5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.


‘Nook Video’ app joins Android and iPad, takes on Netflix and Amazon Video

Barnes & Noble released Nook Video apps on iOS and Android this week and recently updated its ebook reader apps to bring them up to par with the experience on the Nook HD. There's very little exclusive to B&N's home-grown tablets left, anymore.


Apple launches iBookstore in Japan, goes up against Google, Amazon and Rakuten

Apple launched its iBookstore in Japan on Tuesday. With millions of people in the East Asian nation owning iPhones and iPads, the new market is sure to be a lucrative one for the Cupertino company.


Publishers sign new ebook retailer contracts following DOJ action

Simon & Schuster has signed new pricing agreements for its ebooks, closing out the new discount structure for the three publishers who settled with the DOJ earlier this year over the issue of agency pricing.


Hands On: Sony goes back to basics, brings e-book ‘Reader’ app to iOS

Sony might not be the first name you think of when you think written word, but it would like to be. The multimedia giant is bringing its e-book Reader app to iOS devices so Apple users can get the Sony Reader experience. We go hands on to see if its…


How to pick the right e-reader

Are you ready to take your book collection digital and buy your first e-book reader? We're here to help. We break down the best e-readers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.

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Self-publishing is the new Internet gold rush

If you've thought about self-publishing your writing as an eBook, then the good news is that mainstream print publishers are paying more attention to that medium, even going so far as to purchase companies to make it easier for you. The bad news is, you'll…


Why an Amazon smartphone makes sense

Amazon may be prepping a smartphone. Is the company just looking to extend its Kindle empire to another device...or to expand its mammoth e-retailing business?

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David versus Goliath: Children’s book publisher pulls its titles from Amazon and what it means for you

The Educational Development Corporation, the latest publisher to go head to head with web giant Amazon, has pulled its books from the retailer's virtual shelves. But what does this relatively small move really mean for the future of book-selling and online…


One company, one store: Why Google axed Android Market for Google Play

Google is unifying Android Market as well as its book, music, and movie services under the moniker Google Play. But is it clearer, or more confusing?

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Apple blocks links to Amazon in iBookstore

Apple has reportedly blocked eBooks from being published in its iBookstore that contain hyperlinks to rival Amazon


Amazon pulls 5,000 titles from Kindle store in dispute with distributor

Following a dispute with America's second largest independent book distributor, Amazon has pulled 5,000 of its titles from the Kindle store.


Chinese authors sue Apple’s iBooks for piracy

A group of Chinese authors is suing Apple for piracy, claiming the company's iBooks is selling unauthorized copies of their work.


Why Barnes & Noble should (and shouldn’t) spin off the Nook

Barnes & Noble says its Nook business should generate $1.5 billion this fiscal year, even as it scaled back its forecast for overall earnings for the year. Is it time to spin the Nook off into a separate business?

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Nintendo could open an eBook store for the Wii U console

Nintendo is rumored to be planning an eBook download service for its forthcoming Wii U console, with downloaded publications being read on the touchscreen controller, or a Nintendo 3DS.