LG is reportedly taking on Samsung with a foldable phone of its own

It looks like Samsung has some competition -- LG is reportedly working on a foldable phone to be released sometime next year. In fact, the company is said to have outfitted one of its factories to mass produce these foldable phones.

People are not buying as many smartwatches, but the Apple Watch still reigns supreme

The latest data from IDC is in, and Apple continues its lead over its competitors in the smartwatch market. Even so, the company saw a steep decline year-over-year, and the market as a whole saw a decline.

LG may try to bounce back from disappointing G5 sales with the LG V20

The LG V10 was a welcome surprise last year, and LG might be looking to spruce up its mobile division with the launch of the V20 this fall. That would pit the device against Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7, and Google's Nexus devices.

People are more satisfied with the Apple Watch than any other smartwatch, but not by much

According to J.D. Power's 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report, Apple garnered the highest customer satisfaction score with its Apple Watch smartwatch. However, the likes of Samsung and Sony are not too far behind.

Poor G5 sales be damned: LG expects its best second quarter since 2014

According to its regulatory filing, LG expects its highest operating profit in two years. Unfortunately, the company's mobile division is expected to continue its ongoing struggles for the fifth consecutive quarter.

LG Electronics and VW want to empower your car to run your smart home

LG and VW announced a development collaboration on what the two companies referred to as the "next-generation platform" of car connectivity. They are targeting the ability to connect to and control your smart-home systems from future VW…

LG is preparing to build flexible POLED displays for cars

LG has started planning to ramp up production of the plastic OLED, or POLED display, which will eventually be used in the building of devices like wearables, phones, and even in cars.

Two new mid-range phones just debuted in South Korea — LG's X5 and its X Skin

LG's smartphone family is growing, and the latest members to join the clan in South Korea are the X5 and X Skin. The two models join the mid-range X series in the company's home country.

Confused? You will be after taking a close look at LG’s widening X Series range

LG has added three new smartphones to the X Series range -- the X5, X Power, and X Skin -- and while the X5 is all-new, the other two are strangely familiar, having been spotted before.

'Brexit' might impact Samsung, LG, and Acer, and not in a good way

Now that the British public has chosen to exit from the European Union, the decision might negatively impact Samsung's, LG's, and Acer's businesses in the region. This might even force Samsung and LG to leave the U.K.

15 annoying LG G5 problems, and how to fix them 2:41

The LG G5 is an admirable smartphone, but it's not without its flaws. Thankfully, we've discovered some of the most common LG G5 problems, along with potential workarounds and fixes.

LG targets midrange buyers with slew of X series smartphones

LG has taken the wraps off of a slew of new X series smartphones, all of which are midrange devices, with each targeted at different uses. The LG X power, for example, has a long battery life.