The HTC Vive’s launch date has shifted to 2016, putting it up against Oculus and Sony

HTC and its partner Valve have said the Vive virtual reality headset won't be available in significant quantities this year. Instead, the system is now on target for a launch during the first three months of 2016.


HTC Aero (aka the Hero phone) news: Leaked picture looks just like an iPhone 6

There are rumors spreading that HTC may have another smartphone to release before the end of 2015. It's being referred to as the HTC Hero or the HTC Aero, and opinion is split on how high-spec the phone will be. Here's everything we think we know about it.


It’s not just HTC: Samsung also pushes ‘notification ads’ to its customers

HTC isn't the only phone manufacturer pushing so-called "notification ads" to its customers, as Samsung was also caught red-handed doing the same thing. It's unknown whether this rather troubling and annoying practice will continue.


Rumors point to new beginning at HTC, starting with the HTC O2 flagship smartphone

A series of rumors and leaks may have revealed HTC's plan for its next major smartphone release. Talk of a phone named either the M10 or the HTC O2 has been circulating, along with some exciting specs and images.


HTC’s new Desire phones are here to win the hearts of those on a tight budget

HTC has a strong line up of new budget phones, including the Desire 626, Desire 626S, Desire 526, and Desire 520. All the budget devices will hit specific carriers in both the post-paid and pre-paid markets.


HTC left unsecured fingerprint data on the One Max

A security team has revealed the HTC One Max had a security flaw which meant it stored unencrypted data related to fingerprints, which may have left them vulnerable to hackers. The issue has since been fixed, but highlights the need for tighter security around…


HTC hits the skids as Android phone margins disappear: DT Daily

Why Android phone maker HTC is teetering on the brink of collapse, Philip K. Dicks dark alt-reality book The Man In The High Castle, in which the Germans and Japanese have won World War II, comes to Amazon as a new series.

DT Daily

Report: Apple gains, everyone else loses in Q2 2015 US smartphone hardware and OS market

Apple’s iPhone and iOS fared well in the second quarter of 2015, at the expense of other major mobile device makers and platforms. In fact, Apple was the only smartphone maker and OS to see a rise in its U.S. market share during the quarter.


John Wick VR shooter coming in 2016

Lionsgate Films and Payday publisher Starbreeze announced that they have teamed up to develop a virtual reality first-person shooter based on the hit, Keanu Reeves-led action film John Wick, set for 2016.


HTC continues to drown in red ink, and it doesn’t look like it will surface soon

It's not a good time to be HTC. The company reported rather depressing financial results for its second fiscal quarter 2015. Unfortunately, the One M9 isn't selling well, and the immediate forecast looks bleak.


Want virtual reality, but don’t want a Rift? Don’t worry — you’ve plenty of options

Big names like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe are leading VR's charge into the mainstream, but they're hardly the only competitors. Other companies have plans to fight these giants with affordability, superior hardware, or sheer innovation.


HTC’s bigger, better One M9+ will be out in Europe soon

Anyone slightly disappointed by the HTC One M9 will love the bigger, better, sharper One M9+, but won't like HTC's decision to restrict sales to certain markets. However, things are changing, and the One M9+ has now been announced for Europe.


HTC denies rumors of impending acquisition by Asus

Last week, Asus CFO David Chang mentioned that the company had considered buying HTC, quickly sparking rumors that an acquisition was imminent. Now HTC has made its position on the issue clear: it's not interested.


Help a brother out: Asus hasn’t ruled out the idea of buying HTC

Asus Chief Financial Officer David Change revealed that Asus has expressed interest in purchase fellow Taiwanese company HTC. However, nothing has been set in stone, though the possibility now exists.


HTC dramatically slashes sales estimates, but it has a plan to get things back on track

HTC has sent out a statement saying it's expected revenue is going to be lower than previously stated, due to demand for its high-end phones not matching up with forecasts. However, it has outlined plans to reverse its fortunes.