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Digital Trends Live: Spotify launches stations in U.S., Amazon’s train kiosks

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler is joined by Dan Gaul, co-founder and chief technology officer of Digital Trends, to discuss the trending tech news of the day, including Spotify’s plans to launch its Stations app in the U.S., Amazon’s new kiosks in U.K. train stations, IKEA’s custom gaming-accessibility products, balloon satellites, Xbox body wash, and more.

Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, chief executive officer of LanzaTech, joins us to describe a revolutionary way to deal with carbon emissions: Recycle them. She explains how her company takes carbon emissions from industrial facilities and turns them into usable, ethanol-based products.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and Digital Trends is here for you with our Father’s Day Gift Guide. DT Video Content Producer Jake Rossman joins Nibler to review a bevvy of great Father’s Day gifts, from thermostats to coffee pots to headphones.

Later, we are joined by Shawn Huff, co-founder and CEO of GrowlerWerks, who talks about how to put your home coffee on nitro with its Nitro Cold Brew uKeg.

Finally, we welcome Daniel Herdean, CEO and co-founder of Cognetik, an analytics and data science company that helps clients make sense out of their data so they can drive a better customer experience.

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