At long last, Adele’s mega-hit album ’25’ will be available on streaming services

Adele may not be streaming's biggest fan, but she is finally going to make her most recent hit album, 25, available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal. The record-breaking effort debuted on November 20.

Spotify has hit 100M users, but have its paid subscriber numbers grown as well?

Spotify has hit a milestone with 100 million active monthly users. The company is keeping quiet for now about how many paid subscribers it has, but they numbered 30 million at last count.

Many streaming exclusives will now be eligible for Grammy Awards

The Recording Academy will now accept streaming-only releases from the majority of the biggest players in the on-demand music game, making Chance The Rapper and others eligible for golden statues.

Radiohead will stream oddities, give away swag worldwide on Friday

Radiohead have finally announced details surrounding Friday's physical (and Spotify) launch of their ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, an extravaganza that will feature music and free swag.

Streaming services and record labels have a plan to fix the music industry

More than 50 major record labels, trade partners, streaming services, and educators have joined forces to form The Open Music Initiative, aimed at giving artists technological tools to gain better transparency of how they are being…

The pay wall is coming: Spotify looks to add paid-only tier of tunes

Changes are coming to Spotify. Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool was almost the first paid-only release on the streaming service, but the company couldn't implement the technology to do so in time.

Patience is a virtue: Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ will land on Spotify soon

Despite a contentious relationship with Swedish streaming service Spotify over the years, Radiohead's latest album A Moon Shaped Pool will land in the company's catalog this month.

Streaming stars shine the brightest at Hot 97’s Summer Jam

After a three-hour delay, Hot 97's 23rd annual Summer Jam festival at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey saw its most raucous performances come from streaming sensations such as Bryson Tiller and DJ Khaled.

Spotify brings on music maven Troy Carter to battle rival streamers

Watch out, Apple Music and Tidal: Spotify has hired Troy Carter as its global head of creative services. In the new role, the famed music manager will work with artists on exclusive and original content.

A Musixmatch not made in heaven: Spotify, lyrics provider part ways

Musixmatch's lyrics are no longer available on Spotify's desktop app. The companies are ending a multiyear partnership due to business differences, leaving users to hum along to songs until the streamer finds a solution.
Social Media

Twitter partners with Spotify to soundtrack your music tweets with audio cards

Twitter users can now share Spotify tracks that can be played within tweets. The music streaming giant is the latest to be integrated within Twitter audio cards, and will also be featured on Moments.

Like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists? So do 40 million other listeners

If you find yourself frequently heading to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist to find new music, you're not alone. More than 40 million users have used the custom playlist since it launched in July 2015.