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The best free Kindle books

Reading shouldn't be an expensive hobby. Here, we've put together a list of some of the better free offerings currently available for Kindle devices, so you don't have to sort through thousands of titles on Amazon and Google Play.

Tricks of the trade: How to get free stuff on Amazon

So what could be better than an awesome discount? Free stuff, of course. Amazon may be the largest online retailer, but that doesn't mean there aren't few freebies to be had -- you just need to know where to look.
Amazon Black Friday deals

Head back to Hogwarts this September with three brand new JK Rowling tales

The Hogwarts school year starts in September, so J.K. Rowling is bringing readers back to Harry Potter's alma mater with three new ebooks. The series, Pottermore Presents, continues to explore Rowling's wizarding world.

Understanding the EU’s antitrust inquiry into Apple’s iBookstore

The European Commission is investigating whether Apple worked with five major publishers to raise e-book prices when it launched iBookstore. Here's why.