V-Moda hopes to make “on-ear the new in-ear” with its stylishly practical XS headphones

The XS is equipped with 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers, passive noise isolation, and a design that's stylish, durable, and compact in hopes of weening you from your in-ears for your daily commute.

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Apple patent hints at fitness-tracking headphones on the way

Apple's future headphones will give feedback on your body's heart rate, temperature, perspiration and more. Plus, the patent details a new head-wagging form of device control, and the headphones will work hard to motivate you when you're tired or fighting your…

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Beats by Dre hands out $25,000 headphones to all Super Bowl players

Beats headphones gave out a $25,000 pair of headphones to each player from both Superbowl teams this week. Each pair is clad in gold and diamonds, and sports a logo commemorating the big game in NYC. And, no surprise, Richard Sherman got his name involved.

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10 gorgeous pairs of grown-up headphones that make Beats look like Playskool

Dr. Dre's Beats may have the market cornered when it comes to cool, but beautiful headphone designs lay around every corner. Check out these ten pairs of headphones that would look as at home in an art gallery as they would on your head.

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People want a home theater for their face! Avegant’s Glyph cruises past $250K in funding

Avegant's Glyph headset doesn't have a screen. Instead, it beams super hi-res images directly into your eyeballs, and it's raking in cash for production right now on Kickstarter.

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Tired of busting up your earbuds? Rockets in-ears are virtually indestructible

It takes a lot for something on Kickstarter to get our attention these days, but the Rockets headphones managed to do it. Made in USA, these virtually indestructible headphones show a lot of promise.

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Sennheiser unveils a suite of sweet-sounding headgear at CES 2014

Sennheiser launched CES 2014 with a load of new headphone products, with a little something for everyone. DJ's, audio engineers, travelers, commuters and fashionistas are all covered by at least one of Sennheiser's new offerings.

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Sol Republic’s new Relays earbuds promise to stay put, and look good doing it

Sol Republic unveils its latest earbuds at the dawn of CES 2014. Dubbed the Relays, the new buds are being touted as a crossover headphone, offering both a stylish design, as well as Sol's Free Flex technology that promises a secure fit throughout your…

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Shure’s new SE112 promise to outperform your budget buds without breaking the bank

Shure's new SE112 earbuds promise noise isolation, comfort, and superior sound performance to your smartphone buds for a price of $49, allowing frugal listeners to upgrade their audio without spending a lot of cheddar. The question is: Will they deliver?

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Audio Technica unveils CES spoils, including its first ever gaming headphones

Audio Technica gives us an inside look at all the gear it will be unveiling next month at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, including noise canceling headphones, wireless microphones, and the company’s first ever expedition into the world of gaming headphones.

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Got Wood? Grado’s new headphones do, in more ways than one

There are reams of celebrity headphones, but these new cans from Grado might just be the coolest. Spawned from whiskey shots, DJ sets, and Elijah Wood's brain, the 'phones are made from real Bushmill oak barrels, to create a set of cans as smooth as the…

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Pyle’s PHBT5 headphones offer wireless sound for any budget

Pyle audio unveiled the latest version of its PHBT5 headphones today, offered at a bare bones price of $40. The wireless phones come in a variety of colors and include a rechargeable battery with an extended 10 hour runtime, onboard controls, and a noise…

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JLab’s Epic earbuds bring epic bass without the epic pricetag

JLab unleashed today the skull-pounding Epic, a sort of half in-ear headphone with massive 13mm drivers, a whole wardrobe of eartips and a single-button, inline microphone. If big bass is your thing, these $50 buds deliver in a big time, major way.

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