. exchange since 2014.

The art of the poke: A Facebook guide for the uninitiated

With more than a billion users, Facebook has become the go-to social network for almost everybody. If you're new to the site, our comprehensive guide will lay out both the network's fundamentals and its more intricate functionality.

Canon promotes new EOS M5 mirrorless camera in interactive Instagram campaign

To celebrate the new EOS M5 mirrorless camera, Canon has launched the #tagyoureit campaign on Instagram. The interactive campaign will challenge Instagram influencers and their followers to complete spontaneous photo challenges.

Tinder wants users to be their true selves, so it’s introducing more gender options

Swiping on Tinder may involve a binary choice, but your gender identity most certainly doesn't. On Tuesday, the popular dating app announced the introduction of more gender identities for its users.
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Twitter has rolled out a ‘muted words’ filter to protect users from abusive tweets

Twitter's planned keyword filtering tool, designed to shield its users from abusive tweets on the platform, has been spotted on its app. The feature comes in the wake of a number of high-profile instances of harassment on the site.
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Pinterest Explore showcases trending ideas and videos from top publishers

Pinterest is taking on Instagram with the launch of its very own Explore tab. The new section harnesses the power of machine learning to bring you trending ideas, topics, and auto-playing videos from the platform's top publishers…

More than a billion people can now make video calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users rejoice -- video calling has finally arrived on your favorite messaging service. The feature, which was previously made available to a number of Android users on the beta version of the app, is now being rolled out to…

Google and Facebook crack down on scammers using ads on fake news sites

The problem of fake news has really come to the fore in recent months. With pressure growing on web services to take the issue more seriously, both Google and Facebook have promised to take action to stop fake news sites making money out of…
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Report: Facebook has the tools to fight fake news but isn’t using them

Facebook reportedly has the tools to stamp out unreliable news on its site but feels it can’t take action at the risk of being labelled biased. The company's fears stem from the backlash that erupted over its Trending Topics feed in May.