Kobo’s new $130, high-res Glo HD e-reader promises to make your ebooks look amazing

Kobo may have taken its time coming out with a challenger to Amazon's Kindle Voyage, but at $130, the Glo HD appears to be worth the wait. It's set for release in the U.S. on May 1.

Want to read ebooks in the shower? Try the Kobo Aura H2O ereader

Ideal for anyone that spends lots of time relaxing by the pool, the Kobo Aura H2O is a new ereader that will be perfectly fine submerged within a bit more than three feet of water for about half an hour.

Kobo’s brilliant Pocket partnership makes the Aura more than just another e-reader

Kobo's new tablets and e-reader are nice, but not groundbreaking. Reading content from your Pocket account on an E-Ink screen? Now that's interesting. How long will it be before B&N, Kindle, and Sony start cuddling up to the competition?
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Tablets for bookworms? Kobo unveils three reader-centric slates and new Aura e-reader

Kobo has unveiled a range of new devices, including three tablets designed with readers squarely in mind. The Arc 10HD tablet and two 7-inch models come with features such as Reading Life and Reading Mode to put the reading experience front…

5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.

Kobo wants its new, high resolution Aura HD to be the bibliophile’s e-reader of choice

Kobo has announced a high-end e-reader named the Aura HD, which features a big, high resolution screen and a fast processor, which it's aiming at book lovers who consider other, cheaper e-readers to offer a mediocre reading experience.
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Kobo Arc 7-inch tablet updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Kobo has updated its 7-inch Kobo Arc tablet to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update includes a ton of new features that should help improve user experience.

Kobo touts millions of e-reader sales in 2012, despite lack of exposure

You may have never heard of Kobo, but last year it sold millions of e-readers and it plans for yet another successful year of sales and performance on the horizon.
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Kobo pushes out new Mini and Glo e-readers, plus the Arc Android tablet

Online e-book retailer Kobo has announced the Kobo Arc Android tablet, plus the Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini e-readers.
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Kobo Touch with Offers carries cheap $99 price, built-in advertising

The upcoming Kobo Touch with Offers offers a reduced $99 price tag on the Kobo Touch e-reader in exchange for ad space on the device's screen when it is not in active use.

Kobo bought by Japan’s Rakuten for $315 million

E-commerce giant Rakuten has further expanded its global presence with the acquisition of Canadian e-publishing firm Kobo. The move will increase the profile of the Toronto-based company thereby helping to push sales of its recently…
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Barnes & Noble announces special event for Monday – new Nook expected

Barnes & Noble sent out invites to a special event in New York scheduled for Monday. It's widely expected that the bookseller will unveil a new tablet to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Kobo's Vox devices.