We’ve made a map so you can find the HTC Vive demo nearest you

Virtual reality is difficult to truly understand until you've tried it. HTC knows this, and has set up demo stations across the globe to give people their first taste of VR. Here's where you can try to the Vive.

HTC plans to exit the low-end smartphone market in 2017

HTC plans to bow out of the low-end smartphone market by the end of this year, according to company executives. The move reflects an effort to head off declining sales and boost quarterly revenue.
Virtual Reality

HTC smartphone VR headset coming by end of the year

HTC's upcoming U Ultra smartphone will be compatible with its in-development mobile VR solution, expected to arrive before the end of the year. We're told that it will be more impressive than the smartphone VR we're used to.

Verizon reportedly testing HTC device with Snapdragon 835 -- could it be HTC 11?

The HTC 10 was not only HTC's best phone, but it was one of the best devices of 2016. Can HTC outdo itself with the HTC 11? The latest leaks for what could end up being the HTC 11 suggest that it can.

Another top executive calls it quits at HTC as company explores new industries

HTC Global Executive Vice President Jason Mackenzie announced that he has left the the Taiwanese company, only mere days after news broke that it had lost a key designer to Google's Daydream VR team.

Our absolute favorite HTC Vive games

So you’re considering an HTC Vive, but don't know which games you should pick up on SteamVR? Check out these 10 titles, whether you're into rhythm-based gaming, interstellar dogfights, or something else entirely.

HTC lending out 1,000 Vive Tracker units to qualified developers, creators

HTC threw open the doors for developers to apply for a Vive Tracker unit to use before they ship. There are only 1,000 units available to borrow, enabling developers to expand the connection between physical and virtual worlds.

HTC: Phones featuring the Snapdragon 835 processor won’t be launched at MWC

According to HTC, Mobile World Congress this year might not be as exciting as we might have hoped -- that's because the Snapdragon 835 won't show up in any new flagships at the show.

HTC wants U! Everything you need to know about the HTC U Ultra and U Play

HTC wants U! To make sure you're paying attention, it has launched the U Ultra and U Play, two stunning phones covered in shimmering, shiny glass, and equipped with Sense Companion, the company's first AI assistant. Here's everything yu…

HTC's glittering U Ultra and U Plus stand out, but will they stack up?

We tried out HTC's brand new U Ultra and U Play phones, which have a brand new design and feel for HTC. Question is, will they be worth your hard-earned money when they come out in early 2017?

Newly leaked HTC Ocean Master video show a radical design shift for HTC

A number of rumors have been surfacing over the past few months suggesting that the HTC Ocean is, in fact, a series of phones. Here's everything we know about the HTC Ocean so far.

The HTC Desire 650 is definitely the grooviest phone we’ve seen in a while

HTC's new Desire 650 is one groovy looking phone. No, it doesn't have a tie-dye shirt on, but a series of ridges on the lower half of the back cover, improving grip and stopping it slipping out your hands.

Digging into a VR toy box of guns, bats and (yup) hoses with HTC's Vive Tracker

The HTC Vive tracker is a little black "puck" that opens the door to a new wave of VR simulations, the kind where we aren't confined to the limitations of a controller.

HTC jumps onto the augmented reality bandwagon by investing in Lumus

HTC and Quanta Computer recently made a huge investment in Lumus, a maker of transparent optical screens for augmented reality-based glasses. The screens are based on the Lumus Optical Engine that blends digital and physical…

HTC sends teaser invites for January press event, keeps details under wraps

HTC has sent invitations to press for an event in January. It doesn't give much away, but rumors suggest the company could announce the midrange HTC X10, a flagship HTC 11, or something entirely different.
Virtual Reality

Vive Studios kicks off HTC’s first-party VR initiative with ‘Arcade Saga’

Hardware manufacturer HTC today announced the launch of Vive Studios, an internal software development and publishing division focused on the production of first-party virtual reality content.
Movies & TV

Director Jon Favreau’s first VR app is half game, half movie, and only on the Vive

Director Jon Favreau has jumped into virtual reality to tell an original fantasy story set in the world of Gnomes and Goblins, an exclusive experience for the HTC Vive.

After testing Vive VR Cafes, HTC plans for $1.5B investment fund in China

HTC opened a new Vive VR Cafe in Shenzhen, China, last weekend, its third overall. According to the president of Vive for China, the company is looking at possibly taking the cafe chain international through franchising.

The HTC 10 Evo is an HTC Bolt without Sprint’s interference

The HTC 10 Evo is the latest phone from HTC, and if the specification and design looks familiar, it's because the 10 Evo is the same phone as the HTC Bolt, just without the Sprint exclusivity. It's going on sale in the U.K. soon.

Rumor: HTC may exit the smartphone business by spring 2017

HTC may soon be leaving the smartphone business for good, despite being a significant player for years. Rumors abound that it is looking to sell the division off, possibly to Google, which recently used the company to produce its Pixel…
Android Army

Huawei declined to produce Google's Pixel smartphones over branding issue

Huawei declined to produce Google's Pixel smartphones over a branding disagreement, according to a company executive. The two still remain close: Huawei's reportedly producing a Google-branded tablet set to launch in the coming months.
Virtual Reality

TPCast creates a wireless kit for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset

HTC has detailed a partnership with TPCast to create a tetherless upgrade kit for the Vive headset, allowing users to truly immerse themselves in a virtual world without being wired to their system.
Product Review

HTC Bolt Review

The HTC Bolt is more a flash in the pan than a thundering success.

Why does a $600 phone have last year’s processor? The many follies of HTC’s Bolt

HTC has released a new smartphone. It's called the Bolt, and it doesn't have a headphone jack, it's carrier-locked to Sprint, and it's powered by last year's Snapdragon 810 processor. Buyer beware.

HTC's early Black Friday sale leaves plenty of time for family or whatever

With still a few weeks to go until Black Friday arrives, HTC apparently did not want to wait that long and unveiled an early sale for Team HTC members. The sale is currently live and lasts until November 14.

The wait is almost over: Signs point to November 11 release for HTC Bolt

HTC may be bringing the Thunderbolt back to rejuvenate its declining sales. Well, at least the "Bolt" part. The HTC Bolt is expected to come to Sprint this month, and here's everything you need to know.

HTC kicks off weekly 'Free Fone Fridays' with flagship One M9 giveaway

HTC has started a new initiative called "Free Fone Fridays." The company is giving away one free phone every Friday until December 30. The first phone is the HTC One M9, which is the company's 2015 flagship device.
Virtual Reality

NASA astronauts have already been to Mars – in VR

NASA is benefitting from the billions of dollars technology giants are investing in virtual reality and augmented reality systems, like Microsoft HoloLens and PlayStation VR. That same technology is being used in space today, as well as…
Virtual Reality

HTC launches virtual reality-focused Viveport M storefront for Android

Hardware manufacturer HTC launched a beta version of Viveport M, an Android-compatible client for its virtual reality storefront that gives mobile users quick and easy access to its library of VR apps.

From Android 1.0 to Android 7.0, here’s how the top mobile OS has evolved over the years

It's hard to believe, but Android has been around for almost a decade now. From Android 1.0 to Android Nougat, here's the history of Android and the changes that came with each new software iteration.