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App Store change boosted paid apps, pushed down those with in-app purchases

It might have been for an instant, but some eagle-eyed folks noticed that paid apps were more prominent in the App Store's Top Grossing charts than other apps that emphasize in-app purchases.

iPhone users spent double on entertainment apps in 2016 due to in-app purchases

While games continue to account for more than 80 percent of sales on the App Store, the entertainment category observed a year-over-year increase of 130 percent, according to the latest data from analytics firm Sensor Tower.
Social Media

Tinder makes a move: Dating app may add a Snapchat-like video feature

Tinder recently acquired Wheel, a collaborative video messaging app which allows users to add videos to other users threads around a common theme. Tinder said it plans to add video features to the popular dating app in the future.

That 'Bioshock' update for iOS is never happening, game removed from App Store

Publisher 2K Games has confirmed that Bioshock will not be receiving an update for iOS, meaning that it will not run on modern Apple hardware. The game has been removed from the app store.

Apps with emoji in their descriptions generate more downloads, study finds

Apps with emoji in their description generally generate more downloads than apps that lack them, according to a recent study. Results vary by demographic, country, and ethnicity.

When iOS 10.3 ships, developers will gain ability to respond to App Store reviews

It looks like Apple has finally allowed developers to respond to customer reviews on both its App Store and Mac App Store. That'll happen when iOS 10.3 ships in a couple of months.

Brexit fallout means iOS customers in U.K. will have to pay more for apps

As a result of Brexit-induced currency fluctuations, Apple announced that it's increasing the price of digital goods in its U.K. app stores. The change could come as soon as next Wednesday.

China mandates all app stores must register with government

Announced as part of a crack down on security issues and malware, the Chinese government now requires all app stores operating within the country to register with its central authority.

Can Apple be sued for allegedly creating app monopoly? Appeals court says yes

According the a U.S. Appeals Court, Apple can be sued for creating an iOS app monopoly. Now, another case can go ahead as to whether or not the company actually has created an iOS app monopoly.

What's next for Fitbit? An app store of its own, according to its CEO

Fitbit is looking to launch its own wearable app store "as soon as possible." This is according to company co-founder and CEO James Park, who spoke at CES about Fitbit's plans for the new year.

Apple made a record-smashing $240M from the App Store on New Year's Day alone

Apple has reported that it made a massive $240 million in sales on New Years Day alone, smashing previous records. The company also reported sales for last year, reporting $20 billion in App Store sales -- up 40 percent from the year…

Apple has begun its massive purge of apps from the App Store

Apple has begun its massive purge of apps from the App Store. In fact, the company removed a hefty 47,300 apps during the month of October, representing a huge 238 percent increase compared to previous months this year.