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Home Depot Labor Day Sale 2020: The 5 best deals

The flow of Labor Day sales has officially begun as the summer draws to a close, and for those in the market for some new tech, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include Home Depot. Along with expensive purchases like computers, home appliances and smart home gadgets are among the most sought-after items during big seasonal blowouts like this, and the Home Depot Labor Day sale is offering up plenty of deals on these and more right now.

As a new school year begins and many of us begin to settle back into our normal routines with summer coming to an end, the Home Depot Labor Day sale is the best opportunity before Prime Day and Black Friday to grab some new stuff for your smart home ecosystem (and if you’re only now building one, then this is the perfect place to start). To save you the hassle of sorting through it all, we’ve already combed the Home Depot Labor Day sale to bring you the five best deals right here:

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant — $50, was $80

Rather than completely reinventing the wheel, the biggest way that smart home technology has changed our lives is by simply improving things we already use on a daily basis. Case in point is the humble alarm clock, a bedroom staple which has been reborn in the form of the Lenovo Smart Clock. It’s compact enough to fit comfortably on any nightstand, it can lull you to sleep with customizable sounds and wake you gently in the morning, and with built-in Google Assistant, you can control it (and any connected smart home devices) via touch or voice command.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is pretty cheap, too, with the Home Depot Labor Day Sale giving you a chance to grab it for just $50 ($30 off) right now.

August Smart Lock — $120, was $127

Home security might be the most important application for 21st century smart home technology, and while there’s a bevy of smart Wi-Fi cameras for this, you don’t want to neglect the simplest entry-point into your house (and the most attractive one for would-be intruders): The front door. Most unwanted guests of the two-legged variety come in not through a window, but right through the front door, and the third-generation August Smart Lock is a simple and elegant way to add an extra layer of hardening to your home.

The smart lock is easy to install right on your door’s existing deadbolt, and once you’ve done so, you can remotely lock and unlock your door, grant and revoke keyless entry access to specific guests, know when your door is open and closed, and integrate it with a wider smart home setup, all from the August smartphone app. At $120 after a modest discount during the Home Depot Labor Day Sale, the August Smart Lock is a cost-effective way to add some extra security to one of the most important parts of your home — the front door.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus — $180, was $230

The perfect complement to the August Smart Lock is a smart video doorbell like this one from Ring. The third-generation Ring Video Doorbell Plus is one of the latest and greatest models in the long-running Ring lineup, featuring a 1080p camera, wireless connectivity (it’s battery-operated as well), two-way voice communication, advanced motion detection with customizable activity zones, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa. You can view the feed, talk to guests, and receive motion detection alerts right on your phone or tablet.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus comes to just $180 after a nice $50 savings for the Home Depot Labor Day sale. Pair it with the August Smart Lock and you have a pretty great front door smart home security setup for $300.

Google Nest Smart Thermostat — $219 ,was $249

Smart home gadgets might be a bit pricier than their “dumb” counterparts, but a smart thermostat can actually save you money by reducing your energy bills. The third-gen Google Nest is a fantastic example of this and is one of our enduring favorites (and it’s clearly the best choice for a Google Home-based ecosystem). The Nest smart thermostat can learn your habits and automatically adjust the temperature based on where you are and what rooms you use the most, can regulate your home’s temperature based on your schedule (it programs this itself, meaning you won’t have to fuss with it too much), and gives you easy remote control and a history log right on your connected mobile device.

All of these capabilities work to cut down wasted energy use, making the Nest more efficient than traditional thermostats for both the planet and your wallet. The third-generation Nest smart learning thermostat rings in at $220 after a $30 discount for the Home Depot Labor Day sale, and with the money you can save over the years on heating and cooling bills, it might just end up paying for itself before you know it.

iRobot Roomba 675 Smart Robot Vacuum — $250, was $300

Robot vacuums were one of the first smart home gadgets to hit the market and iRobot still makes the best ones in its Roomba family. The Roomba 675 packs a lot of features for its reasonable price: It boasts powerful suction for picking up dirt and debris, a three-stage cleaning system for tackling everything from solid objects to embedded pet hair (it’s one of the best robot vacuums for homes with animals), and smart sensors that help it navigate safely to avoid furniture and hazards such as stairs. From your mobile device, you can tell your Roomba when and where you want it to clean, while Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility allow you to sync it with a wider smart home system and control it with voice commands.

Many of the higher-end iRobot Roomba models will set you back close to a grand (or even more than that), but the Roomba 675 gives you the standard features you want in a robot vacuum for just $250 after the Home Depot Labor Day Sale shaves $50 off the price.

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