Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle lets you take a photo of yourself enjoying fizzy beverage

It takes a special kind of narcissist to deem even the most mundane of activities worthy of a selfie, and now, Coca-Cola wants to encourage that kind of behavior by way of its new selfie bottle.

Keurig discontinues expensive Kold soda maker, offers refunds to consumers

Likely attributed to the high cost of the hardware as well as the compatible soda pods, Keurig has been forced to abandon production of the Keurig Kold soda maker as well as lay off workers.
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With the return of Ecto Cooler, Ghostbusters fans will be sipping on sweet nostalgia

The mere mention of Ecto Cooler is enough to make an entire generation salivate with barely controlled glee, and the spectacularly sugary serum of the gods is returning to shelves for a limited time with this summer's upcoming Ghostbuster's…

Do you need a soda-dispensing Keurig Kold? Probably not, but damn it’s fun 4:10

Having the ability to make sodas in your home sounds good but is the new Keurig Kold Drinkmaker really worth the convenience? Find out what we think in this video review.
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Coca-Cola is adding Wi-Fi to its vending machines

Coca-Cola will provide the drinks and BT will provide the infrastructure in a new scheme in South Africa, enabling those in poor and under-developed communities to get online for free.

Watch out Sodastream! Keurig aims to take the sizzle out of your fizzle

A new partnership between Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Coca-Cola might mean that you'll soon be able to make Coke like you make K-cup coffee. Hit the jump for details
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Oh snap, Diet Coke’s newest vending machine became anorexic

It's space efficiency meets quirky product marketing in Diet Coke's Slender Vender vending machine, which measures approximately one foot thick and can fit in the most surprising of places.
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You’re not going to believe this, but is a tech visionary

Tech pundits have slammed Black Eyed Peas frontman and Intel's "Director of Creative Innovation" as a poser in the technology industry. And I agreed with them – but that was before I heard him speak at CES 2013.
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Coke Zero, please bring this 007 Skyfall machine to America

Skyfall premieres in the UK this week, and this awesome Coke Zero stunt let unsuspecting commuters have their own James Bond moment.
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Cell phone powered by Coke makes better use of a sugar rush than you ever will

A concept phone utilizes sugary drinks as the power source for a cellphone, making the battery biodegradable.

Next-generation Coke vending machines sport an Intel Core i7 processor

The newest Coca-Cola vending machines are even more hi-tech than you thought, with a 46-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, HD camera, and NFC to boot.

Coca-Cola security camera ad shows us some of life’s lighter moments

Coca-Cola's new ad shows us that footage taken by security cameras isn't always grim and asks us to "look at the world a little differently."