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Amazon slashes Fire TV prices to undercut Google Chromecast

You can now buy the Fire TV Stick for $30 (it's normally $40), while you can buy the 4K Fire TV for $50 (down from $70). For comparison, the Google Chromecast is $35, while the 4K version will set you back $70.

I wore Levi’s smart jacket for three months, and it changed how I use my phone

Did you know you can control smartphone functions with a Levi’s denim jacket? It’s all thanks to Google’s Jacquard technology. We’ve been wearing the Commuter Trucker Jacket over the past few months, and it really does enhance the…

Chrome is scanning Windows, but it may be a bug

It turns out Chrome is scanning Windows devices, but Google is working on a fix for this problem. In the meantime, clearing your download history might help with slowdowns.
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How much does it charge an hour? Google patents ‘digital babysitter’

Google might be taking the concept of "latchkey kids" to a whole new level with a conceptual babysitting platform that would employ smart home technologies to monitor and protect kids.
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Does Project Maven’s use of Google’s A.I. tech violate ‘Don’t Be Evil’ credo?

Google workers petition CEO to stop involvement in Project Maven, an implantable chip could sooth or cure many nervous system maladies, Spielberg says a woman may take over Indiana Jones role in future movies.

The name of the Pixel 3 has seemingly been confirmed in a Google leak

Google may have just launched the Pixel 2, but it's already gearing up for the next iteration, the Google Pixel 3. Here's everything we know (and don't know) about the upcoming phones so far.

Google files a patent that shows hidden wiring in smartglasses

The Google Glass smartglasses may have largely disappeared from the public eye but that doesn't mean Google isn't working on a new version. Here's everything we know about the new Google smartglasses.

Google purchased enough renewable energy to offset its 2017 electricity usage

With its vast array of data centers and offices around the world, Google uses a lot of energy. It successfully made good on its claim to offset 100 percent of its electricity usage in 2017.

Chrome’s built-in scanning tool is now causing a privacy uproar

Privacy concerns now surround the Chrome Cleanup component in Google Chrome, causing users to question the scans. One user shows that it scans the Documents folder on Windows, leading to concerns about the scope of those scans.
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LG offers two free Google Home Minis with the purchase a washer set or fridge

LG has announced that folks who buy an InstaView refrigerator or eligible washer and dryer pair featuring LG SmarThinQ technology will receive two free Google Home Minis to sweeten the deal.
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Google could be creating an Assistant-powered smart display of its own

When Amazon debuted the Amazon Echo Show last year, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Google introduced its own smart display. A Google VP made comments last week that suggest that will soon happen.

Google is ending its URL shortening service

Google has announced that it will be shuttering its URL shortening service in order to shift its attention to Firebase Dynamic Links.