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Yahoo wants to replace Google to become default search engine on iOS, report says

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer is reportedly looking to try to convince Apple to replace Google with Yahoo as the default search engine on iOS devices as part of her efforts to make good on her commitment to mobile.

The Tablo records and streams free over-the-air HDTV to nearly any device

Nuvyyo, a Canadian startup based in Ottawa, has officially launched the Tablo to the U.S. market, a set top box with DVR capabilities that can stream and record free over-the-air (OTA) TV channels to the iPad, Android tablets, PCs, Macs and other set-top…

Analyst’s product roadmap predicts two iPhone models in Apple’s near future

An analyst has produced a roadmap showing what he believes is Apple's new product launch plans for the coming year, and they include a pair of new iPhone devices, updated iPad tablets, and two sizes of iWatch.

NBC’s iPad and iPhone apps now support Apple TV

NBC's update to its app makes the notion of dumping one’s cable company in favor of Apple TV more appealing, particularly because it is allowing unfettered access to full episodes without a cable subscription.

Not just for Angry Birds: How iPads are invading the workplace

Have you browsed a restaurant menu and ordered using an iPad? How about an iPad concierge? The iPad is ubiquitous in a wide variety of workplaces nowadays, it's used by doctors, police, lawyers, sales people, and many other professionals. Has your workplace…

Robot plays Threes perfectly, infuriates people who suck at it

TeamColorBlind, a two-man indie game development studio from Phoenix, Arizona, programmed a robot to play Threes perfectly and they are streaming their creation’s exploits on the Twitch channel right now.

Microsoft: Office for iPad hits 12 million downloads after only a week

Microsoft's Office apps for iPad have been downloaded 12 million times since the suite debuted a week ago, the company announced Thursday. However, it's not known how many subscriptions have been taken out by users.

Tim Cook welcomes Office for iPad – after all, Apple gets cut of in-app 365 subs

It's not only Microsoft that'll be making a few bucks out of in-app 365 subscriptions for its just-launched Office for iPad app. Apple, too, will be taking a 30pc cut of every sale, ensuring the software will be a money-spinner for Cook and co., too.

Tax season is here! Use these iPad apps to finish them from your couch

Our list of the best iPad apps for filing or getting help with your federal and state income taxes, from TurboTax to H&R Block. These are excellent resources if you're taxes aren't a huge, complicated mess.

44 impressive iPad Air and iPad 2 cases and covers

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Oscar Mayer iPhone device wakes you up to the smell of bacon

Probably tied with cinnamon buns for the best breakfast food smell to wake up to, the scent of bacon is being combined with an iOS dongle and an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Apple demands a court order to unlock an iPad bequeathed after death

Definitely a horrible process to be subjected to after losing a loved one, Apple needs to see a court order before unlocking an iOS 7 device previously owned by a deceased family member.

This iPad case lets you use it like a laptop and adds a full keyboard in as well

If you love your iPad but wish it had a physical, full QWERTY keyboard, you might want to check out the Pi Dock-It Pro. It also serves as a protective case, and can put your iPad in laptop mode. Read on to learn more here.

Apple plans to phase out use of conflict minerals

Apple's annual Supplier Responsibility report is out and available to study — in it the company renews its commitment to sourcing minerals from conflict-free areas and reducing its environmental impact.

Apple apparently on verge of ditching iPad 2

The only surprising thing about Apple's reported plan to phase out the iPad 2 is that it hasn't already done it. With the iPad Air and new Mini offered at the same price or a little more, surely only a very confused person would opt for the old model.

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