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GM uses OnStar 4G LTE – not a crystal ball – to predict breakdowns before they happen

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If you’ve been as unlucky as I have over my many years of car ownership, you’ve been left stranded by a dead battery, faulty starter motor, or lame fuel pump … or some horrible combination of all three.

Now, though, those days are over – at least for 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado, and Silverado HD owners. That’s because General Motors is now using its onboard OnStar 4G LTE connections on those aforementioned models to predict vehicle component failure before they happen, saving drivers from the stress of a breakdown and a tow to the dealer.

How does it work? Good question, Stuart. Here’s how GM describes the system: “Data is sent to OnStar’s secure servers and proprietary algorithms are applied to assess whether certain conditions could impact vehicle performance. When indicated, notifications are sent to the customer via email, text message, in-vehicle alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.”

Essentially, this means GM has figured out what symptoms various components demonstrate before they fail and has its servers watching out for them. When they’re detected, you’re notified before the battery, starter, or fuel pump kick the bucket.

Though the system will only work on those three components and on those specific vehicles at first, GM will be rolling the prognostic capabilities into its full 2016 line throughout the year.

Now if only the system could also predict the outcomes of NFL games and the vehicles might pay for themselves — I mean, gambling is wrong … yeah, that’s the ticket.

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GM’s OnStar profits could drive development of high-tech features

If there‘s one thing that will lead a company to invest more in telematics, it’s turning a profit from the technology and an eagerness to, of course, make more money.

That being the case, you can just about expect a lot more high-tech car features to roll out of General Motors over the next few years.

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You knew it was coming: GM considers allowing ads on 4G-capable in-car systems

We had to figure it was only matter of time that a carmaker would consider the revenue potential of in-car entertainment systems.
General Motors looks like it might be one of the first to try and cash in on the idea.
GM CEO Dan Akerson said the partnership with AT&T to add 4G connectivity by 2015 for streaming videos to back -seat passengers could include a couple of revenue generating opportunities, reports Left Lane  News.    
The automotive industry site reports that Akerson said GM will collect a $20 fee from AT& T for every connected vehicle it sells and the carmaker will also split the revenue generated from shared services.
The ability to stream 4G technology into a car, which will allow for faster data mobile speeds for many in-vehicle features, presents a number of new business opportunities, said the CEO.
“With a 4G pipe into a car, you can change the business model almost entirely,” explained Akerson, reports Left Lane.  “You may be able to have a real revenue generating opportunity into the car with – when you come up for example, what happens when the logo shows on your screen and its brought to you by Allstate?”
While GM doesn’t appear to have any specific plans tied to advertising on their in-car entertainment components just yet, Akerson’s comments suggest that the idea might already in development.
Then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how ads for everything from insurance to soft drinks now permeate just about every digital device we own in some form or fashion.
However, the idea of a Pepsi ad popping up in the back-seat of your Buick Enclave does present an interesting dynamic for drivers and passengers alike who often feel that they are already bombarded with too much advertising.
What do you think – should carmakers like GM allow companies to stream ads into vehicles?      
Photo Credit: Left Lane News 

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GM announces onboard AT&T 4G LTE in select 2015 models

General Motors has been making big pushes to modernize its vehicles with impressive levels of technology – most of which are oriented toward infotainment. The $15,000 Chevrolet Spark with MyLink is an excellent example. Traditionally having been behind the times, GM’s new-found tech savvy attitude is still a bit hard to swallow but we like the move it’s making toward vehicle connectiv.
GM and AT&T announced this morning that the two companies are combining forces for 2014 to provide “most 2015 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models available in 2014 in the United States” with 4G LTE embedded mobile broadband, according to a GM press release.
General Motors will join the likes of Audi and Kia in offering onboard Wi-Fi.
Delightfully, the GM set up will not require users to own a smartphone in order to make use of the hotspot feature. This comes in stark contrast to the MyLink system in the Spark, which does require a smartphone app to run navigation and other features.
We’re glad to see high-speed Internet make its way GM cars. This integral next step in connectivity opens up the door for a lot of formerly unattainable new technologies, including advanced owner-to-car communication. We can only assume that GM's connectivity strategy will open the door for many new cloud-based apps.
 The Audi system, like that found in the 2013 Allroad, allows for connection of up to eight devices. GM has not identified how many paired devices its AT&T-powered system will allow for.
We reached out to a GM representative to find out if this new feature would be standard or if it would be an optional upgrade, however, we have have yet to receive any confirmation one way or the other.We presume that it will be an optional extra and will also require a monthly AT&T contract. Most likely, however, GM will cover that monthly bill for at least the first few years.
GM says it is currently working with other mobile companies to provide similar services in other markets. If you’re not an AT&T fan in the US - and you still want a GM - it looks like you’re stuck for now.

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