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New LinkedIn feature makes it easier for contractors to connect with recruiters

LinkedIn is introducing a new feature that should appeal to the 4 million contractors that use its service to find work.The highly requested option is part of the Microsoft-owned platform’s Open Candidates tool.
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Check out LinkedIn's new desktop interface and start making new connections

If there's any company that understands the power of presentation, it's LinkedIn. The professional network hangs its hat on helping you make connections with potential employers and colleagues. Now, the firm has debuted a new…

You can't connect to LinkedIn anymore in Russia

Making connections in Russia is about to get a lot harder. That is, if you're looking to connect via LinkedIn. Russian demands to remove the popular professional networking app from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store have been met.

Are you a user? You may want to check your email

Another day, another digital breach. The latest victim of a cyberattack is online learning company, a LinkedIn subsidiary, who sent out an email this weekend to certain users to inform them of a database hack.
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Microsoft reveals its plans to integrate LinkedIn with Office, Outlook

Microsoft has announced its immediate plans to integrate LinkedIn with its Office and Outlook software. In a LinkedIn post, CEO Satya Nadella claimed the merger will transform the way people work, connect, and seek career opportunities.

Beware of new image files you didn't download: They may launch 'Locky' ransomware

Moving on from malicious macros in Microsoft Office Word documents, the Locky ransomware program now uses self-downloading image files from social media. If you spot an image file on your computer that you don't remember downloading, don't…

Russia asks web browser Opera to install a blacklist on its Turbo Mode feature

Opera had talks with Russian officials about the possibilities of implementing a blacklist on Turbo Mode to ensure that sites banned in Russia do not slip through the cracks. No deal has been made yet.
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American officials ‘concerned’ by Russia’s decision to block LinkedIn

The U.S. government is deeply troubled by Russia's ban on LinkedIn, claiming it creates a precedent that could be used to shut down other Western websites that store their data outside of the country.
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Give the vending machine a hug after buying Snaps’s Spectacle video glasses 2:33

Plus: we review the new Google Daydream View VR system, and LinkedIn is getting some static from Russian courts over where their data is stored.
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Facebook wants to replace LinkedIn as the essential platform for job seekers

Facebook has its sights set on LinkedIn's crown with the test launch of a job openings tab for business Pages. Thanks to its massive audience, the social network could turn out to be a real threat in the online recruitment space.
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Worried you’re not earning enough? LinkedIn is here to help

LinkedIn Salary is the business-oriented social network’s new tool that tells you how much you should be earning in your career, or in any profession for that matter. The new feature also provides info on the factors that impact…

LinkedIn posts solid third quarter growth as Microsoft merger approaches

LinkedIn released its third quarter results today, posting impressive revenue growth and a solid increase in registered users, which will no doubt please its parent company Microsoft ahead of its year-end merger with the corporation.