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Digital Trends Staff


Trends with Benefits: Emojis for your car, Apple Music, copious grape Crush

Officially this week's show covers our hands-on impressions of Apple Music, dudes aiming shotguns at drones, and emojis for your car. But really we just drink a bunch of Grape Crush and mess around on Periscope with sugar buzzes.
Health & Fitness

DT Giveaway: Watch your six with Cycliq’s Fly6 bike light and HD camcorder

We’re giving away a $200 Cycliq Fly6, a combined bike taillight and HD camcorder that allows you to both see and be seen on the roads.

Trends with Benefits: Our worst ‘reply all’ mistakes, Taylor Swift conspiracies

This week, we recall our worst "reply all" mistakes in light of Gmail's new unsend feature, discuss the merits of "Taylor Truthers," whether Apple music can dethrone Spotify, and Lexus' new hoverboard.

13 strange, but helpful camera accessories for your iPhone or Android

With the rise of smartphones cameras in casual photography, comes an equally large explosion of accessories that attempt to enhance your photos. We take a look at a few of them – many are actually useful, while some are plain comical.

Trends with Benefits: Wearing Oculus, playing Battlefront, more tales from inside E3

E3 2015 is in the books, but a lot went on behind the scenes that most people didn't hear about. DT's Brad Bourque calls in from the show floor with all the news that's unfit to print, including how Kanye West brought the show to a grinding…

Nintendo bets big once again on reimagined classics at E3 2015 4:09

Nintendo may have skipped the formalities during its pre-recorded E3 briefing, but that doesn't mean the Japanese company didn't bring something to the table. Check out our news recap of the digital event for a closer look at all…

Best of E3 2015: 10 games we can’t stop thinking about

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and every other major name in gaming just trotted out the hottest games of the upcoming year. We’ve cut the fluff and rounded up our top 10, plus a few special mentions we couldn’t resist.
Buying Guides

2015 Father’s Day gift guide

Not sure what to get your old man this year? Check out this guide. We've rounded up the most dad-friendly tech toys on the market to help you out

Games, hardware, and everything unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 conference 3:10

Microsoft's press briefing at E3 2015 is done and gone. Check our recap for a closer look at all the news and announcements, whether you're looking for the latest gameplay trailer for "Halo 5: Guardians" or a closer look at the…