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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

New Apple TV update offers CNBC and FOX NOW, requires authentication

Ideal for anyone with a premium cable subscription as well as an Apple TV, applications for CNBC and the FOX network have been added to the user interface of the popular set-top box.

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Hilton will soon turn your smartphone into your hotel room key

Ideal for anyone that wants to avoid the hassle of talking to people, Hilton will soon roll out new digital features for mobile devices that will allow you to avoid speaking to anyone for your entire hotel stay.


Yelp adds 12-second video review feature for iPhone users

Ideal for anyone that wants to capture the general ambiance of a business, Yelp added a new video upload feature today for iPhone users that can feature up to a 12-second video of a business.


Man posts police will ‘never catch’ him on Facebook, arrested next day

Quite possibly the most entertaining social media trend of the last few years, yet another criminal has been taken into custody after using Facebook to attract the attention of the public and local police.

Social Media

This smart pepper spray takes a photo of your assailant and sends it to authorities

Potentially a useful product for anyone that lives in an unsafe area, the Defender will fire off a picture of an attacker to authorities right before blasting the attacker with high grade pepper spray.


Woman in a stolen dress posts selfie on Facebook, arrested soon after

Definitely an efficient way to attract the attention of the police, yet another criminal thought it would be a brilliant idea to post pictures of herself featuring items stolen from a local store.

Social Media

Apple orders between 70 to 80 million new iPhone 6 models

With just two months from the rumored launch of the iPhone 6, Apple appears to be increasing production significantly in order to prepare for a high level of demand this holiday season.


Starbucks will soon accept online orders for pickup via mobile

Designed to reduce wait times at Starbucks locations around the country, the coffee company plans to launch the ability to place orders for pickup using your mobile device in the near future.


Dell, Newegg start accepting Bitcoin as payment

Likely an attempt to increase sales by appealing to a niche audience that's into computers, Dell is now accepting the virtual currency known as Bitcoin to pay for purchases of anything on Dell.com.


Netflix starts testing private mode to hide what you watch

Perhaps rolling out to your Netflix account in the near future, the streaming video company is testing a private mode that will keep all your viewed content out of the recently viewed feed.

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Aereo claims cable company status to restart operations [Update: Copyright Office balks]

Attempting to reclassify the company as a cable operator, Aereo representatives are claiming that the Supreme Court ruling has given the company the right to pursue licensing related to rebroadcasting content.

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Google Wallet update allows you to digitally store your gift cards

Ideal for anyone that wants to stop carrying around a stack of gift cards, the latest update to the Google Wallet application provides a place to digitally store all gift card numbers and barcodes.


Facebook, Nielsen will soon track your TV habits on tablets, smartphones

Rolling out in time for the launch of the new television season this year, Facebook and Nielsen will be working together to track the television viewing habits of consumers using mobile devices.


Snowpiercer hits digital distribution just two weeks after U.S. release

Attempting to reach a wider audience than a few hundred theaters, a film distributor is attempting to leverage availability on a massive scale using digital video platforms such as iTunes.

Movies & TV

Google launches Android mirroring on Chromecast

Ideal for anyone with a popular Android smartphone or tablet as well as a Chromecast HDMI dongle, Google is rolling out support for Android screen mirroring over the next few days.

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