Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app so you can annoy the hell out of everyone nearby

Spotify is adding a lyrics button to its desktop app so you can sing along to your favorite tracks while testing the patience of those close by. The music streaming company also announced several other enhancements to its service on Thursday.


5 songs you need to hear this weekend

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week that are are worth using your bandwidth on. Up this week: Drake, Florence and the Machine, and more.


Songs to stream this week: Incubus returns and Father John Misty writes a love song

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks and albums dropping this week that are are worth using your bandwidth on. Up this week: Father John Misty, Incubus, JD McPherson, Charli XCX, and many more.


How to make the perfect virtual mixtape for any occasion

Tapely, a free online music platform, allows you to make and share your own virtual mixtapes. Digital Trends will tell you how to use it to make the perfect mixtape for any occasion.


New report: music labels, not Spotify, are to blame for poor artist payouts

Musicians are peeved at only getting a small piece of music streaming service revenue pie, but it seems the labels, not the providers, are actually taking the bulk of the cash.


Spotify beware: Apple’s cheaper, better-integrated streaming service is coming

After much speculation from an ever-spinning rumor mill, Apple's plans for Beats Music have been broken wide open. Boasting many of the same features as Spotify and tailored for the iTunes crowd, the service could be an instant juggernaut.


Jay-Z dives into the streaming music business, as Spotify looks for more cash

Jay Z may be taking on Dr. Dre, Beats, and Spotify with new streaming music service Tidal, which he's reportedly placed a multi-million dollar bid to acquire.


Stream it or skip it? Death Cab for Cutie and Jagged Edge make their returns

Not sure what new music to listen to? We'll let you know what new tracks are worth listening to and which you should skip. Up this week: Death Cab for Cutie, Jagged Edge, Lil Wayne and many more.


Spotify plants its flag in the world of video games with PlayStation Music

PlayStation Music is a new service launching in spring 2015 for PlayStation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. It's powered by Spotify, replacing Sony's existing Music Unlimited service.


Friend-source your next playlist with Boomio, a music-sharing app

Boomio's music-sharing app aims to make listening to music social again, while helping artists monetize their music and connect with fans.


Spotify’s Touch Preview feature debuts on iOS devices

With a long press of your finger, Spotify's Touch Preview feature now allows iOS device users to preview any song from Spotify's library.


Spotify passes 15 million paid subscribers for the first time, hits 60 million total users

Three years after makin its debut in the U.S., Spotify breaks a subscription record in its quest to 40 million paid subscribers.


This Week in Music: The week of the mixtapes and comebacks with Wale, Miguel and More

New music is dropping all the time. It's time to get some new tunes in your ears. Here are the best new releases this week, including Wale, Blue Hawaii, Miguel brand new singles from Erick Sermon and Jodeci, and more!


Rhapsody offers three months of “unlimited” music streaming for under $1

Rhapsody has unveiled a holiday promotion for its Rhapsody Premier subscription music service offering three months of use for $1.


I left Spotify to find the limits of Sony Music Unlimited, and I’m ready to run back

Find out what happened when a long time Spotify user switched to Sony’s Music Unlimited service. How does it fit into the music streaming landscape? Learn all about the highs and lows in this review.