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BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

Tire review: BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

We put BFG’s latest all-season touring tire for trucks and SUVs, the Advantage T/A Sport LT to the test. Tasked with combining on-road performance with everyday practicality, a lot is asked of all-season radials. Can the BFG deliver?
2019 Acura NSX vs 1991 Acura NSX

All the haters are wrong: The new Acura NSX is just like the original NSX

Journalists and sports car enthusiasts have bemoaned the new Acura NSX for not living up to the original car’s greatness. They say this new NSX’s engine is too small, that it’s too complicated, and that it lacks character. They are wrong of course, and we’re here to tell you why.
Android Auto

Intel hates that your car is dumber than your phone. Here’s how they’ll fix it

Motorists are often underwhelmed and/or frustrated with their car's native infotainment system, so millions of them rely on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Intel is helping Google and Volvo change that by bringing phone-like tech to the dashboard. Digital Trends predicts partnerships between automakers and tech companies will become the norm in the 2020s.
2020 bmw x3 m x4 first drive review feat

2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition first drive review

BMW is launching the first M versions of its X3 and X4. The 2020 X3 M and X4 M Competition pack a new 503-horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six and BMW’s usual array of performance tech. But is that enough to make these two SUVs worthy of BMW’s vaunted M badge?
racing tech in your current car road cars feat

The technologies your car inherited from race cars

From disc brakes to the rearview mirror, many things you might take for granted in your current car were honed on the racetrack. Formula One, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and World Rally Championship racing has contributed many important innovations. Buckle up and see how racing tech has influenced modern car design.
donald trump mexico tariffs tech lenovo gopro volkswagen startet natur  und artenschutzprojekt think blue nature in mexiko

From GoPro to Lenovo, Trump tariffs would have raised prices on tech from Mexico

While the Trump Administration's efforts to place tariffs on Chinese exports to the U.S. have obvious consequences for American businesses and consumers, Trump's Mexico tariffs might have a much more immediate and potentially economy-killing effect.
first car with touchscreen infotainment buick riviera feat

Buick launched the first in-car touchscreen when the NES was still cutting edge

While it looks like the smartphone had a formative influence on the in-car touchscreen, it's actually the other way around. Buick released the first series-produced car with a touchscreen-based infotainment system back in 1986. The feature later spread to other models but motorists found it too distracting.
2020 Jeep JT Scrambler concept

Let’s take a moment to marvel at how incredibly high-tech modern car tires are

When you think about it, an ordinary car tire is an amazing piece of work. It’s soft enough that you can leave a mark in it with your fingernail, but it lasts 20,000 to 50,000 miles on your car. In the course of an average tire’s service life, it may have to work in sub-zero temperatures or up to 180 degrees on a hot summer day.
tesla is dying and this how it will end fire at dealership in uk

Tesla is now doomed. Here’s how its EV dream will soon come crashing down

Tesla completely transformed the automotive landscape and has done more to further the electric game than anyone else. It deserves total credit for making EVs a part of the discussion when it comes to the future of the automobile. Tesla has changed the world. It’s also doomed.
adiabatic engines from the 1950s could have saved planet getty 1

1950s engine tech was as efficient as today’s. So why didn’t we use it?

Engine technology from the 1950s produced better mpg at the same time as more horsepower. Many thought it was too good to be true, but the U.S. Army tested it and proclaimed it the most efficient engine ever. So why isn’t your family hatchback using an adiabatic engine today?
clay car model being drilled into

Car designers can predict your future desires. This is how they do it

Auto designers have an impossible job. They have to interpret crazy and contradictory input from customers, predict where the market is going, and try to understand what people are going to want years before buyers know they want it. It’s a steep challenge, but that’s the game.
Lamborghini ST-X concept

Lamborghini’s ST-X will likely spawn a super-Urus with the soul of a race car

Lamborghini is taking the Urus racing in 2020. The racing version will be lighter than the production model it's based on, and we expect it will be a good deal quicker. Digital Trends also learned the ST-X will likely help Lamborghini design a possible SV version of the Urus.
six off road tech features kia telluride feat

Six advanced tech features that make off-road driving easy

SUVs and pickups carry more advanced off-road driver assistance technology than ever before. We looked at six unique tech features on current-year trucks and SUVs that make any modern AWD or 4WD vehicle a mighty off-road vehicle.
nissan roel de vries interview i2v render feat

How Nissan’s ‘invisible-to-visible’ tech could pave the way for autonomous cars

Nissan is experimenting with what it calls “invisible-to-visible” (I2V) tech. Unveiled at CES 2019 and currently undergoing testing in Japan, it’s meant to connect cars to a virtual world. It will also be vital for future self-driving cars, says Nissan’s Roel de Vries.
2020 volkswagen id3 will influence full lineup of evs id 2

Volkswagen is launching a full range of EVs, but it doesn’t want to be Tesla

Volkswagen is preparing to release the 2020 ID.3, an electric, Golf-sized model developed for Europe. It sheds insight into the brand's future EVs, including ones built and sold in the United States. Digital Trends spoke to Volkswagen board member Jurgen Stackmann and learned what it means for the future of VW.
gmc carbon fiber pickup bed 2019 sierra denali carbonpro edition feat

How GMC built a carbon-fiber truck bed that laughs at cinder blocks

From exotic Lamborghini sports car bodies to working pickup truck beds, carbon fiber construction is gaining popularity for its light weight and surprising toughness. GMC took Digital Trends behind the scenes at its Fort Wayne, Indiana factory where the new CarbonPro bed is made for the 2019 GMC Sierra pickup.
nissan gt r chief product specialist hiroshi tamura interview 2020 nismo feat

This guy designed Nissan’s beastly GT-R. Here’s what he’s doing next

Known to fans as “Godzilla,” the Nissan GT-R is one of the most formidable performance cars around. Hiroshi Tamura is in charge of keeping this monster sports car in fire-breathing shape. He spoke with Digital Trends about what the future holds for the GT-R and 370Z, two cars that embody Nissan's performance ambitions.
in moab jeep isnt just having fun off road its planning future mark allen

In Moab, Jeep isn’t just having fun off-road; it’s planning its future

Every year, Jeep travels to the Moab Easter Safari to unveil a handful of concept cars. Some are based on production models, while others are classic rigs upgraded with modern components. The company isn't only having fun on the trail; it's planning its future. Digital Trends sat down with Mark Allen to learn more.
qualcomm snapdragon 855 news

5G will make cars chattier and smarter, but there’s also a fun side to it

Qualcomm calls 5G "the invention age," and it predicts the benefits of faster download speeds and instantaneous communication will stretch far beyond smartphones. It will make cars safer, smarter, while unlocking new entertainment options currently only found in homes. Here's what a 5G-enabled car could look like.

There’s finally a way to retrofit your old car with modern crash-avoidance tech

New cars routinely come with a full suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) designed to prevent or mitigate collisions. Several companies offer products designed to retrofit ADAS to older vehicles. They’re being tested on commercial vehicles, but could soon upgrade your existing personal vehicles.
How Data is Transforming F1 Racing | Mercedes-AMG F1

From cars to computers: How data is transforming F1 racing

After a single weekend of racing, a Formula 1 pit crew typically pulls around 2TB of data from the car. Everything, from tire pressure to the temperature of the track, is recorded and analyzed in the name of boosting performance -- and not all drivers are happy about it.
mercedes me e commerce in car shopping georges massing der neue benz eqc  session intelligence the drive operating strategy s

Mercedes wants to turn your car into a comfortable shopping mall on wheels

Mercedes-Benz designed its MBUX infotainment system with e-commerce in mind. Motorists can upgrade compatible cars via an over-the-air software updating system, but the brand wants to take this technology to the next level. It will soon let its customers buy anything, from a shirt to Thai food, through its cars.
Audi Traffic Light System

Audi’s traffic light information system shows the challenges facing V2X tech

Audi’s traffic light information system is among the first commercial applications of potentially game-changing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. Based on a real-world experience of the system, which predicts when traffic lights will change, it looks like the technology is still a work in progress.
jonathan goodman polestar digital future 2 feat

Unrestrained by heritage, Polestar sets its sights on becoming a digital brand

With no heritage to worry about, Polestar is free to move full-speed ahead towards its goal of becoming a digital brand. All of the company's upcoming models will be electric, and they will inaugurate an Android-powered infotainment system. Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman explains what the brand stands for.
self-driving cars crash

Automakers are spending billions on self-driving technology people are afraid of

Automakers are spending billions of dollars on developing the technology that will power self-driving cars, but research shows consumers have no interest in giving up control. Will they ever recoup their investment? The future doesn't look bright in 2019, but the next decade will bring major perception changes.
road rave chargeway ev charging stations beacon feat

Road Rave: Taking the guesswork out of public EV charging stations

Chargeway is a startup company with a bold idea: it wants to catalog every public electric car charging station in America, and use a free app to show you only the stations that match your car. It will also help you plan a road trip, and manage your accounts with different charging station providers.
Three-Wheel EV

Can electric motors finally make three-wheeled cars great?

Every few years, someone tries to sell a three-wheeled vehicle to Americans. Historically, it hasn’t gone very well. We’ve got our suspicions about why people don’t buy trikes, and they boil down to this: To compete as a car a vehicle has to work like a car, and a trike is just not a real car.
how a ducati motorcycle goes from sketch to production design fullwide

How VR, 3D modeling, and craftsmanship help Ducati design alluring motorcycles

Passion fuels Ducati's team of designers as its members create some of the most alluring bikes on the planet. Digital Trends went behind the scenes in Ducati's design studio to learn how the company balances craftsmanship and tech to stay true to its roots, and how designers plan to future-proof their motorcycles.
Audi A8 traffic drama shot

Audi taught cars to talk to traffic lights, and they’re set to be even chattier

Audi started teaching its cars the language of traffic lights in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2016, and it has continued to expand the reach of this technology ever since. Digital Trends talked to one of the company's connectivity experts to find out how traffic light information technology works, and what's next for it.
mercedes benz designer gorden wagener interview on tech future fullwide

Mercedes-Benz predicts cars will evolve more in the next decade than ever before

Mercedes-Benz lead designer Gorden Wagener needs to push the company's design language further without diluting it. He also wants to use the growing amount of tech packed into modern-day cars to his advantage. Digital Trends sat down with Wagener to gain insight into how Mercedes-Benz design will evolve.
Locan Clampitt Mazda Hot Lap Challenge

Sim racing gets real: iRacing gamer wins test in pro race car

The Mazda Hot Lap Challenge is a partnership between iRacing and Mazda Motorsports to give the best drivers in the gaming world a shot in the real world. Anyone can play at home or at any IMSA race throughout the year. After a shootout at the Rolex 24, the winner gets a test day in a Global MX-Cup car.
5g c 2vx guide traffic save lives smart cities feat

In smart cities, 5G won’t just lessen congestion, it could save lives too

We all know 5G wireless networks are part of a smart city plan, but how will they benefit? When it comes to cars, it could help with congestion. For citizens, it could keep them safe and alive. We spoke with Qualcomm and Verizon during the 2019 CES on how they’re leading the effort.
V2X and V2I infrastructure

5G will turn your car into a talking, thinking supercomputer. And it’s coming soon

Consumers understand that 5G can enable a better driving experience by bringing up to 20 Gbps data speeds to your vehicle. What might get lost is that 5G is also going to enable smarter, more connected vehicles on the road through Cellular Vehicle-to-Anything (C-V2X) communications.
lyft and aptivs self driving car program has come a long way but not far enough aptiv ces feat

Lyft and Aptiv’s self-driving car program has come a long way (but not far enough)

Many companies talk about self-driving cars, but Lyft and Aptiv are already using a fleet of them to transport paying customers in Las Vegas. The two companies claim to have given about 30,000 rides in modified BMW 540i luxury cars over the past year, with rave reviews from passengers.