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This Dyson multi-floor vacuum cleaner gets a huge $200 discount at Amazon

When you hear the brand Dyson, the first thing that will probably come out of your mind are vacuums with smart engineering, strong suction power, and high prices. If you are planning to get one but are hindered by its steep price, now is the time to move as Amazon is offering a 40% discount on the Dyson Big Ball multi-floor canister vacuum. From its original price of $500, you can order today for only $300 and save $200. We also have other affordable vacuums under $100 so you might want to check out those, too.

The Dyson engineers created this amazing vacuum that can pull itself up whenever it leans or accidentally toppled. They designed it with a spherical figure and placed its heaviest parts on the bottom. Since the ball has a low center of gravity, the weight automatically pulls it upright. Now you can drag a canister vacuum throughout the house and not get frustrated when it falls over.

This multi-floor canister vacuum is intended to deep clean all types of floors. It has a powerful suction that easily pulls up debris from different surfaces. It also includes a turbine brush bar that has anti-static carbon fiber filaments for picking up fine dust from hard floors and stiff nylon brushes for extracting ground-in dirt from carpets.

Inside this big ball is a powerful air cyclone that moves at more than 100 mph. Nineteen compact cyclones are arranged in two tiers to generate strong forces to pull out microscopic dust and allergens from the airflow through its HEPA filter. It then expels cleaner air back into your home.

This vacuum is not cordless, though, so consider that before ordering. That is normal, however, as this cleaner needs a direct power connection to produce a stronger suction power. The cord length measures 21 feet with a maximum reach of 35 feet, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled in furniture.

It also features a large bin, so you can clean for longer without the need of emptying it. And when the bin gets full, a hygienic ejector mechanism drives out dust and dirt, so you don’t have to stick your hands in to remove trapped debris. It has a washable lifetime filter, so this dirt capture and ejection design will help you get rid of buying replacement bags and filters.

Take advantage of this awesome $200 discount from Amazon and bring home the Dyson Big Ball multi-floor canister vacuum for only $300 instead of $500. Order now while stocks last.

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