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This 75-inch QLED TV just dropped below $1,000 for Prime Day

2021 Hisense U7G 4K TV.

Looking to size up to a big-screen TV (and one with a QLED panel, to boot)? Now’s the time, because the summer Prime Day deals have landed, and Walmart has a killer 75-inch TV Prime Day deal on offer right now. The 75-inch Hisense U7G QLED 4K TV is on sale today for $928, giving you a $370 discount on its normal price of $1,298 and making this one of the best Prime Day TV deals we’ve seen so far. If your home theater could use an upgrade, then read on to see why the Hisense 75-inch TV Prime Day deal is worth your money.

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Why you should buy the 75-inch Hisense U7G QLED 4K TV

Retailers other than Amazon are joining the Prime Day action, and Walmart Prime Day deals are some of the best ones to check out if you’re specifically in the market for a new television. This Hisense 75-inch TV Prime Day deal is a particularly juicy one for anybody who wants to add a big-screen QLED 4K smart television to their home. Its 75-inch panel is an ideal size for bigger interior spaces such as large living rooms, basements, and other common areas where even a 65-inch TV might not be big enough for that cinematic home theater experience you want.

This 75-inch TV Prime Day deal gets you a quantum-dot panel as well, which is a step up over the standard LED screens typically found on televisions. A QLED TV features an additional layer of light-catching crystals that amplify the brightness of the display and accuracy of the colors, offering a more vibrant picture that’s better for daytime viewing. QLED TVs aren’t nearly as expensive as they were a few years ago, too, so you don’t need to pay as large of a premium to enjoy this technology nowadays.

In our Hisense U7G 4K HDR TV review, we thoroughly appreciated this television’s brightness, contrast, and ease of use. We also noted that its built-in Game Mode Pro and 120Hz native fresh rate worked very well to optimize the picture quality for playing video games, and stated that the Hisense U7G 4K QLED TV is a fantastic overall value — even more so now thanks to this 75-inch TV Prime Day deal that lets you score the big-screen model for even less. Built-in Google Assistant and the included voice remote are some nice touches that the smart home crowd will be happy to see at this price point, as well.

The Hisense U7G QLED television is one of the best TVs of 2022, and this markdown makes it one of our favorite bargains to pop up during the Prime Day sales so far. We don’t expect it to last long, though, so don’t wait to hit that “Buy Now” button if this 75-inch TV Prime Day deal looks like a good fit for your home theater.

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