LG announces a big, free webOS 2.0 upgrade for last year’s smart TVs

LG has that key features from its newest smart TV operating system, webOS 2.0, will make their way to older TV sets. Performance and usability improvements are among the headliners.

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AT&T brings the DirecTV Everywhere app to the new LG G Pad X 10.1 on September 4

The LG G Pad X 10.1 Android tablet hits AT&T on September 4. It's a good all around tablet for everyone, but DirecTV customers will find it extra special. The tablet comes with a few cool software features and costs $350 off-contract.


Huawei and LG Nexus news: This pic leak may show the real Huawei Nexus phone

Rumors are starting to spread about Google's next Nexus phone, and there could be two out in 2015, with one being made by Huawei and the other by LG. Here's what we think we know so far.


How to use manual mode on the LG G4 and take amazing pictures

The LG G4 is one of the best smartphones of 2015, partly due to the built-in camera. Here's our guide on how to better utilize the camera's manual components, whether shooting JPEGS or in Raw.


Fed up with chintzy tablet keyboards? LG’s Rolly fits fours rows in your pocket

With a four-hinge folding system, LG's Rolly is a truly mobile tablet keyboard that doesn't compromise on the typing experience, and it fits in your pocket. It will be available in September for an undisclosed price.


Finally a flat OLED! LG irons out its 4K OLED for store shelves in September

After impressing viewers with incredible picture quality only to frustrate them with a curve screen for years, LG is finally releasing a flat OLED TV with 4K UHD resolution and full HDR compatibility.

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LG wants you to cook like the pros with its new line of ovens

By moving the heating element from the bottom to the wall, LG says its new ProBake Convection line of ovens are more like commercial ranges and will deliver similar results. The ProBake ranges, both gas and electric, will be available in September.


LG’s new 10.1-inch G Pad 2 tablet has a massive battery inside

LG has announced the G Pad 2 10.1 tablet, which it will formerly introduce during the IFA tech show next month. The 10.1-inch Android slate has a massive 7400mAh battery, but a slightly older generation Snapdragon processor inside.


Two unannounced LG smartwatches show up at the FCC, one with pictures in tow

LG and Verizon have something cooking up. Recent FCC filings show two unannounced LG smartwatches that are compatible with Big Red's network. The FCC was even nice enough to include a few pictures, too.


Audi teams up with Samsung and LG to design a high-capacity battery pack for EVs

Audi has confirmed that its upcoming SUV will boast a total driving range of over 310 miles thanks to recent advances in battery technology. The state-of-the-art battery pack will be built using cell modules sourced from LG Chem and Samsung SDI.


Own one of the best LG phones? You’re going to get two Hi-Fi songs each month, for free

LG has announced its own music service that's ready for use on its very best smartphones. Owners of the G4, G Flex 2, and others will be able to enjoy two, free, super high quality tracks each month, and get the chance to buy discounted tracks too.


LG gets curvey with new Music Flow wireless sound bar

LG unveils the latest piece in the company's Music Flow sound system, the LAS855M wireless curved sound bar. The bar offers multiple hardwired connections, as well as wireless Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi-based multiroom audio playback via Google Cast.

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Report: Apple gains, everyone else loses in Q2 2015 US smartphone hardware and OS market

Apple’s iPhone and iOS fared well in the second quarter of 2015, at the expense of other major mobile device makers and platforms. In fact, Apple was the only smartphone maker and OS to see a rise in its U.S. market share during the quarter.


The reason we may get two Nexus phones in 2015? It’s because of Android Pay

A new report has provided a reason Google is rumored to launch two Nexus phones this year -- Android Pay. Apparently, it wants to use LG's brand recognition in North America and Europe to promote the system, and Huawei's influence in China to push Android.

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