LG G6 may wave goodbye to modules, and welcome water resistance instead

Rumors are circulating about LG's possible next flagship smartphone, the G6. Whatever the company has in store for us, the phone will have to be a stunner, as LG failed to spark interest in its modular ecosystem with the G5.

LG is working on a patch to reduce input lag on its HDR displays

Input lag has caused problems for many a gamer looking to use a recent LG TV with HDR support to play the latest titles, but the company has confirmed that a patch addressing these issues is on its way.

LG’s new air purifiers, dehumidifier will help consumers breathe a little easier

LG is entering the clean air market with new air purifiers and a dehumidifier that make up its new Puricare line of products. They clean and deodorize the air while also offering a sleek design that complements an innovative home aesthetic.
Home Theater

LG is about to drop its class-conquering OLED to $1,800 on Black Friday

OLED TVs are incredibly impressive, with the only major downside being the price. LG is offering a serious deal for Black Friday, slashing the price on both the 55-inch and 65-inch models of its B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV.

LG has combined an iris scanner and a selfie cam into one tiny module

LG Innotek has shown off a tiny new module that combines an iris scanner and a selfie cam, that could find its way into flagship smartphones in the near future. The clever component saves space inside a device, and gives a cleaner exterior…

Collaboration with LG may mean Apple is no longer making its own stand-alone displays

Apple might be out of the stand-alone display business for good, after it partnered with LG on new 5K and 4K monitors and introduced them at its October 27 event.

LG’s mobile division loses $389.4 million, has declined for six straight quarters

Weak smartphone sales drove LG's mobile division to a sixth straight quarter of declining profits. The company is pursuing a restructuring effort as it ramps up production of profitable midrange and low-end handsets.

Cinema Display fans will have to wait as Apple shows off LG 5K screen instead

There were a lot of expectations heading into today's Apple Keynote, but users hoping for new Cinema Displays will have to settle for LG 5K screens featuring Thunderbolt 3 for now.

The 7 best LG V20 cases to keep your phone in perfect condition

The feature-packed LG V20 is an admirable phone to say the least, which means you should look after it. Lucky for you, we've already found 7 cases and covers that will help you protect your new investment.

Want a smaller version of the LG V20? It's called the LG V34 Isai Beat

LG released a new version of the V20 in Japan, called the V34 Isai Beat. But what makes the device special? Not only does it feature a more compact 5.2-inch display, but it also has IP67 waterproofing.

It's rugged! Has Nougat! Doesn't explode! LG's V20 has a few legs up on Samsung

We tried out LG’s V20 phablet, a device that brings military-grade drop protection, top-notch processor performance, and a superb trio of cameras to the table.

Protect your new phone with one of the best LG X Power cases

The LG X Power has longer battery life than most smartphones, but it won't survive a nasty fall or bump unscathed unless you outfit it with some protection. Here are our favorite LG X Power cases and covers to safeguard your new phone.