F1 driver Sebastian Vettel on the Ferrari FXX K: ‘Mamma mia! It goes like a rocket!’

Sebastian Vettel has a pretty sweet gig.

The German Formula One driver, who currently competes for Scuderia Ferrari, works on the absolute forefront of today’s automotive engineering potential. On a day-to-day basis, Vettel straps himself into the best of what our planet has to offer, driving some of the fastest vehicles ever in conditions that would make most adults weep like children.

Case in point: the Ferrari FXX K.

The track-only, 1,036-horsepower hypercar is the most extreme iterant of LaFerrari, which isn’t exactly a Fiat Panda to begin with.

Vettel recently explored the limits of the ultra-rare Ferrari at the brand’s Fiorano test track in Maranello, Italy, and the automaker has released a video of the high-powered test drive.

Despite Vettel’s racing experience, he is clearly dazzled by the FXX K’s abilities.

“Mamma mia!” he exclaims as he unleashes all 1,036 horses. “It goes like a rocket!”

Though the video is heavily edited, you get a good taste of the Ferrari’s commanding engine note as well as its superb handling. The car looks stupid fast and flat through the corners, which should come as no surprise given Vettel’s superb skills and the FXX K’s impressive specs.

The car is actually 198-pounds lighter than LaFerrari, with body modifications that increase downforce by up to 50 percent. The tires, manufacturer by Pirelli, are extremely sophisticated with embedded sensors that measure temperature and pressure as well as longitudinal, lateral, and radial acceleration. The Italian hypercar is also fitted with a multitude of F1-style electronic aids, such as a programmable electronic differential and ‘F1 Trac’ traction control.

Want more proof of the FXX K’s capabilities? Just watch Vettel’s face as he drives it. Not bad for a day at the office.