Malware watchdog: Here’s what Google does to keep Android devices uninfected

Google did a bang-up job keeping its users safe in 2015, by scanning more than 400 million handsets a day and keeping a vigilant eye on its Play Store, making sure that no more than 0.15 percent of all users experienced some form of…

Google Play Music adds podcast support on the web and Android

Google Play Music Podcasts has finally launched, and there's 20 titles sitting in the Top Charts. The update is rolling out on the Web and on Android today, but unfortunately it's only available for users in the U.S. and Canada.

Google to app builders: Go open or go home

When it comes to Google Chrome, honesty is the best policy. And now, that's a mantra the folks at the Chrome Web Store are enforcing for all its developers. On Friday, Google updated its Chrome data policy, and the big victor is…

The latest Android N Developer Preview contains references to a ‘virtual reality mode’

Google's latest Android N Developer Preview contains references to a "virtual reality mode," a potential sign of new VR-focused mobile software. It dovetails with rumors of two headsets from the company being under development.

Reservations for its eatery are sold out, but Google is giving away free donuts in NYC

Google is teasing its translation app through food, by opening a pop-up eatery for four days in New York City, Too bad reservations are already sold out -- but as consolation, Google's giving away free Dough donuts on the corner of Bowery…

Deal alert! Get the Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X for $50 off right now

Been waiting to pull the trigger on a new smartphone? Both Google's Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X have just been discounted on the Google Store by $50. Now's a good time to upgrade if you want a Nexus!

Google Fiber wants to beam wireless Internet to your house

From balloons to drones, tech companies will stop at nothing to help you help them. And the latest plan from Google Fiber is to beam its wireless broadband directly into households.

Save to Google is a new Chrome extension that does what it says and little else

Save to Google, a new Chrome extension from Google, is a bookmarking service that lets you easily save Web pages and images to a centralized location. It joins Google's several other bookmarking tools, including Save to Google Drive.

Replace your boring old case with a customized Nexus ‘Live Case’ from Google

Google has taken the wraps off of 'Live Cases,' allowing you to customize your own case for your Nexus phone. You can even set a matching background for the case, as well as use the programmable button on the back.

Facebook nabs Google’s advanced technology head for new hardware lab

Facebook has picked Regina Dugan, former head of DARPA and Google's Advanced Technology team, to lead its new multimillion-dollar hardware lab, Building 8. Dugan previously helped Google develop modular smartphones and 3D mapping tech.

How to flash the Android N Developer Preview 2 factory image on Nexus devices

The best thing about owning a Nexus devices is the faster updates. However, who wants to wait for an over-the-air update? This guide will show you how to get the most recent version of Android N or Android Marshmallow on your device right…

Incoming! Google releases the Android N Developer Preview 2 with new features

Android N's latest developer preview is rolling out now, and it includes a new 3D rendering API, launcher shortcuts, and support for Emoji Unicode 9. Google says quite a few bugs are squashed from the previous preview, and a few APIs have…