Cloud Computing

Dell’s sub-$100 Project Ophelia USB-sized PC ships this summer

Dell's Android-based mini-PC Project Ophelia turns every screen with a HDMI socket into a computer. It'll be rolling out to developers in July, then to consumers later this summer.

Adobe shows off Lightroom-like photo editing on iPad 2, foreshadowing what’s to come

Could pro-level photo editing from Adobe be coming soon to a tablet near you? Adobe gives a glimpse of a Lightroom-like prototype running on an iPad during an episode of The Grid, and talks about challenges remaining.

CIA reportedly makes $600M deal with Amazon to build cloud computing system

Amazon and the CIA may have worked out a now not-so-secret $600 million deal that will have the e-commerce company building a private cloud for the agency within the next ten years.

Weather advisory: Google Reader proves that cloud apps can just … blow away

The shows we watch, the tools we use to work, and the services we use to stay in touch with each other could disappear at any time now that we’re hooked on cloud computing. Whoops.

How to use Bump to transfer files between your phone and your computer

If you find yourself always needing to transfer files to and from mobile devices and computers, you might want to look into getting the Bump app. It's very easy to use and works with different platforms.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive celebrates 1 billion documents, makes collaboration easier

Microsoft now stores one billion Office documents and, starting today, users no longer need to sign in to or even have a Microsoft account to access and edit documents in Office Web Apps.

Bitcasa cloud storage service leaves beta, celebrates with discounts

Bitcasa, a paid service that allows unlimited cloud storage, is now out of beta and available for use. To celebrate, the company is offering deals on its cloud storage service during the month of February.

Cloud essentials: understanding the basics of cloud computing

Get caught up in the cloud with a simple explanation of how cloud computing works, plus see comparisons of various cloud services.

Dell announces Project Ophelia, a USB stick that uses the cloud to make any monitor a PC

The new device from Dell's cloud computing arm lets you have a computer from the cloud on any screen with a USB port.

Waste not, want not: CPUsage wants to repackage and recycle your computer’s leftover power

CPUsage pays users for their wasted CPU power and redistributes to high performance needs companies, an idea that the company hopes will rise on the continued advancement and adoption of the cloud.

Opinion: Tablets are changing the tech you use, whether you own one or not

The rise of the tablet has heralded changes big and small across the tech ecosystem, from a booming market for cloud storage to the fall of Flash.

Some Americans believe stormy weather interferes with cloud computing

While many Americans use cloud computing every single day, that doesn't mean they necessarily understand it.