Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Joshua Sherman is a contributor for Digital Trends who writes about all things mobile from Apple to Zynga. Josh pulls his knowledge from years of experience using smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and has had his content featured on other top sites like MakeUseOf. Josh is a student at Vassar College.

This is why feel-good ads dominate the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is set to be one of the most-watched TV events in U.S. history, and one of its biggest attractions will be its commercials. But what makes a Super Bowl ad work? And why are serious ads so rare? We ask the experts.

Is your phone conflict free? If it's from Apple or Samsung, no, says Amnesty International

Do you own a conflict phone? You probably do, according to Amnesty International's latest report. The organization accuses several big smartphone makers -- including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei -- of making phones with conflict minerals.

Coming soon to your local library: Wireless hotspots you can borrow for free

Libraries are always conjuring up new ways to help their communities, and in a few libraries across America, the latest service being offered is free, mobile Internet access through wireless hotspots that patrons can borrow.

Saving frames and saving lives at this year’s AGDQ, a week-long charity gaming marathon

Saving frames, killing animals, AGDQ 2016 has it all for gamers looking to watch their favorite games. Here's a look at the week-long marathon and what it hopes to offer viewers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere responds to Binge On outrage from customers, EFF

T-Mobile is in a bit of a spat over Binge On, its zero-rated video streaming service, over concerns that it's more of a throttling service than anything else. CEO John Legere posted a video on YouTube to dispel concerns.
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Mediatek announces host of new hardware for IoT, wearable devices

MediaTek is firing up CES 2016 with three new chipsets, designed to provide a host of functionality to devices of all shapes and sizes in 2016. The chipsets will support this year's latest wearables, IoT command centers, and new enhanced…

How HTC went from smartphone trailblazer to barely breathing

From its early successes in smartphones to its epic rise to the top of the Android world and fast crash back to Earth, no company has a sadder story than HTC. Does it have what it takes to make a comeback?

New Raspberry Pi Zero micro computer is smaller, faster, and costs $5 2:44

The new Raspberry Pi Zero has launched for the holidays and instantly sold out. Costing just $5, it is more powerful and less expensive than the older Raspberry Pi. It is a full-blown programmable computer that can run Linux.

Don’t worry, Galaxy Note 5 users: Mophie has a Juice Pack for your massive phablet

Looking for a little extra juice for your Note 5? Mophie has you covered with its new Juice Pack case for the Note 5. It extends the phablet's battery life by up to 60 percent in a given day, but it'll cost you $100.

Privacy comes at a price: Super secure GranitePhone is yours for $850

Looking for a smartphone that's s secure as Fort Knox? The Sikur GranitePhone is built from the ground up with security and secure messaging in mind, and can help ensure your secrets don't ever get out.

Meet the new Huawei Nexus 6P, Google’s latest flagship phone

Featuring a 5.7-inch WQHD display, new snapdragon processor, and larger pixels on the camera, the Huawei Nexus 6P is Google's latest flagship phablet coming soon to a Google Store near you.