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Get your YouTube fix right here with the top trending vids of 2015

YouTube has revealed its top trending videos for 2015, including picks from music videos, late night talk shows, and straight-up random viral videos. You know you need your YouTube fix, so get it all out of your system right here.

YouTube Kids hit by fresh complaints, this time over junk food videos

YouTube Kids has had a rough ride since launching in February. Following earlier complaints about the app's failure to filter out videos with sexual content, colorful expletives, and ads for alcohol, it's now accused of showing promo videos…

YouTube is copying the RIAA’s legal tactics, except this time you win

To defend the legitimate reuse of copyrighted material, Google plans to raise the cost to content owners of filing baseless copyright infringement claims by defending uploaders of videos to YouTube against what it feels are baseless…

YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet 2:03

With Spotify and Apple Music already dominating a music-streaming market will YouTube Music be able to leave it's mark in the genre? We went hands-on in this video review.

YouTube changes its tune, will now defend select channels against DMCA takedowns

YouTube will defend select video creators from DMCA abuse with a new $1 million legal protection fund. This follows growing DMCA takedowns by unregistered groups, which hurt a YouTube channel's revenue.

YouTube Kids goes global following a sticky launch

YouTube Kids' first nine months hasn't exactly been plain sailing, but having made improvements to filters and addressed the concerns of consumer groups, it evidently feels the app is now ready to entertain kids outside of the U.S.
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The Amazing Race goes viral, casting YouTube and Vine stars for new season

The new season of CBS' The Amazing Race features a cast of social media stars from Youtube, Vine and Instagram.
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This guy’s ridiculous homemade rail gun shoots ‘ionized plasma’ bullets

Of all the crazy garage-built weapons I've ever come across, this one from YouTuber/tinkerer Alex Smyth is definitely one of the craziest. It's a rail gun that shoots rounds filled with ionized plasma.
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Fusion reactor nears completion, VR hits YouTube: DT Daily 2:26

It only took about 20 years, but a fusion reactor that looks like it escaped from an anime movie is about to go live, James Bond and Snoopy top The Martian, VR videos arrive on YouTube.
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Google finally brings virtual reality content to YouTube

From 360-degree videos to virtual reality, YouTube creators can now go wild in uploading virtual reality videos to YouTube. Users can view the videos normally, or though their Google Cardboard headsets.
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YouTube's Smosh duo are set to star in the streamer's original comedy Part Timers

A scripted comedy series is next on the docket for Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, the duo behind the popular Smosh YouTube Account. The streaming service has tapped them to star in a YouTube original called Part Timers.
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NASA just released this awesome 4K video of thermonuclear activity on the sun

NASA just released this awesome 4K video of the sun that shows the celestial body at a level of detail that will blow your mind.