Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman is a contributor for Digital Trends who writes about all things mobile from Apple to Zynga. Josh pulls his knowledge from years of experience using smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and has had his content featured on other top sites like MakeUseOf. Josh is a student at Vassar College.

Can you use Xperia phones underwater? We dive into Sony’s waterproof retraction

Sony is giving mixed signals about just how waterproof its waterproof Xperia smartphones really are. The Xperia support site is giving different information, depending on what kind of Xperia phone you have

Stephen Colbert and other celebs are coming to Waze this September 1:51

Waze is updating its turn-by-turn navigation with the iconic celebrity voices of Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris, and -- for some reason -- New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Nest launches bigger, better smart thermostat for $250

Nest is getting its first new version since getting acquired by Google. This third-generation thermostat features a bigger screen, bigger brain, and more features for the smart-home enthusiast.

All about LTE-U and how it might affect your Wi-Fi signals

Verizon and T-Mobile hope to soon begin testing new LTE connectivity using the same spectrum that powers Wi-Fi connectivity, spurring concerns about its effects on home Internet usage

30 must-have Pebble Time apps, watchfaces, and games for your wrist

The cool thing about the Pebble is its ability to have third party apps, and we've compiled the ones you've got to have. It can only hold a few apps, so we've picked our eight favorite apps, games, and watchfaces for you to choose from.

Xperia Z4 Tablet set for June 29 launch in the UK, comes packaged with keyboard

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will be released at the end of June in the UK, where it's packaged with an external keyboard for £500, or $765. This is just in time to meet Sony's own release estimate made back in March.

Hands on: Turning up the speed on time with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app 0:25

Microsoft's new smooth timelapse tech called Hyperlapse is available in beta exclusively on Windows Phone and Android. We took the beta for a spin to find out how well it works at making videos

Technology to prevent train accidents exists, but Congress may delay its implementation

Technology exists that forces trains to slow down or stop if they are driving too fast, but federal funding and other concerns delay its implementation. It's possible this tech could have prevented the derailment in Philadelphia that killed…

Microsoft’s new free Visual Studio Code app makes coding easier

At BUILD 2015, Microsoft announced a brand new app for developing code called Visual Studio Code. The software offers free intelligent code analysis along with deep integration with Visual Studio

How the Apple Watch will help make Android Wear a huge hit

Believe it or not, after the Apple Watch is good news for all smartwatches, even Android Wear. Thanks to Apple's focus on style, app support, and square designs, other smartwatches will start to become more appealing.
Product Review

ZTE Grand X Max+ Review

ZTE's Grand X Max+ looks cheap, feels cheap, and at $220, dang is it cheap.