Hands on: Lenovo’s S210 is a souped-up netbook with 10-point touch

It’s no Ultrabook, but budget buyers looking for a compact touchscreen laptop with a good keyboard will find a lot to like with the S210 Touch.

Don’t call it a comeback: Asus intros new $299 netbook

Just last week we reported that the netbook category was all but dead. This week, Asus is throwing us for a loop by introducing the 1015E, a 10-inch netbook with a budget-friendly $299 price tag

Going the way of the Dodo bird: Netbooks will be extinct by 2015

Netbooks, we hardly knew ye. The market research firm IHS iSuppli has determined that by 2015, the netbook category will be dead and gone because new shipments will have ceased completely.

Google adds a desktop to Chrome OS: Is it innovation or backpedaling?

Google's Chrome OS has always prioritized simplicity, but now Google has added the ability to use multiple resizable windows, just like a normal desktop OS. Does it offer more power, or is it just a blast from the past?
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Google Chromebooks celebrate 1 year anniversary

It's already been a year since Google first introduced us to the CR-48. Aside from a new name and shinier coat, how far have Chromebooks really come?

MacBook Air gains a backlit keyboard and Thunderbolt port

Apple has refreshed its MacBook Air line today, which now has more powerful Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, a backlit keyboard, and a Thunderbolt port.

Acer rolls out colorful Aspire One Happy 2 netbooks

Acer's new Aspire One Happy 2 netbooks feature four fun colors, Intel Atom N570 processors, 10.1-inch displays, and 8 hours of battery life.

Samsung ‘Alex’ could be first Chrome OS netbook

Is the internally named 'Alex' the consumer version of the Cr-48? Here's a first look at what could be the long-awaited commercial Chrome OS netbook.
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Asus rumored to launch $200 Chrome OS netbook in June

Despite increased demand for tablets, budget laptop maker Asus is said to have a $200 netbook, running either Android 3.0 or Chrome OS, in the works
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Gartner forecasts tablets will erode PC growth

Market analysis firm Gartner has cut its forecasts increased PC shipments by about a third, citing consumers' demand for tablets.

HP planning webOS netbooks?

HP has a big webOS event on February 9...and according to training materials, webOS netbooks might be in the mix.

AMD Fusion CPUs offer high-def graphics and power-sipping performance

AMD's new Fusion combine high performance computing and multi-core support with DirectX 11 and high-def graphics...and netbook-friendly, battery-sipping habits.