What to expect at MWC 2017: The LG G6, Huawei P10, a new BlackBerry, and more

Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile tech show of the year, and it kicks off in late February. Here's everything you can expect to see at the show from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, and other big industry players.

LG announces every Gram notebook for 2017, starts selling them immediately

LG's new lineup of Gram notebooks with Intel's Seventh Generation processors are officially here, and already in stores. They carry the Gram's mantle of lightweight performance, and the heaviest is just 2.4 pounds.
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LG ships 2017 TVs early this year, prices OLED and Super UHD TV lineup

LG wowed CES attendees in January with the 2017 versions of both its OLED and Super UHD TVs. Now we finally know when you will be able to bring them home and what they will cost you.

LG G6 smartphone will go on sale March 10 in South Korea, according to report

We can't wait for the LG G6. It's shaping up to be a bezel-less smartphone stunner, with some really exciting new features inside, including a digital assistant. Here's everything you need to know about it.

LG's K10 smartphone is set to kick off the K Series' launch in India 2:54

LG has a healthy selection of new smartphones under the K Series brand at CES 2017. The K Series launched last year, and this year's models add incremental upgrades such as fingerprint sensors and IPS displays.
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LG’s WebOS 3.5 smart TV platform is the first to be certified by UL as secure

Are you worried about your TV spying on you? LG announced on Tuesday that webOS 3.5, the latest version of its smart TV platform, is the first to be certified by UL's 2900-1 Cybersecurity Assurance Program.

The LG G6 may not get a Snapdragon 835, but rumors say the future LG V30 will

We're excited about the LG G6, but what about a sequel to the superb LG V20? Rumors say it's coming later this year, and we're already seeing the first leaks with hints about its specification. Here's what you need to know about it.

Samsung patent for flexible screen suggests a bendable device is on the way

Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone with a flexible display. It's expected to come to market as soon as the third quarter of this year, barring unforeseen manufacturing problems.

LG’s patented wrap-around display seems pointless, but still looks awesome

LG has been awarded a very interesting patent for a phone design -- in fact, the design includes a display that wraps around the top of the device. Why would you need that? Excellent question.

Samsung may start building some of its appliances and devices in the U.S.

Samsung is reportedly looking into building a home appliances plant in the U.S., a move that would help the company avoid President Trump's proposed border tax, if such a tax does end up being imposed.

Having trouble with your LG V20? Here are solutions to most common problems

The LG V20 is a worthy successor to the LG V10. However, all phones have their share of problems, and the V20 is no different. Thankfully, we've scoured various forums and compiled a list of the most common V20 problems, along with a few…

The 15 best LG V20 cases to keep your phone in perfect condition

The feature-packed LG V20 is an admirable phone to say the least, which means you should look after it. Lucky for you, we've already found 15 cases and covers that will help you protect your new investment.