Need to cut some expenses? Here’s how to cancel Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is an excellent service, but if you're using a free trial or simply need to save money, you might want to cancel your subscription. Thankfully, doing so takes mere minutes -- here's how.

Three ways Spotify and Apple Music can make Tidal’s Track Edit feature a game-changer 2:52

Tidal's Track Edit feature allows subscribers to change the sound of almost any song they can stream on Tidal. Spotify and Apple Music could unlock its full potential by adding their own editing features.

Prince’s classic albums are back on Spotify and other streaming sites

Ten months after his untimely death, Prince's classic albums have returned to Spotify and other streaming services. The late music legend pulled them from most streaming sites in 2015, but his estate worked to get them back online.

Want mood music that matches the weather? Try Climatune from Spotify

Spotify is upping its game with a new partnership with AccuWeather. Meet Climatune, a new project that understands just how much your mood and your music tastes are affected by the weather.

Want the perfect pair of headphones? Aiaiai uses your Spotify data to build them

AIAIAI has launched a new feature, using data from Spotify and Moodagent to help listeners instantly build the perfect pair of its modular TMA-2 headphones based on their Discover Weekly playlists.

Sega graces gamers with massive selection of music on Spotify

Sega has uploaded a ton of music onto Spotify, allowing gamers to listen to classics from games like NiGHTS into Dreams, Out Run, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio, Galaxy Force, and Alex Kidd.

Jam out in style with the 18 best playlists Spotify has to offer

We've scoured Spotify for the best playlists, picking the top groups of songs on the streaming music service, a grouping which will offer a little something for every type of listener.

Radio giant iHeartMedia sets its sights on Spotify with two new streaming services

Terrestrial radio giant iHeartMedia has launched two new streaming services, one to rival internet radio giant Pandora, and another to take on on-demand heavyweights like Apple Music and Spotify.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel taps Yelp, Spotify to help plan your first date

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel is launching two new web apps powered by Yelp and Spotify that are all about helping you plan the ideal first date. Thanks to the new tools you can scout date locations and collaborate on playlists.

Did you get a new MacBook Pro? You may want the new Spotify, too

If you have a new MacBook, you may want to get the new Spotify to go along with it. Now that your machine has received a few upgrades, so too has your favorite music-streaming software.

Spotify no longer purchasing SoundCloud to add to its streaming library

The world's leading paid music service, Spotify, is no longer in "advanced talks" to purchase popular emerging music platform, SoundCloud, which currently boasts nearly 175 million monthly users.

Spotify may upgrade its free account to give users more on-demand streaming

Spotify is reportedly experimenting with a new feature called Jump, which brings on-demand playlist streaming to its free users. That's a pretty sweet deal for free users who don't have the ability to choose exactly which songs play.