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Choosing one of these smart TVs under $300 will make you look like a genius

There’s no doubt that televisions are generally pretty expensive items, but if you’re in the market for a new smart TV and it’s been awhile since you last bought a new set, you might be surprised at how affordable they’ve become. Thanks to technologies like Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in “smart” interfaces, and LED displays becoming increasingly common (and thus much cheaper) in the past few years, buying a good cheap smart TV is easier than ever.

To help you out, we’ve sniffed out a half dozen of the best models on sale right now with prices starting at just $130, so you can score the right cheap smart TV for you. Even better: We’ve thrown in a couple UHD TVs for the 4K crowd, and even these still ring in at less than 300 bucks. Read on to see our picks:

TCL 40S325 1080p Roku smart TV — $200

best cheap smart TV deals
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Our first cheap smart TV pick is the latest iteration of TCL’s excellent Roku televisions – if you’ve used a Roku and like the interface (or you’re just looking for one of the best streaming solutions out there), this one is for you. The TCL 40S325 boasts a 40-inch LED display with 1080p resolution, letting you enjoy all of your favorite content in Full HD.

Built-in Roku smart functionality means you don’t need an external streaming box or stick, as this TV simply connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and puts more than half a million movies and shows right at your fingertips. This 40-inch cheap smart TV rings in at just $200 ($20 off) from Amazon, and the larger 49-Inch model is also on sale for $280 ($130 off).

TCL 40S325 1080p Roku smart TV

TCL 43S425 43-inch 4K Roku smart TV — $260

best cheap smart TV deals
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If the idea of a Roku TV whets your appetite but you want to make the jump from Full HD to Ultra HD, then the TCL 43S425 is a nice upgrade pick over the 40S325. The 2018 model boasts crisp 4K resolution (with four times as many pixels as a 1080p panel) as well as visually stunning high dynamic range, plus all of the same great built-in streaming capabilities as the other TVs in the TCL Roku lineup.

At just $260 ($70 off) from Amazon, the TCL 43S524 isn’t just one of the best cheap smart TVs – it’s also one of the best 4K TV deals available right now.

TCL 43S425 43-inch 4K Roku smart TV

Samsung UN32M4500A 32-inch 720p smart TV — $207

best cheap smart TV deals
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For something a little bit smaller – maybe a television for a bedroom or smaller apartment – check out this 32-inch smart TV from Samsung. Its Wi-Fi connectivity makes it simple to wirelessly stream all your favorite content right from the easy-to-use Samsung Smart Hub. Samsung’s Ultra Clean View also provides a vibrant picture without washed-out colors, while Micro Dimming Pro technology divides the display into different small zones to enhance contrast so light colors are bright and dark shades look dark (not faded or gray).

The Samsung 32-inch HD TV rings in at $207 ($23 off) from Amazon. It’s not the best cheap smart TV deal on our roundup, but it’s a solid option if you’re looking for a smaller television and aren’t fussy about having the latest bleeding-edge tech.

Samsung UN32M4500A 32-inch 720p smart TV

LG 32LK610BPUA 32-inch 720p smart TV — $170

best cheap smart TV deals
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another cheap smart TV that’s a slightly less expensive alternative to the Samsung (although maybe not as sleek-looking) is this 720p television from LG. The LG HD smart TV has Wi-Fi connectivity for hooking up to your home network and streaming via LG’s WebOS interface, but what’s also notable about this television is that it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa.

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker (or a different Alexa-enabled smart hub), then this cheap smart TV is a solid choice if you’re looking for one that you can integrate right into your wider smart home setup for easy voice control. A $10 discount knocks the LG 32-inch smart TV down to $170 from Amazon.

LG 32LK610BPUA 32-inch 720p smart TV

Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-inch 720p Fire smart TV — $130

best cheap smart TV deals
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Another great Alexa-enabled smart television is the new Toshiba Fire TV lineup. Along with Alexa voice control (accessed via the included Voice Remote), this budget-minded 720p smart television has Amazon Fire TV built right in, giving you access to tens of thousands of premium channels and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime, among others.

At $130 from Amazon after a $50 savings, the Toshiba 32-inch HD Fire television might just be the best cheap smart TV deal on our roundup (it’s certainly the most affordable). You can also get it in larger sizes and in 4K resolution, with the 43-inch UHD model on sale right now for $250 ($80 off) – still well under our $300 threshold and another one of the best 4K TV deals out there.

Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-inch 720p Fire smart TV

Vizio D32FF1 32-inch 1080p smart TV — $200

best cheap smart TV deals
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Buyers looking for another cheap smart TV that hits the sweet spot between features and price will find that the 32-inch Vizio D32FF1 fits the bill. This 32-inch television features a 1080p Full HD LED display, and you have full control over the Vizio SmartCast streaming interface with either the included remote or from your mobile devices via the companion SmartCast app.

The Vizio smart TV also has Google Chromecast functionality, letting you use your television with the Google Cast app if you prefer that over SmartCast. It’s compatible with Google Assistant when synced with a Google Home smart speaker, as well. This cheap smart TV is available from Best Buy for just $200.

Looking for more great stuff? Find 4K TV deals and much more on our curated deals page.

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