Shake it to make it: Real Booty Music turns twerking into dance beats

While twerking might seem like a modern trend, it has deep roots in the dance club scene. Headphone maker AiAiAi's newest project is a multinational effort to convert booty movements into dance beats with a little technological…
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Untangle your headphones with ease thanks to Spoolee

Say goodbye to knotted wires with this tidy new invention: Its inventor has just raised $50,000 on Kickstarter to start mass production and save us from a perennial first-world problem.

Are your earbuds making you deaf? 1964Adel says yes, so it created a solution

Are your favorite earbuds making you deaf? 1964Adel thinks they are, and the company has crafted a new form of headphone technology to combat the problem, comprised of 4 different series for nearly every kind of listener.
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Your 17-year-old self would definitely buy this wearable subwoofer

The Woojer is a battery-powered bass transducer that aims to supplement the sound coming from your headphones with bass you can feel -- think of it as a wearable subwoofer. The question we had was: does it actually work? We find out in this…
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A pair of headphones has raised more than $720K in five days — because cat ears

A pair of headphones has raised nearly three-quarters of a million dollars on Indiegogo in five days. The reason for this enthusiastic groundswell of support isn’t some sort of newfangled audiophile-pleasing technology. It's cat ears.
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Beats, Bose battle over brand exposure on NFL broadcasts

Attempting to promote the brand more effectively during NFL broadcasts, a sponsorship deal between Bose and the NFL effectively boots headphone maker Beats off the playing field during broadcasts.

iPhone 6 may come with Lightning jack headphones: Here’s everything we know

A report from 9to5Mac in June revealed specs for manufacturers for the design of two new Lightning-connected headphone models. The plan raises more questions than answers as users eye their headphones' 3.5mm jacks with suspicion ahead of…
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Urban Ears Plattan ADV improve on an already wildly popular headphone

After five years of remaining largely unchanged, the popular Urban Ears Plattan have gotten a makeover. Announced at IFA 2014 are the Plattan ADV.
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Zipbuds’ new Slide earbuds promise to terminate your tangling woes

Zipbuds' latest creation is a new take on eliminating headphone cable tangling. The Slide use proprietary technology to merge and separate by sliding a small knob up and down along the top fork. The headphones are about halfway to their…