Recapping day one at Google I/O 2016

Google I/O is almost upon us, and you can be sure to see more details on the upcoming version of Android N, Android VR, an Amazon Echo competitor, and more. The keynote begins at 10 a.m. P.T. on May 18 and will feature CEO Sundar Pichai.
Virtual Reality

Project Tango can remember where it's been, making AR work even when your device is distracted

Google's Project Tango has been improving steadily over the last year. It took a big step forward at I/O 2016, with location awareness and improved object permanence added to help track virtual objects.

Android N has no name (yet), but it does have VR, split window, and more

Android N is coming out later this year, and Google is steadily revealing more about the new operating system. We're looking forward to more power, less battery consumption, and even VR support. Here's everything you need to know about…
Virtual Reality

Google wants VR to work far better on Android phones with ‘Daydream’

Google introduced its VR platform called Daydream during the 2016 Google I/O keynote. It consists of a compatible smartphone, a headset, a controller, and apps.

Android Instant Apps wants to clear your phone of useless apps

Android Instant Apps will allow you to visit the app version of websites, if it exists, without ever having to install the app. Now you'll be able to get the app experience for those apps you don't want to have installed on your device.

Google Assistant wants to be your one-stop shop for everything

Google has announced Assistant, a chatbot-like digital assistant that will be integrated into other services and products, like Google Home, and Allo, a new messaging app from the search giant.

Alexa, you’ve got competition. Google Home wants to run your household

Google wants to take on Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, with a rumored device for the home named Google Home. It will resemble Google's OnHub wireless router, and we'll find out more on May 18 at Google I/O.

Google’s gigapixel captures of famous masterpieces let you see every stroke

The Google Cultural Institute has created a robotic camera that captures ultra-high resolution images of artwork. Museums around the world will soon be able to put it to use preserving their collections and sharing the results…

Google’s going after Facebook, could announce chatbot play of its own this week

According to a recent report, Google is going after Facebook, and is set to announce chatbot plans of its own at I/O 2016 later this week. It's unclear exactly how the company will implement chatbots.

Watch any Youtube video in VR mode with Google’s new iOS update

Android users have had access to VR mode on YouTube for a while now, but iOS users have been left out -- until now, that is. Google has finally updated the YouTube iOS app to offer VR mode, for use with Google Cardboard.
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Self-driving semi trucks? Ex-Google guys are working to make it happen 3:13

Some ex-Google autonomous car guys want to make semi trucks drive themselves, Twitter looks at shaking up the length of a tweet, and Nvidia's new GTX 1080 GPU card is ready for full-on VR.

Google’s Android Experiments winners include a game based entirely in notifications

Google has announced the winners for this year's Android Experiments competition, which include an Android phone-based robot, a phone-based 3D controller, and a game that takes place entirely in Android's notifications.