The Google Pixel audio bug has been fixed with the February security patch

Pixel and Pixel XL users have been reporting static at high volumes since late last year, and it seems Google has now delivered a solution through the February security update for the devices.

How to root your Android phone or tablet in 2017 (and unroot it) 2:11

Are you wondering whether to root your Android smartphone or stick with stock Android? Perhaps you’ve decided to do it and you just need to know how? Here, you'll find an explanation and a quick guide to rooting your Android…

BT says it supports Google in EU antitrust case against Android

BT, a telecommunications provider in the U.K., has sent a letter to the European Commission announcing its support for Google in an ongoing antitrust case involving Android, the world's largest mobile operating system.

Google’s use of ‘OK Google’ in its Super Bowl ad sends Home devices into a frenzy

A one-minute ad for Google Home shown during the Super Bowl reportedly made Home units across the country act strangely after hearing its wake word during the spot. Users claim the device became confused during the commercial.

Waiting on a Google Pixel? Verizon may treat you to a free Daydream View

Orders of Google's new phone are "exceeding expectations," but that also means angry customers that have been waiting weeks if not months to receive their Google smartphone. Verizon is stepping up to the plate to keep customers happy.

Google is fighting fake news in France with a new project called CrossCheck

Falling victim to fake news isn't in the game plan for Google -- not this time around. On Monday, Google announced a new endeavor they're calling CrossCheck, described as "a coalition news verification project."

Google’s all-knowing app will design you a dress based on your daily habits

Fashion retailer Ivyrevel partnered with Google to make the Data Dress, a bespoke gown with a design that reflects your daily activity. A companion app tracks your movements for a week and generates a custom pattern.

Google struggles for spot in voice tech, as revealed in call from CEO Sundar Pichai

A call from Google CEO Sundar Pichai to Wall Street analysts revealed his insistence that the company has relevancy in voice-based computing, despite Amazon's lead in sales and Google's dependency on screen ads.

Google must give the FBI emails stored in foreign servers, judge rules

On February 3, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Rueter ruled that Google would have to surrender emails stored outside the U.S. to comply with an FBI search warrant. This marks a sharp departure from a similar case that involved Microsoft.
Cool Tech

Google's teleconferencing drone patent has now been made public

As per a new Google patent, the tech giant has plans for a small, screen-equipped quadcopter that would buzz around a room, bringing the teleconference and virtual meeting into the 21st century.

Google’s latest Live Case designs inspired by a NYC Ballet performance

Google's latest Live Case collaboration is with Opening Ceremony, a fashion firm that's behind the costumes of "The Times are Racing," a performance by the New York City Ballet. There are eight artistic cases to choose from.

Web apps are about to integrate a whole lot more deeply in Android

Google announced it is taking steps to integrate web apps much more deeply into Android. In fact, you may soon not be able to tell the difference. The update is rolling out and will include the ability to add web apps to the app drawer.