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College students have a new career starter app with LinkedIn Student

Focusing on college students who are just starting to build their resume and career search, LinkedIn Student launched Monday as a mobile app for U.S. students. Information is provided based on major, graduation date, and activity on the…

LinkedIn splashes $59 million on its first international data center in Singapore

LinkedIn has opened its first data center outside of the U.S. The social network has chosen Singapore as the location for the $58 million facility, in the hopes that it will help it to capitalize upon its growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
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LinkedIn's San Francisco skyscraper is open for business and open to the public

LinkedIn has welcomed its employees into its new luxury San Francisco office, a 26-story skyscraper with its own gym, pool hall, restaurant, and themed floors. The Bay Area building will unite workers from the company's two locations in the…
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LinkedIn reaches for the stars with first-ever TV ad to debut during Oscars 0:30

LinkedIn is hoping to grab the attention of millions of viewers by airing its first-ever TV advert during the Oscars telecast this Sunday. Set in space, the clip is part of the company's "You're Closer Than You Think" campaign.
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LinkedIn shares fall 40 percent, reducing market cap by $10 billion

LinkedIn shares fell by 40 percent early Friday morning, reducing the company's market capitalization by $10 billion. The company also announced that it will stop selling ads that mine user data to create sponsored content.

LinkedIn launches major mobile app revamp for iOS and Android

LinkedIn has launched its major mobile revamp for its flagship app on iOS and Android, originally revealed in October. The app makes LinkedIn a lot more accessible to users, with a revamped news feed and messaging sections.
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LinkedIn has built a tool to help it stop sending out so many emails

LinkedIn is well known for sending out tons of emails to users, a situation that landed it in court recently. Apparently keen to finally deal with the matter, the social network has just unveiled a new system it promises will help cut its…
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Find out how people with your name make a living with the LinkedIn Name Game

As part of the LinkedIn 2015 Bring In Your Parent event, the Name Game allows you to enter your first name and find out the most common jobs performed by others who share that name.
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Thousands of pros on LinkedIn have fake degrees and aren’t even trying to hide it

Thousands of professionals on LinkedIn list college degrees and credentials purchased for just hundreds of dollars from educational institutions known as degree mills or diploma mills.
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LinkedIn retools Groups and debuts new sales metric

LinkedIn is changing up its plagued Groups feature after finally listening to user complaints; it's also debuting a new sales metric in Sales Navigator that should interest sales professionals active in social selling.

LinkedIn pays $13m to settle suit regarding excessive emailing, tells users via email

LinkedIn has agreed to shell out $13 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought about by complaints that the company was sending out too many emails and without consent. Impacted members who used the site between 2011 and 2014 can…
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LinkedIn getting less friendly to developers

LinkedIn is limiting developer access to its Connections API because of problems with spamming members' contact lists in the past. LinkedIn is instead interested in working with developers who can also give it something in return.