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Breathe deeply again with Amazon’s 27% price cut on a Frigidaire dehumidifier

High humidity levels in a confined space not only proves to be uncomfortable but also provides the nesting environment for mold, mildew, and dust mites. Believing in the notion that prevention is better than a cure, it’s best to avoid respiratory health issues by getting yourself with a dehumidifier. Breathe deeply with Amazon’s 27% price cut on the Frigidaire dehumidifier (<span id="productTitle" class="a-size-large">FAD704DWD)</span> that makes it available for $80 less than its usual $300 price tag. 

In search of a capable dehumidifier, it’s worth being aware of two important specifications. The pint measurement allows you to gauge its efficiency by how much moisture it can remove on average, while cubic feet would refer to the amount of space it’s ideal for. Frigidaire’s FAD704DWD is well-equipped to improve air quality in rooms up to 1,400 square feet with an Energy Star certification of 70 pints per day. Moreover, its antibacterial mesh filter reduces bacteria, odors, and other airborne particles so you can inhale and exhale without a hint of difficulty. 

The Frigidaire FAD704DWD is lauded for its quiet operation, ease of use, and its fast response against humidity. The dehumidifier has a maximum noise level of 53.3 decibels on either of the two fan speeds and automatically shuts off when the 16.3-pint tank is almost full. You will also be alerted before this happens but should you wish for continuous operation, you’ll just need to position it near a suitable drain. Don’t worry about having to pay more in your electric bills, as it actually helps lower the costby serving as a complement to your existing air conditioner.

Keep tabs on the humidity percentage effortlessly through the electronic controls located at the top of the dehumidifier. Frigidaire’s FAD704DWD is attached to a 6-foot, three-prong power cord to save you the hassle of securing an extension cord. Its portability can be credited to its SpaceWise design that includes top and side handles, along with the integrated caster wheels to facilitate ease of movement from one room to the next. You’ll also appreciate that most of the actions you’ll need to perform are accessible through the front like the control panel and removable water tank. 

The Frigidaire dehumidifier (<span id="productTitle" class="a-size-large">FAD704DWD) makes for painless maintenance</span>. Filters slide out from the bottom to avoid messes and can be washed under running water. Get it while it’s on sale for just $220 on Amazon and definitely before your allergies are triggered. 

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