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Don’t miss this 50-inch Fire TV Prime Day deal — just $260 today

Today's Best 50-inch Fire TV Prime Day Deal

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K HDR TV with streaming apps on the screen.

One of the biggest parts of Prime Day deals is all of Amazon’s own products that get significant discounts. Some of the best deals are on Fire TVs, and that’s where this 50-inch Fire TV Prime Day deal comes in, getting you a swanky and powerful new TV for only $260, which is off its regular $470 price. It’s a substantial 45% discount and well worth picking up if you want a Fire TV on a budget. Also, keep in mind that this 4-Series comes in a 45-inch and 55-inch variety if you want slightly different sizes.

Why you should buy the 50-inch Amazon Fire TV (4-Series)

Right off the bat, we should let you know that the 4-Series supports a 4K-resolution content, similar to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which you could probably tell from the implied name of the TV. At 50 inches, the resolution provides a lot of crip and clear images; even better, it supports HDR in the form of HDR 10 and HLG. The latter is the HDR that most broadcasters use, so if you like watching broadcast TV or sports, then you’re definitely in luck, and if not, well, you have the HDR 10 that most other forms of media use. Besides that, it has direct LED backlighting, which means there are LEDs throughout the back of the screen, providing much more uniform backlighting and the ability to be much brighter than edge-lit backlighting. All that alone makes it a great 50-inch Fire TV Prime Day deal to pick up.

Of course, one of the big positives of Fire TVs is that they’re built on the Fire TV platform and are integrated into the Amazon ecosystem, although it doesn’t have as many features as the Fire TV Omni. Besides just giving you access to Amazon Prime Video, assuming you have a subscription, you also get the whole range of streaming apps from Disney+ to Paramount+, so you have all the content you’d want at your fingertips. The remote has a microphone for you to use Alexa with, and since Fire TV can act like a smart home hub, you can control most of your smart home devices that are compatible with Alexa directly from the remote. You can also use the Fire TV app, and for those on iOS, you can use AirPlay on a compatible iPhone or iPad, which is pretty cool.

Speaking of ecosystems, if you’re in the Amazon one, you have an added option of wirelessly pairing your Echo speakers to your TV using Alexa Home Theater and even use the setup as a whole-house audio system, which includes everything from Spotify to Audible. On the other hand, if you already have an audio system to work with, you’ll be happy to know that the 4-Series has an HDMI 2.1 eARC port, so you have one less cable to worry about. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to support Wi-Fi 6, but it does have an Ethernet port, so even if you feel like you’re getting spotty Wi-Fi due to interference or lack of bandwidth, you can always plug it in.

Overall, the 4-Series is a great 50-inch Fire TV Prime Day deal if you want a 50-inch TV with 4K and HDR at a budget price. That being said, if you already have a nice TV and don’t necessarily need a big upgrade, you can always grab the previously mentioned Fire TV stick on one of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Prime Day deals, and if you’re not sure what version of the Fire TV to go for, check out this Fire TV Stick vs. Fire TV Stick 4K Max vs. Fire TV Cube breakdown for a bit more info.

If this TV doesn’t tickle your fancy, though, Amazon has a lot of other Prime Day TV deals for you to look at, while we also suggest checking out the Best Buy Prime Day deals for some good TV deals as well.

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