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Talk to the hand: This new touchscreen technology touches you back

Researchers from the University of Sussex are developing new touchscreen technology that may change how you interact with your smartphone and other smart devices. Rather than restricting the haptic feedback to the screen, the…

Believe it or yacht, these boat windows double as transparent touchscreen LCDs

Taptl makes transparent LCD displays that are also touchscreens. The technology can be put inside a window, so yachters (they're very expensive displays) can see the ocean or use them as TVs or a GPS.

Pick furniture as a family (or just play air hockey) on this 40-inch tablet table 1:23

Cima NanoTech wants to make coffee tables that are interactive by putting large touchscreens in them. Instead of fighting over a tablet, kids could collaborate over the coffee table.

Corning wants its Gorilla Glass to turn all your surfaces into touchscreens

Corning had a number of ways its Gorilla Glass could be used in the home (like on the doors of refrigerators) and outside (such as on car consoles) on display at CES 2016.

Want the back of your iPhone to be a touchscreen too? Just get a HandyCase

With a Kickstarter that launched a week ago, the HandyCase's ergonomic design -- the first of its kind -- "allows users to tap and swipe their mobile device from the back panel by seeing their hands through the screen."

Raspberry Pi official touchscreens now available for $60

If you've ever wanted to input to your Raspberry Pi directly from your finger tips, you can now do so through an official channel thanks to the new touchscreen display that the foundation has launched.
Home Theater

TouchJet WAVE turns your TV into a giant Android touchscreen device 2:01

Imagine using your old plasma screen TV to play Hearthstone. That's exactly what TouchJet aims to do with its upcoming television peripheral it calls the WAVE. The WAVE intends to bring the Android 4.4 Kitkat ecosystem to your…
Android Army

Laggy touchscreen? Google’s Chrome TouchBot is here to help

Google's Chrome TouchBot, the product of Finnish design company OptoFidelity, tests Android and Chrome for input lag. It's open source, and Google's actively encouraging tinkering.
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This holographic touchscreen is projected into thin air, but it looks incredibly real

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo have developed a holographic touchscreen interface called the HaptoMime, which uses a ultrasonic wave to make it feel like you're really touching a physical surface.

You don’t need a helmet for Casio’s clippable, strappable, hangable action cam

Casio jumps on the action cam bandwagon with the Exilim EX-FR10, which sports a detachable touchscreen display and a number of different ways to wear, use, and hold it while you record.

Meet the world’s first 2D material: 5 ways Graphene could transform your phone

Graphene is being hailed as a potentially transformative wonder-material that could have a serious impact on mobile technology. Countless research projects are underway and some big name companies are showing an interest.
Cool Tech

Metaio’s ‘Thermal Touch’ technology turns everything into a touchscreen

Wish your iPhone's touchscreen never ended? Your dreams may soon be coming true. German augmented-reality company Metaio revealed its latest technology, Thermal Touch, which turns just about everything into a touchscreen.