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Amazing new video tweaking program lets users edit a person's lip movements in real time

A new system called Face2Face lets you dub the face of the speaker in any captured video to make it look like the person is saying whatever you want. The technology is in its early stages, but it already produces convincing video…
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Popular YouTube prankster jailed for staging bomb threat hoax

There are practical jokes and then there are displays of idiocy. The following is the latter. Following a rather elaborately staged bomb threat hoax, a popular YouTube troll has been arrested.

T-Mobile adds YouTube, Google Play Movies and more to Binge On program

Today, T-Mobile announced nine new video providers added to its Binge On program, allowing customers to stream more video content without it affecting their monthly data cap. YouTube, Google Play Movies, Red Bull TV are among those added.
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YouTube and Google Play are now part of T-Mobile’s Binge On program 2:24

Google and T-Mobile buried the hatchet and worked out a deal that brings one of the biggest online video sites to T-Mobile's worry free video service.

YouTube dating: Co-founder says Google’s video platform started life as a hook-up service

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen told an audience at SXSW that Google's video platform started out as a dating service. It was envisioned as a place for singles to create and share video profiles in order to find matches.

Skype for Web gets notifications, YouTube video playback, landline calling, and more

Microsoft has announced a new version of Skype for Web with support for outbound calling, YouTube video embeds, notifications, a guest mode, and more. It's rolling out now for all users.

YouTube Gaming mobile app lands in Canada and three more countries

YouTube Gaming is starting to roll out its mobile app globally. Available to users in the US and UK since the platform's arrival last summer, on Thursday the app launched in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, with "many more…
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YouTube co-founder launches live video app for celebrity chefs and foodies

Nom is the new live video app for food lovers from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. The app lets users live-stream clips of their favourite recipes and dishes, and interact with celebrity chefs using comments, photos, and GIFs.
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YouTube partners with UN and showcases videos from female filmmaking program 2:55

YouTube is putting female filmmakers in the spotlight by showcasing videos from its global production program for women directors on a dedicated channel. The service has also appointed its female stars to act as UN ambassadors.
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YouTube stars will now be in the running for Emmys due to new awards categories

YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and Tyler Oakley could soon be Emmy winners due to the introduction of new short-form awards categories by the Television Academy. The changes will recognize shows and actors from shows that run for 15…
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YouTube apologizes for errant removals, creates team to tackle false takedowns

After a surge in negative user feedback, YouTube has announced major changes to its policies, including the removal of videos. The platform claims it is creating a team to carry out the tasks that were previously assigned to an automated…
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Facebook ads are about to start looking and acting a lot different 3:08

The new platform allows marketers to create ads within Facebook, eliminating the need to redirect users to an outside website. Early experiments with the platform by the likes of Coca-Cola suggest the new approach increases user…