Video Games

Frag at Starbucks (or anywhere you want) with these potent gaming laptops

Gaming desktops are powerful, but they tie you down to your desk. We've round up some sleek, powerful alternatives that can play your favorite titles at high detail without breaking a sweat.

It’s a numbers game! How analytics are turning games into distraction machines

Gaming analytics allow developers to hack your feeble human brain like never before, and highly refined games they’re cranking out with it are more like crack than art.

Crush, impale, and otherwise maim enemies in ‘For Honor’

Ubisoft showed off new single-player footage for its melee-based combat game, For Honor, during its E3 2016 presentation. The stage demo focused on a viking mission, one that includes a multi-stage siege, various combat mechanics, and a…

50 awesome iPhone games you need to play

The iPhone has some of the best games available for any mobile platform. Here are our favorite games for every genre, whether you're into sports, puzzles, strategy, or something else entirely.

Delve into the world of auteur game design with 15 of the best indie games

Some of the best video games these days are made by independent studios. Here is our list of some of the best, whether you like difficult dungeon crawlers or meditative adventures.
Cool Tech

Physicists are building a quantum computer by studying how people play this odd puzzle game

Researchers at Aarhus University have created an algorithm based on human intuition that tackles quantum problems more efficiently than supercomputers

The day Justice Scalia helped save video games

Following the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, we look back at a surprising episode when he upheld video games' protection under the First Amendment as creative expression like books, plays, or movies.

Live to fight another day with this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombie survival guide 2:38

Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 released last November with one of the most diverse Zombies modes ever released. Here are a few tips and tricks for staying alive inside the demented Morg City.
Social Media

Twitter Gaming is the social network’s new hub for games, gamers, eSports

Twitter has launched Twitter Gaming, a new profile envisioned as a hub for games, gamers, and eSports on the social platform. Users can also discover and join conversations about gaming, as curated by Twitter.

Sony reveals 30 million PS4 sales since launch

Sony has revealed 30 million PS4 sales since launch, double Microsoft's 15.1 million Xbox One sales in the same time period. The news comes weeks before the holiday season rush, where several big titles are set to launch on PS4.

Video for Iron Maiden’s first new single in 5 years is an ode to gaming

The heavy metal group released their first single in five years, Speed of Light, and its music video is an homage to the video game history. The band will release "The Book of Souls," a double album, on September 4.

Master GTA V with this incredible fan-made map

Where game developers don't have time to provide extra features, fans can fill in the gaps: Witness this incredible map of the Grand Theft Auto V universe, complete with street names.