Street View

Street View enters London’s majestic Westminster Abbey

Street View has added yet another famous location to its already massive library of panoramic imagery. This time it's London's stunning Westminster Abbey, the site of countless royal coronations, weddings, and burials.

Philly cops disguised a surveillance vehicle as a Google Street View car

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but whoever decided to use a Google Maps decal in a bid to disguise one of Philadelphia police's license plate surveillance cars has been found out – hardly surprising considering the…

Argentina’s beautiful national parks get the Street View treatment

Putting its camera-equipped Trekker backpacks to use, Street View has recently been exploring Argentina's beautiful national parks. On Monday, much of the gathered imagery landed online, and couch-based travelers won't want to miss it.
Virtual Reality

Google exhibit lets you explore the Sydney Opera House from your couch

Have you always wanted to travel to Australia but never had the chance? You can now experience the Sydney Opera House from your own home, thanks to an online exhibit from the Google Cultural Exhibit.
Movies & TV

Google Maps gives you a virtual tour of Bruce Wayne’s mansion (and Batcave)

Whether you’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet or not, you can take a virtual tour through Bruce Wayne’s mansion and (mild spoiler alert) Batcave, thanks to Google Maps.

Street View offers sofa-based safari through South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Going on a safari sounds great but the cost of international travel to far corners of the globe can be prohibitive for many. So how about diving into Street View, which has just posted new panoramic imagery snapped inside South Africa's…

Artist’s collection of bizarre Street View glitches might actually spook you out

A guy without a head taking a selfie. A man with an arm coming out of his face. A two-headed dog. These are just a few of the eerie images found on Street View by artist Kyle Williams, who noticed how image-stitching software sometimes…

New Street View imagery lands for national parks and cultural sites

The National Park Service will be 100 years young later this year, and as part of the celebrations it's teamed up with Google to roll out new 360-degree Street View imagery for more national parks and cultural sites across the country.

Street View lets you scale Western Europe’s highest mountain in your pajamas

Google's Street View team recently scaled Western Europe's highest mountain to grab some of its most breathtaking imagery to date. Photographers, skiers, mountaineers, climbers, and runners all assisted the team, and we think…

Google shrunk its Street View cameras to give us a close look at this stunning model world

Using specially built tiny cameras, the Google Street View team has given us a glimpse of life inside a stunning model railway display, which captures life around cities, towns, and landmarks in Germany.

Visit Machu Picchu via Street View, hiking boots not needed 1:28

Google's "Trekker" cameras sure do get around. Street View's latest adventure takes armchair travelers on a hike around Peru's Machu Picchu, once a key part of the Inca Empire and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Check out New Zealand’s stunning hiking trails in this new Street View imagery

New Zealand's "Great Walks" are trails famed for their outstanding natural beauty, but for many they're just too far away to ever have a hope of visiting. Street View changes all that (sort of), having just unveiled new imagery of these…