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LinkedIn embraces video with Q & A clips from its top influencers

LinkedIn is introducing videos to its social network with the help of its Influencers. Industry leaders will discuss business trends in the short clips that will appear in users' feeds, allowing for interaction through comments.

Looking for a new boyfriend or boss? You can now use Bumble for both

Bumble, the female-forward app that shook up the online dating scene when it first appeared in app stores in 2014, is now expanding its reach even further and taking on LinkedIn as it introduces BumbleBizz.

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

Documents filed with the SEC on Friday unveiled that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network. Aside from Microsoft, the other four remain unnamed.
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Tech firms rule LinkedIn’s list of the most appealing companies for job seekers

LinkedIn has published its first-ever ranking of the companies that its 433 million users want to work for the most. Tech firms dominate the U.S. segment of the results, occupying every single position on the top ten.
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Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for a cool $26.2 billion

In an announcement this morning, Microsoft revealed that it had acquired LinkedIn for "$196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash."

That password reset email you got from Netflix is probably the real deal

Netflix is reaching out to users who may still be using the same credentials stolen in recent hacks on LinkedIn and Myspace to gain access to their streaming account. If you get an email from Netflix asking you to change your password, it's…
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New details of huge Tumblr data breach reveal possible connection to LinkedIn hackers

New details of the massive data breach suffered by Tumblr in 2013 reveal a possible connection between a spate of social media hacking incidents that occurred around the same time, including the theft of over 160 million LinkedIn passwords.
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LinkedIn provides update on data breach and security tips for members

LinkedIn has provided an update on its data breach and the preventive security measures it has taken since the leak came to light. The social network has also offered a number of password protection tips for its members.

Report: Hacker puts data from 167 million LinkedIn accounts up for sale

In 2012, LinkedIn suffered a major data breach that saw 6.5 million hashed passwords leaked online -- and now there's evidence that it was just the beginning of a bigger scandal.
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LinkedIn courts major media publishers to rival Facebook Instant Articles

LinkedIn is reportedly in talks with a number of major media outlets as it looks to introduce a new publishing feature similar to Facebook Instant Articles. The fast-loading desktop reader will position it as a major source for business…
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College students have a new career starter app with LinkedIn Student

Focusing on college students who are just starting to build their resume and career search, LinkedIn Student launched Monday as a mobile app for U.S. students. Information is provided based on major, graduation date, and activity on the…

LinkedIn splashes $59 million on its first international data center in Singapore

LinkedIn has opened its first data center outside of the U.S. The social network has chosen Singapore as the location for the $58 million facility, in the hopes that it will help it to capitalize upon its growth in the Asia-Pacific region.