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Apple Deals: Big discounts on Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad

Being an Apple loyalist can be very expensive. Not only does the tech titan’s latest hardware cost a premium, but Apple’s accessories can cause sticker shock as well. While there may be more budget-friendly alternatives from third parties for mice and keyboards, they usually aren’t as compatible. Luckily, we’ve located some amazing deals on Apple Mac and Macbook peripherals so you won’t have to pay the full price.

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 — $74, was $79

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is an awesome accessory for any Mac or MacBook. This mouse has a continuous bottom shell and an optimized foot design to reduce resistance when moving across the desk, which results in easier tracking. It also boasts a Multi-Touch feature which lets users perform different tasks through simple gestures, including swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents.

Right out of the box, the Magic Mouse 2 is ready to go and automatically pairs with your Mac. The mouse also has a built-in battery, which eliminates the need for you to keep replacing the battery when it runs out. Simply plug it in using the included Lightning cable when it’s time to recharge.

Don’t miss the chance to score the Apple Magic Mouse 2 at a discount. The silver variant is currently on sale for $74, while the space gray is up for grabs for $89. Order now while stock is aviailable.

Apple Magic Mouse 2, Silver — $74

Apple Magic Mouse 2, Space Gray — $89

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 — $119, was $129

One of the major improvements of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 over the original version is its ability to be recharged. Unlike its predecessor, you just need a Lightning cable to juice it up. You’ll be able to see current battery levels in the Bluetooth menu of your Mac as well as customize how the trackpad behaves.

With four sensors underneath the trackpad, you can click anywhere and detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply. This brings in enhanced functionality to your fingertips, enabling deeper connection and control to your content. The Magic Trackpad 2 also flaunts an edge-to-edge glass surface area that’s almost 30% larger than the previous model. Combined with a lower profile, it makes swiping and scrolling through your favorite content much more comfortable and productive.

This trackpad pairs automatically with Mac desktops so you can get started right away. It’s estimated to last for a little over a month on a single charge. Both the silver and dark space variants of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 are discounted on Amazon, but the best price is for the silver model which is on sale for $119.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Silver — $119

Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Space Gray — $139

Apple Magic Keyboard — $89, was $99

This keyboard has everything Apple fans could want from a minimal Bluetooth keyboard design. Unlike the older Magic Keyboards with a rolled base that propped the keyboard’s backside up to make room for AA batteries, this latest model is flatter since it uses a rechargeable battery. The Bluetooth battery is claimed to last for a month, so you can carry this keyboard around with you and not worry about its longevity.

The keys have also been upgraded and now have slightly more weight when typing. A stable scissor mechanism beneath each key ensures increased stability, while optimized key travel and a low profile make typing more comfortable and more accurate. All these features are welcome improvements that translate to a significantly better typing experience.

The Apple Magic Keyboard works well with both MacOS and iOS products. For Apple fans, there’s no better keyboard to buy. Order this wireless keyboard now on Amazon at a discounted price of $89.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad — $119, was $129

If you want the convenience of a numeric keypad for computing things or performing mathematical functions, we suggest you stick to this Magic Keyboard variant. Similar to the smaller Magic Keyboard, this model delivers a comfortable and precise typing, and it’s all thanks to the scissor mechanism under each key, optimized key travel, and lower profile.

Its numeric keypad features an extended layout consisting of document navigation controls for easier scrolling as well as full-size arrow keys for gaming. It also offers maximum convenience for spreadsheets and finance-related applications. The keyboard is rechargeable, completely eliminating the hassle that comes with swapping out batteries from time to time.

The Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad comes in two colors, with the lowest sale price coming in at $119 for the silver variant. Order yours today on Amazon and score $10 in savings.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Silver — $119

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Space Gray — $139

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