Cool Tech

This guy’s ridiculous 40W “laser shotgun” focuses eight beams into one

If you're in the market for a laser shotgun ... you shouldn't be. But since it wasn't illegal to build one, this guy did. As the inventor readily admits, "there's no, no good reason for anybody to own something this powerful."
Movies & TV

Two new striking trailers drop as True Detective Season 2 readies for launch

Feast your eyes on not one, but two True Detective trailers, featuring all four main actors (Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughan, and Taylor Kitsch) prior to the second season premiere on HBO on June 21.
Movies & TV

30 feature-length movies on YouTube that are totally worth watching

Check out our painstakingly-curated list of the best full movies on YouTube to find 30 feature-length flicks that are actually worht watching.
Movies & TV

Watch ‘old man’ terrorize the neighborhood with Michael Jackson dance movies

An "old man" showing off his Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves on the street sends people running scared in a hilarious prank video by Robert James Hoffman III. Reactions range from shocked to downright terrified.

How do I fix a flat?! Your impulsive mobile searches are mutating Google

New data from Google shows that we're searching on our phones more often, from crazier locations, and wanting results faster. Here's what people are looking up on YouTube and search, and the new ways Google plans to make money…

Trends with Benefits: The Best of Google I/O and the Pizza Box Projector

Google I/O is on our minds this week as we patch Nick in from Google's grandest show of the year. Conspiracy Dan, the Gravity Light, and a Pizza Projector Box also make the rounds in this week's show.
Movies & TV

Put your ’80s pants on and get blown away by this homage kung fu masterpiece

Kung Fury is a cop who is also a kung fu master on a mission to kill Adolph Hitler in the full, Kickstarter-funded movie from writer/director/star David Sandberg, now available to watch free online.

You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video. It's called TrueView shopping and is aimed at driving higher ad retention and sales.
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YouTube Kids app bashed for Bert and Ernie Casino skit, adult content

Child advocate groups highlight inappropriate content on the YouTube Kids app, including an expletive-laced Scorcese scene featuring Bert and Ernie. While reps from Google cite the app’s video review system as a safeguard, these groups…
Social Media

This hilarious video will make you so happy you’ll never date Google+, or any other social network

Ever wondered what it would be like to date the personification of your favorite social network? Turns out if that's Google+, it may go pretty badly. But then, in this funny video, it doesn't look like any of the others would be much…

Google and Nestlé are teaming up again for a YouTube-KitKat cross-branding campaign

KitKat break, anyone? Nestlé and Google are teaming up to commemorate the joining anniversary of YouTube and KitKat with a special promotion ... in the UK and Ireland, that is.
Movies & TV

Stan Lee Wants Superhero Stories on YouTube

Stan Lee and YouTube have joined forces to bring original, superhero-related content online. Creators get custom-built sets all over the world to create original stories to be aired on the world's largest video-hosting site.