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Digital Trends Live: Decentralizing social media, Pirate Bay streams, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle discuss the biggest-trending topics in tech, including Facebook denying backdoor access, Jack Dorsey’s push for decentralized social media, Pirate Bay’s decision to allow streaming, cow manure energy, a junk-collecting space robot, and more.

Nicki Palmer

We also have more from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, where Nibler speaks with Nicki Palmer, chief product development officer at Verizon, about how the company’s partnership with Amazon Web Services will allow developers to fully unleash the potential of 5G.

Michael Markesbery

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Michael Markesbery, chief executive officer of OROS, then talks about the company’s partnership with NASA to create state-of-the-art outerwear free of animal byproducts.

Next, it’s time to unbox the HP Elite Dragonfly, a 2-in-one laptop designed for the mobile workforce that comes with a 1,000-nit display.

Zack Abbott

The holiday party season is upon us, which means holiday parties and, sometimes, hangovers. We welcome Zack Abbott, co-founder and CEO of ZBiotics, to talk about the first genetically engineered probiotic that could help prevent hangovers.

Colin Koopman

Finall, we speak with Colin Koopman, associate professor of philosophy and director of new media and culture at the University of Oregon, about the history of your online data, who owns that data, and why that matters.

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