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Time is running out to save hundreds on this Razer gaming laptop

Razer Blade 15 Advanced
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Amazon Prime Day is offering some serious discounts on gaming tech, but as we browse the Prime Day Deals, it’s hard to find anything better, even among Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals, than the discount being offered on the Razer Blade 15. Right now, you can get $520 off one of the very best gaming laptops out there. It’s on sale for $2,080, down from its regular price of $2,600. That’s 20% off! But with less than 15 hours to go until Prime Day draws to a close, time is running out.

Here’s what we love about this powerful, versatile gaming laptop: It doesn’t just have the speed and functionality of many gaming desktops — it also works beautifully as an everyday computer, rivaling some of the best PCs and Macbooks out there. This is for every gamer — from the more advanced to those just dipping their toes — who are also in need of computing help in other areas, like their home office, entertainment, or just everyday tasks. This isn’t to say this isn’t a great investment if you just want to game; it absolutely is.

First off, it’s incredibly speedy and full of power. The Razer Blade 15 relies on the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i7 6-Core processor (with 16GB of dual-channel RAM), and has fast storage options. It’s also got NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics to handle the newest games. And the 15.6-inch display is amazingly colorful, with an ultrathin bezel. Want to play better, harder, and faster with the latest games? It has refresh rates of up to 300Hz and up to 3ms response.

Making you competitive is this laptop’s mission. It has an unrivaled keyboard and touchpad (which are as important for everyday use as evading your enemies in Assassin’s Creed). The touchpad is huge, almost as big as the one on the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The tracking is exact and hiccup-free. Add to this amazing connectivity, including multiple USB 3.1 ports, three external displays options via Thunderbolt 3, MiniDisplayPort, HDMI, and Gigabit Ethernet.

And this laptop looks fantastic, too. With a matte black exterior, hard-edged corners, and the flashy green Razer logo, it looks like it’s about to go on a mission. The Razer Blade is one of the most compact, sleekest gaming laptops out there, coming in at 07. inches thick and 4.5 pounds, with a body crafted from a single block of aluminum.

We’re seeing some amazing Gaming Deals today, including some other excellent Prime Day Gaming Laptop Deals. But the power, versatility, and stylishness of the Razer Blade 15 is pretty hard to beat. Right now, you can get it for $2,080 — that’s $520 off its regular price of $2,600. This is a gamer’s dream. Better act quick, though; just like in a video game, victory favors the swiftest.

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