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Amazon drops $40 off the exquisite Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Bluetooth speaker

If you want exceptional sound wrapped in an uber-luxurious package, Harman Kardon is the brand worth considering. The company is best known for its minimalist and quirky-looking audio products. The fifth iteration of the exquisite Onyx Studio Bluetooth speaker line embodies these ideals, boasting premium looks combined with divine acoustics. It’s not perfect though, as it has a few shortcomings: It’s neither waterproof nor shockproof, and its portability is slightly questionable. Right now, you can get a renewed unit of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Bluetooth speaker for a cool $40 off on Amazon. Take home this high-end speaker for just $135 instead of its normal retail price of $175.

The Onyx Studio 5 sports the same understated round shape as the rest of the Onyx Studio line. A stout, all-black dish, the speaker boasts a solid frame and a premium feel thanks to the smooth, rubberized material that runs along the bulk of its exterior. The front of this speaker is encased in a mesh-like grille, with the Harman Kardon logo sitting proudly in the center. As we’ve already mentioned, the Onyx Studio 5 lacks an IPX rating, so it’s not water-resistant. It’s better left indoors but if you’re going to take it out of the house, make sure it sits on a dry surface. And it’s not an item that you should expect will always survive being dropped.

The control buttons are found up top, including the power and volume buttons, the Bluetooth pairing button, and the play/pause/skip button. Unlike its predecessor, the Onyx Studio 4, this one lacks a built-in mic, which means you cannot use it as a speakerphone nor use Google Assistant and Siri. Underneath the buttons, there’s an LED Bluetooth/battery status indicator. This speaker is outfitted with a carrying handle on top, which helps in lugging it around, although it is still rather large with dimensions of 11.2 x 11.5 x 5 inches, and it’s unquestionably heavy at 6 pounds. At least the undetachable legs have been removed, which slightly improves portability.

Its Bluetooth connection is flawless. The Onyx Studio 5 has a connection range of up to 30 meters without obstacles. The pairing process is also quite simple. What’s more, it supports a multi-host feature which means you can pair it with another Onyx Studio 5 for a louder sound. Unfortunately, it is not downward compatible with the previous Onyx Studio models.

Now let’s talk about how it sounds. This speaker houses two very large drivers (one woofer and one tweeter), which power basses that are punchy and rich, but that don’t overpower the mid and high tones. Music sounds lush, crystal clear, and vibrant. It is capable of delivering a full-bodied and well-balanced sound thanks to its large cavity. Battery life is also quite impressive, capable of lasting up to eight hours on a single charge.

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Bluetooth speaker is beautifully crafted and boasts fantastic sound quality. Get it on Amazon today for just $135.

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