Bradley Iger

Bradley Iger

Relocating to Los Angeles after competing his undergraduate degree in Rhetorical Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Brad translated his obsession with cars and background in information technology into a unique journalistic voice in the automotive realm, lending his efforts to MTV Networks, Winding Road Magazine, Autoblog, and others. When not behind the wheel, Brad can often be found standing too close to a dimed guitar amp, out on a cycling trail, or breaking something just so he can put it back together.

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Mercedes-Benz updates the timeless G-wagen for the modern world

For decades, the G-Class has been an outlier in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, a body-on-frame brute with the soul – and driving manners – of an off-road pickup. With the all-new G550, Mercedes seeks to smooth out some of the rough edges.
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The evolved 2019 Mazda3 is practical, but can still make your heart race

The fourth-generation Mazda3 brings a new focus on ergonomics, luxury amenities, and safety to the automaker’s venerable compact. There are many updates, but are they enough to put the new Mazda among segment leaders?
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By doing everything well, Lamborghini Urus sets a high bar for performance SUVs

Twenty five years after the demise of the V12-powered LM002, Lamborghini rejoins the sport-utility segment with the Urus, a veritable tour de force of technology, luxury, and speed.
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Inside Maserati's Levante SUV beats the heart of a Ferrari

Maserati’s luxury SUV gets a shot in the arm by way of Ferrari-derived V8 power, but is it enough to go toe-to-toe with the established players in the high performance sport-utility segment? Let’s find out.

E-tron GT concept is the latest volley in Audi’s electrified offensive

Concepts have traditionally been an exercise in “what if,” serving as a means of stoking the public’s imagination. But with the e-tron GT concept, Audi assures us that “this will be.” We'll see a production model in showrooms by…
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Abarth-tuned Fiat still impresses, but key rivals make a compelling argument

The marriage of Japanese engineering to Italian heart and soul reminds us that horsepower isn't the final word in performance. While the lightweight roadster impresses on the the road course, a lack of meaningful updates threatens to…