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Best HP Envy deals for January 2023

The HP Envy brand consists of everything you need for your home or office, including desktop computers, laptops, and printers. If you purchase an HP Envy product, you’re sure that you’re getting great features and solid performance at great prices — trademarks of HP that have allowed the company to stay in the business for this long. There’s an HP Envy device for you no matter your budget, and to help you find what you need, we’ve rounded up some of the best HP Envy deals that are available right now.

Today’s best HP Envy deals

  • HP Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer — $215, was $265
  • HP Envy Desktop PC — $850, was $1,300
  • HP Envy Laptop — $1,000, was $1,300
  • HP Envy All-in-One PC — $1,580, was $2,000

HP Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer — $215, was $265

The HP Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Print, scan, and copy
  • Easy to set up
  • Print from mobile devices through HP Smart app
  • Two-year HP Instant Ink subscription

The HP Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer is the perfect addition to your home or office, as it can print, scan, and copy all kinds of documents and photos. It’s very easy to set up, which is one of the characteristics of the best printers, and once it’s up and running, its self-healing Wi-Fi feature will automatically detect and resolve any connectivity issues to minimize interruptions to its printing jobs. You can connect the printer to your PC using a USB cable, but you can also print from your mobile devices through the HP Smart app. For extreme convenience, every purchase of the HP Envy 6075 All-in-One Printer comes with a two-year subscription to the HP Instant Ink program, through which you’ll receive replacement ink cartridges right before those in the printer go empty. This is possible through its smart cartridges, which can signal HP to send you new ones once they’re running low.

HP Envy Desktop PC — $850, was $1,300

HP Envy desktop sitting on a desk.

Why Buy:

  • Powered by 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor
  • Mid-range gaming
  • Easy upgrade of components
  • Abundance of ports

For a reliable desktop computer that will boost your productivity, you can’t go wrong with the HP Envy Desktop PC. It’s powered by the 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, and 8GB of RAM, which are more than enough to handle your daily workload, while also enabling some mid-range gaming as a recreational activity whenever you’re taking a break. One of the advantages of buying a desktop computer is the option to eventually upgrade its components, and for the HP Envy Desktop PC, you won’t need tools for that. There’s also plenty of ports, so you will be able to connect all your accessories to the desktop computer, as well as a 256GB SSD that should provide enough space for all your apps and documents.

HP Envy Laptop — $1,000, was $1,300

A woman video chats with her friends on an HP Envy laptop.

Why Buy:

  • Large 17.3-inch touchscreen
  • Powered by 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB of RAM enables smooth multitasking
  • Ample storage space with 512GB SSD

The HP Envy Laptop is a powerhouse of a machine that you can take anywhere. You’ll enjoy working on its large 17.3-inch touchscreen with Full HD resolution, which makes it the ideal display for all kinds of projects and for joining online meetings, or for watching streaming content when you’re not busy. The laptop packs the 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, plus 16GB of RAM that’s recommended by our laptop buying guide, for smooth multitasking between apps. The HP Envy Laptop also comes with Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 512GB SSD, and with its 5MP camera with AI Noise Reduction and Auto Frame, you’ll experience clear video chats.

HP Envy All-in-One PC — $1,580, was $2,000

The HP Envy All-in-One PC with a 34-inch screen.

Why Buy:

  • Eliminates cables
  • Massive 34-inch screen
  • Smooth performance with 16GB of RAM
  • Wireless charging built into base

One of the major benefits of the HP Envy All-in-One PC is the elimination of all the cables that are usually associated with desktop computers. However, even with all of the CPU components placed behind the 34-inch screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio, it maintains a slim and stylish look that will elevate the aesthetic of any home office or workspace. Inside the HP Envy All-in-One PC are the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and 16GB of RAM, for performance that will be able to keep up with your daily workload. The computer also comes with a detachable magnetic camera, Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 512GB SSD, and wireless charging built into its base to further remove the need for cables. It also features a tool-less design that will let you easily make upgrades to its components.

HP Envy deals FAQ

When are the best HP Envy deals?

The best time of the middle of the year to get yourself a great HP Envy deal will always be Prime Day, which offers up the best electronics deal of the summer. Prime Day is a celebration of Amazon’s birthday and (barring schedule disruptions like we saw in 2020 and 2021) typically happens in July. You should also keep an eye out on other retailers, not just Amazon, because they often try and get out great deals to capitalize on the buying fervor that comes with Prime Day.

Besides Prime Day, another good time for electronics is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That being said, these two sales days are often overstock sales, so you don’t always see a huge variety of products on the digital shelves. Still, you’ll likely find some HP Envy deals, although it’s likely to be a gamble. There’s also your other holiday shopping to consider, which could further cramp your budget.

That’s why we generally suggest you buy now if you can’t wait. Not only do we not know what deals are coming up in the future but it’s also possible they are worse than the deals now. Plus, you’ll be missing out on several weeks, if not months, of having your new device, so if you find a deal that you like and can afford, it’s worth grabbing it from now rather than waiting.

How much should you spend on an HP Envy laptop?

HP Envy laptops tend to be relatively cheap, so spending more than $1,500 is likely too much, especially since these laptops are targeted toward more budget-friendly consumers. That being said, the HP Envy form factor is pretty great, and there’s no reason you can’t customize and upgrade your base model to something snazzy if you need it, especially if you want to include a good CPU or a lot of RAM.

Ultimately, how much you want to spend will rely heavily on your usage, although if you’re looking for something like a gaming laptop, it’s better to go for laptops made like that, such those in our list of the best gaming laptop deals; they tend to be better priced and have gaming-specific features you won’t find on non-gaming laptops.

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