Confirmed: The Xbox One will gain TV DVR functionality starting in 2016

According to a report, the Xbox One may gain DVR features for live television later this year. The exact implementation, however, remains unclear, as do any potential limits on the functionality.
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Ditch the bill, keep the remote with these four OTA DVRs for cord cutters

Cutting the cord doesn't mean you have to give up on recording TV. Check out some great over-the-air alternatives to the DVR provided by your cable or satellite company.
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6 ways for cable companies to redeem themselves and win customers back

Flexible alternatives like Netflix and Sling TV are nibbling away at cable’s supremacy, but it’s not too late for these powerful companies to reverse their fortunes and bring consumers back to their side.
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Forget single episodes, TiVo Mega can record entire channels with its 24TB drive

Today TiVo is introducing the TiVo Mega, quite literally its biggest product yet. The 24-terabyte server-like appliance can record more than 26,000 hours (or about three years’ worth) of TV shows before any deleting is necessary.
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Channel Master’s OTA DVR+ now available with 1TB internal hard drive

Channel Master has reissued its DVR+ with a built-in 1TB hard drive. The DVR's functionality remains the same, as does its form factor.
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Aereo CEO asks supporters to let slip the dogs of social media war

Showing his mettle, and perhaps an ulterior motive, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia showed he has yet to admit defeat. In the wake of Aereo's trouncing by the Supreme Court, Kanojia is calling supporters to action by beseeching representatives via…
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Roku CEO says the DVR is doomed, all TV will be streamed in the future

In a Q&A with the Associated Press last week, Roku CEO Anthony Wood claimed that all TV would eventually be streamed via smart TV, gaming console or streaming player. He doubts many people will still be using DVRs six years from…
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Netflix sneaks into cable boxes while denouncing Comcast/TWC merger

Among a wealth of new moves announced in Netflix's quarterly letter to investors, the company announced plans to move into your cable box. Netflix also became the first major media source to denounce the Comcast/TWC merger. Click the link…
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The Tablo records and streams free over-the-air HDTV to nearly any device

Nuvyyo, a Canadian startup based in Ottawa, has officially launched the Tablo to the U.S. market, a set top box with DVR capabilities that can stream and record free over-the-air (OTA) TV channels to the iPad, Android tablets, PCs, Macs and…
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Dish Network’s Super Joey DVR companion makes its heroic debut

Dish Network's clever little companion box to its popular Hopper DVR uses its super powers to add two extra tuners to your home, allowing subscribers to record up to 8 programs at once.
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Comcast closes in on ‘TV Everywhere’ promise with cloud-based DVR launch in Boston

Comcast began rolling out a cloud-based DVR to its Boston customers today as part of an expansion of its premium X1 cable TV service. The new service allows Comcast customers to view recorded content outside of their own Wi-Fi network for…
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Aereo expanding to Chicago next, goes live Sept. 13

Aereo will be expanding its live TV streaming service to Chicago on September 13, CEO and founder Chet Kanojia announced today at TechWeek Chicago, now bringing the number of operational markets to four total.