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daimler ecascadia semi truck test drive daylight feat

Driving Daimler’s 40-ton eCascadia big rig isn’t just fun, it’s electrifying

Daimler Trucks brought its all-electric eCascadia semi-truck to the 2019 CES, and invited us to take the wheel. What does it feel like to drive one? Simply electrifying, of course. Here’s what truckers can look forward to in the future.
Peloton Technologies Semi Truck Platooning

Peloton’s tech lets truckers play follow the leader to boost fuel economy

Peloton Technology offers technology that can help semi trucks save fuel by running close together on the highway through platooning. Using shor- range wireless communications, trucks get a kind of super cruise control. This technology is on the road today, and it works.
2020 Volkswagen Passat

Driving a prototype 2020 Passat at Volkswagen’s Arizona Proving Ground

Volkswagen’s Arizona Proving Ground is where new cars are torture tested, including the 2020 Passat midsize sedan. The new Passat and other models are subjected to Arizona’s sweltering summers, frozen in giant test chambers, and run for thousands of miles on test tracks.
Rivian R1T side view

Rivian CEO R.J. Scaringe wants his startup to be the Patagonia of electric cars

Rivian is the latest startup hyping new electric cars. But unlike most other startups, Rivian is focusing on off-road vehicles. It launched an electric pickup truck and SUV at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. CEO R.J. Scaringe explains why Rivian chose these vehicles instead of luxury sedans or crossovers.
7 insane roads that will push a self driving car to its very limit cars feat

7 insane roads that will push self-driving cars to their very limits

Self-driving cars are getting better all the time, but we won't ever be convinced of their readiness for prime time till we see them comfortably handle a full range of challenges. So, ask yourself, would you be happy climbing into a driverless car for a ride on THESE insane roads?
audi etron gt concept production 2020 small e tron feat

Audi’s E-Tron GT concept is so close to production we can nearly taste it

Audi has introduced the E-Tron GT concept at the 2018 Los Angeles auto show. It's not a simple design study, though. Pre-production has already started and the concept will spawn the first electric Audi Sport model in 2020. It promises 590 horsepower from two electric motors for high-speed cruising.
Audi E-Tron Reveal

E-tron GT concept is the latest volley in Audi’s electrified offensive

Concepts have traditionally been an exercise in “what if,” serving as a means of stoking the public’s imagination with engineering fantasies that are unburdened by the realities of volume production. But with the e-tron GT concept, Audi assures us that “this will be.” We'll see a production model in showrooms by 2020.
2019 Jaguar I-Pace First Drive

From EVs to forbidden fruit, car lovers have a lot to be thankful for this year

Thanksgiving is about food, football, family, and great deals. For us, it's also about cars. The members of Digital Trends' car team are taking a minute to reflect on what we're thankful for in 2018. We're glad that the station wagon is coming back and that electric cars are better than ever, among other things.
henrik fiskers bold plan for electrification and autonomy fisker emotion 4

Fisker failed. But now the EV pioneer is ready for an epic redo

Digital Trends sat down with Henrik Fisker to detail his plans for an autonomous electric shuttle bus, a mass-produced affordable EV, the new Fisker E-Motion luxury sports EV, and his patented new battery design. We also asked about the lessons he’s learned and how they shaped his new plan.
infiniti and renault sport formula one team engineering partnership projectblacks 1

Infiniti is using Formula One racing to hone its hybrid skills

Infiniti is partnering with the Renault Sport Formula One team, and not just to put sponsor stickers on the race cars. The luxury brand claims its engineers are working with their F1 counterparts to develop future hybrid tech. But how much of this racing tech will actually make it to future Infiniti luxury cars remains to be seen.
Audi MMI Touch Infotainment

With benefits — and risks — software updates are coming to the car

Automatic over-the-air updates have been happening for years on laptops, phones, even TVs. They remain rare in the automotive industry, partly because companies are afraid of opening the door to hackers. And yet, over-the-air compatibility can make driving safer and more convenient for a number of reasons.
Volkswagen Vizzion Concept live

How VW plans to leave its dirty diesel past behind with its own EV charging network

We sat down with Volkswagen Group of America’s CEO, Hinrich J. Woebcken during the annual Monterey Car Week in California, who explains how the company plans to support its new line of electric vehicles with a factory-backed charging network in collaboration with start-up, Electrify America.
volvo americas ceo anders gustafsson interview s60 america

Volvo plans to face the future without sacrificing its identity

Volvo is embarking on an ambitious push to fill its lineup with electric and hybrid cars, as well as an infotainment partnership with Google. Volvo Americas CEO Anders Gustafsson explains how the Swedish automaker plans to pull that off, and what customers can look forward to over the next few years.
general motors engineering executive ken kelzer interview gmbrownstownbattery01

How General Motors is preparing for an electric, autonomous, connected future

How does an established automaker like General Motors adapt to new tech trends? By looking for people and solutions outside the mainstream, says Ken Kelzer, GM VP of global vehicle components and subsystems. See how GM is preparing for connected, autonomous, and electric cars.
vw i.d. vizzion concept

Flat, fast, and flexible, Volkswagen’s new electric platform can power any car

VW recently took us to its Transparent Factory in Dresden for a deep dive into its work and plans for the all-new MEB (Modular Electric Toolkit) architecture. This new platform is designed exclusively for EV use and VW expects to produce up to 330,000 electric vehicles a year starting in 2020.
Audi e-tron

How Audi took its ambitious e-tron concept from dream to driveable

The Audi e-tron, the German luxury automaker’s first mass-market electric car, wasn’t designed to be a futuristic spaceship. It was designed to appeal to normal buyers, said Audi of America product management VP Filip Brabec. That puts Audi on a different track than rivals like Tesla and Jaguar.
ford panasonic v2x car communication c feat

Cars that talk to each other are coming soon, and could save thousands of lives

Today’s cars can connect to the internet, but still can’t communicate with the environment around them. V2X technology is about to change, paving the way for safer streets, less traffic, and cities where transportation operates more smoothly than ever before.
2018 volkswagen coming home event

Check out the tuned, resto-modded, and high-tech GTIs at Volkswagen’s home show

About 4,000 cars attended the GTI Coming Home event in Wolfsburg, Germany, and we couldn't find two identical cars. Most of them were modified to one degree or another. Our favorite car at the event blended 1980s style with 21st century tech, including Bluetooth connectivity and touchscreen navigation.
inside bonneville salt flats land speed racing 2019 jetta feature

At Bonneville, a 210-mph Volkswagen Jetta is nothing unusual

The Bonneville Salt Flats are the ultimate temple of speed. Follow along as Volkswagen attempts to set a record with a modified economy car, and see what makes Bonneville so special. Racers have been setting speed records on the salt flats since 1914, and continue to push the limits every year.
will high res radar make tomorrows cars safer rab display

Will high-res radar make tomorrow’s cars safer?

Modern cars have sensors that are meant to make driving safer, like detecting something or someone out in front. But current technology needs improvement. Enter radar, lidar, and cameras, but are they the solution?
BMW Vision iNext

We get up close with the Vision iNext concept to learn about BMW’s future

Through a massive worldwide campaign that visits various major cities around the world, we gain an exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with BMW’s Vision iNEXT Concept to see what’s in store for the company’s future, from electrification, to autonomous driving tech, and connectivity.
Volvo 360c concept

Volvo wants to build a future in which you can’t wait to commute to work

Volvo's futuristic 360c concept perfectly embodies the changes sweeping across the automotive industry. It's electric, fully autonomous, and connected. It's not production-bound, but the firm hopes its concept will start a meaningful conversation about how self-driving cars will fit into our society.
2019 Lexus UX

Lexus bets on value as it launches phone-plan-like car subscription service

Lexus has released a subscription service for UX buyers called Lexus Complete Lease. It will launch in four American cities in 2019, though the firm wants to expand it. When and in which direction it grows will largely depend on how buyers respond to the idea of selecting a car like they choose a smartphone.
Volkswagen’s Atlas Cross Sport and Tanoak Concepts

We drove the Volkswagen concept pickup that truck fans will drool over

We get a unique opportunity to briefly drive Volkswagen’s Atlas Cross Sport and Tanoak Concepts during the annual Monterey Car Week. The Cross Sport will arrive in 2020 as a smaller version of the full-size Atlas crossover SUV while the Tanoak tests the waters for a potential midsize pickup truck.
elliot scheiner acura els premium audio rdx 3714

How Grammy-winner Elliot Scheiner helps Acura make one of the best in-car sound systems

We sit down with eight-time Grammy-winning recording studio legend, Elliot Scheiner, to learn a how he works with Acura to make one of the best in-car sound systems. He has been working with the brand since 2004. The latest version of the sound system just launched as an option on the all-new 2019 Acura RDX.
Workhorse SureFly Steve Burns

From drones to pickup trucks, Workhorse CEO believes the future is electric

Workhorse wants to make sure your next package gets delivered more efficiently. The Ohio-based company builds electric vans, and is branching out into drones, an electrified pickup truck called the W-15, and a small personal helicopter called the SureFly, which is currently undergoing testing.
lidar tech truck safety semi 18 wheeler sunrise on highway

How lidar technology is working to enhance trucking safety

If you’ve ever seen a semi-truck crash, you know it’s bad. Even highly trained drivers have to manage unpredictable traffic and weather conditions while piloting an 80,000-pound rig. Here’s how lidar technology companies are helping make trucking safer today with the human driver as a partner.
uber settles driver background check case man driving in car the city ride share lyft getaround zipcar

How autonomous ridesharing will reshape our cars, cities, and lives

Ridesharing is changing the way people around the world build their cities, design their cars, and choose to get around. As people choose shared rides, automakers will design their cars to accommodate new uses. Ridesharing is also driving advancements in autonomous and connected cars.
audi e tron electric suv first ride press feat

Riding along in Audi’s e-tron, the electric SUV born to slay Teslas

The E-Tron is Audi’s first mass-market electric vehicle, and we got to take a ride in this Tesla-fighting crossover down Colorado’s Pikes Peak over a month before the official unveiling. Get a first look at the Audi E-Tron’s performance, tech, and specs with this sneak preview.
Trail Trek Tour

We dragged 7 crossovers onto 4WD trails to see what breaks, and who makes it

Challenging the notion you can’t off-road with a CUV, we took 7 CUVs and pitted them against each other in a unique off-road competition. A blown tire, numerous scrapes and a few close calls later, a clear winner emerged from the pack – 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.
2017 honda clarity first drive review hondaclarityfueling

The coming hydrogen fuel cell evolution

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and on Earth. Our oceans are mostly made of Hydrogen. So why have hydrogen fuel cells had such a hard time catching on? We met with the California Fuel Cell Partnership to get the low-down on how they can make hydrogen-fed cars more mainstream.
rolls royce cullinan suv reveal front angle feat

The Cullinan is truly the Rolls-Royce of SUVs

At a private event in Los Angeles, CA, Rolls-Royce showed off its first SUV. Built for wealthy families or executives, the Cullinan is a groundbreaking model for one of the most esteemed brands on earth. The SUV’s all-wheel drive system, hatchback design, and touchscreens are other firsts for Rolls-Royce.
Virginia Tech

From a bad battery to a crash, Virginia Tech’s automated car beat all challenges

General Motors and the Society of Automotive Engineers created the AutoDrive Challenge, and a team of mechanical engineering students from Virginia Tech overcame technical and human obstacles to create a basic autonomous car in one year. Over the next two years, they’ll build a true autonomous car.
Autonomous Driving Systems

Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars

The road to an autonomous future is filled with competitive driving systems – but what happens when they encounter each other on the street? Automakers must decide whether to follow the same code, or duke it out for safety supremacy.