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Cloud Computing

CISCO VDI cloud technologies for the office wherever it may be.

NVIDIA and Cisco turbocharge VDI solutions like never before

NVIDIA and Cisco have teamed up to deliver the VDI UCS X-Series virtual desktop technologies. Learn all about it and Cisco's virtual desktop solutions here!
Open office layout.

What is hybrid cloud?

Cloud PC in Windows 365 open side by side in a web browser.

Microsoft brings Windows to the cloud with Windows 365 Cloud PC

Two people sitting at a table with their laptops, cups of tea, and a bowl of fruit.

Microsoft could launch a cloud PC service next week

jargon episode 10 2 featured img 190819 2x

Jargon: Clearing the haze of cloud computing terminology

microsoft press event surface notebook satya nadella

As A.I. takes over, Microsoft’s CEO sees the entire world as one big computer

blade shadow cloud gaming could make your pc obsolete on and mobile device

Shadow is a cloud gaming service that wants to make your gaming PC obsolete

osaka university

Osaka University researchers create flexible cloud-based computing system

apples attempt to follow amazon microsoft and google into cloud services wont be easy apple servers pie 0002

How and why Apple is taking charge of its own cloud services

microsoft department justice hearing departmentofjustice feat

Hearing on Microsoft’s fight with justice department gets underway on Monday


Ford wants to send autonomous cars to driver’s ed

facebook messenger gets a facelift dtd0616

Facebook Messenger is about to get a Facelift

apple gifts greek users a free month of icloud after financial squeeze

Apple gifts Greek users a free month of iCloud after financial squeeze

Apple has decided to give iCloud subscribers in Greece a month's leeway for keeping their extra storage due to the ongoing financial crisis in that country.
twins or not microsoft site news

Find your twin with Microsoft’s Twin or Not facial comparison software

A new project that makes use of Microsoft's cloud computing capabilities compares the portraits of two people and spits out a "twin score."
ultimately flexible hp spectre x360 breaks cover hpmagnify

HP is dead; long live Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

As of November 1, HP will be shedding half of its enterprise operations and splitting into two entirely separate companies.
ibm, computing

IBM’s silicon photonics technology could propel data centers into the future

Data centers will be able to provide larger data rates and bandwidth in the future through this technology.
google nearline cloud based storage drive mobile

Google’s Nearline cloud storage will house all your unloved data for when you need it

Google's Nearine is cheap storage for infrequently accessed data.
cloud storage servers can be used to heat buildings server

Heating your home with cloud servers could be bigger in Germany than David Hasselhoff

A German cloud service supplier has developed an intelligent way to use excess heat produced by servers as an alternative energy source.

Larry Ellison steps down from CEO position at Oracle

steamos steam box streaming towards the future steamos2

SteamOS and Steam Box: Streaming Towards The Future

Valve's SteamOS and Steam Box have made big splashes in the gaming world, but its streaming feature hints at the future of computing for everyone.
very old computer

Do everything in your browser with these 25 awesome webapps

We've rounded the best web apps on the internet so that you'll never have to leave the comfortable confines of your browser ever again!

Microsoft investing $678M into massive ‘Project Mountain’ data center in Iowa

Microsoft's attempting to beef up its cloud services by pumping almost $700 million into its "Project Mountain” data center" in West Des Moines, Iowa.
adobe shows off lightroom esque on ipad 2 foreshadowing whats to come in table photo editing prototype the grid featured

Adobe shows off Lightroom-like photo editing on iPad 2, foreshadowing what’s to come

Could pro-level photo editing be coming soon to a tablet near you? Adobe gives a glimpse of a Lightroom-like prototype running on an iPad.
netflix instagram pinterest knocked out by storm related power outage at amazon cloud

CIA reportedly makes $600M deal with Amazon to build cloud computing system

Amazon and the CIA may have worked out a now not-so-secret $600 million deal that'll have the e-commerce company building a private cloud for the agency.

Weather advisory: Google Reader proves that cloud apps can just … blow away

The shows we watch, the tools we use, and the services we communicate with could disappear at any time now that we’re hooked on cloud computing. Whoops.
transfer files via bump small

How to use Bump to transfer files between your phone and your computer

If you find yourself always needing to transfer files to and from mobile devices and computers, you might want to look into getting the Bump app.
skydrive windows 8 microsoft

Microsoft’s SkyDrive celebrates 1 billion documents, makes collaboration easier

Starting today, users no longer need to sign-in to their Microsoft account – or even have a Microsoft account – to access and edit documents in Office Web Apps.
bitcasa offers infinite cloud storage on windows 8 and android mac ios coming in january drive

Bitcasa cloud storage service leaves beta, celebrates with discounts

Now out of beta and open to the public, Bitcasa, a paid service that allows unlimited cloud storage, is celebrating with deals during the month of February.

Cloud essentials: understanding the basics of cloud computing

Dell announces Project Ophelia, a USB stick that uses the cloud to make any monitor a PC

Hands-on with Pogoplug Series 4: Convert your local storage system into cloud

cloud gaming debate multiple devices

DT Debates: Is cloud gaming ready for the big time?

Microsoft abandons Windows Live branding in Windows 8

Le oops: Google accidentally outs Google Drive on its French blog