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TabletTV Plus is an all-in-one device merging free OTA TV with streaming services like Netflix

The TabletTV Plus, a device that combines free over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV with Internet streaming services into one app for iOS and Android, is available now for pre-order.

Tim Cook says Apple will not build a converged Mac and iPad

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has confirmed that the company will not create a Mac-iPad hybrid, claiming consumers don't actually want a device like that. The iPad Pro with keyboard or 12-inch MacBook will be as close to hybrid as we get.

5 best iPad Pro games to make the most of your big screen tablet

Have you just bought a new iPad Pro? Then don't make it all about work with our line-up of cool games that make the most of that big, beautiful display. Here's 5 to get you started.
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A 10-year-old cancer patient will soon attend school, as a robot

This brave Maryland native is currently undergoing cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, but that's not stopping her from going to class, even if it's not in the most traditional sense.

Google Maps adds spoken traffic alerts on iOS

In the newest update to the iOS app, Google Maps will now read out traffic alerts, giving you a summary of the traffic ahead and what to expect. This should give drivers a way to switch lanes or take an alternate route.

Visit a museum on your iPad with le déserteur 1:01

Getting your daily dose of culture can be difficult -- it's expensive, it's time consuming, and there are days when you don't want to put on pants. But now, you don't have to get dressed to get educated -- just download le…

Say hello to #dataoveragegate, Apple’s latest controversy that has created a class action suit

Did you get hit with a data overage bill after upgrading to iOS 9? A new feature called Wi-Fi Assist could be culprit. It has caused so much backlash, that a $5 million class action suit was filed over it this past Friday.

Here are 8 keyboard cases to pick up with your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro may still be a month away from release, but that doesn't mean you can't pick a case in the meantime. Here are our favorite, upcoming keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, whether you're looking for sleek protection or streamlined…

Apple enables ‘app slicing’ so apps take up less space on your iOS device

Apple says it's enabled app slicing for iOS, which tailors software delivery according to a user's specific device. The space-saving feature should prove particularly useful for anyone with a 16GB iDevice where storage space is more…

No, the iPad Pro can’t replace your computer. Here’s why 2:59

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPad back in 2010, he insisted it would become a "third-category device" accompanying your phone and laptop. Now Apple wants to replace your laptop with the iPad Pro, but can it actually…

Everything you need to know about the new features, updates, and apps inside Apple’s iOS 9

Apple will release iOS 9, the next version of its mobile operating system, on September 16. It has revealed the all the details about the new features it will contain, including how it will work with 3D Touch. Here's what you need to know.