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This Fool just premiered on Hulu – here’s how to watch it for free today

Julio and Luis from This Fool standing in kitchen with coffee mugs.

Out now, This Fool is an irreverent comedy inspired by the life of stand-up comic, Chris Estrada. It follows the Julio Lopez, a 30-year-old who still lives at home, has an on/off girlfriend that he’s been dating since high school, and is generally the kind of guy who’s keen to avoid dealing with his problems in life. Lopez works at Hugs Not Thugs, a gang rehabilitation non-profit, where he has to contend with older cousin and former gang member, Luis. Starring Chris Estrada as Julio, along with Frankie Quinones, Laura Patalano, and Michael Imperioli, it should be quite the hit. Here’s how to watch This Fool for free today.

How to watch This Fool in the U.S.

Hulu is the exclusive home of This Fool, so if you’re keen to see this irreverent comedy, that’s where you need to head. If you’re already a Hulu member, you’re in luck, but what do you do if you’re new to the service?

Right now, you can sign up to a one-month free trial of Hulu giving you plenty of options on what to watch next. It’s possible to sign up to a one-month free trial of either Hulu with ads or without. If you plan on unsubscribing after the first month, you might as well hit the button for Hulu (No Ads) saving you the hassle of watching too many adverts.

While signed up to one of the best streaming services, this is the perfect time to check out the best shows on Hulu as well as the best movies on Hulu, too. You’re really not going to run out of options during your one-month free trial.

There’s absolutely nothing to pay, providing you remember to cancel before the month is up.

How to watch This Fool from abroad

If you’re traveling but don’t want to miss out on watching your favorite shows like This Fool, you may have realized that Hulu isn’t available everywhere around the world. Instead, your best option to watch This Fool from abroad is to sign up to a VPN.

One of the best VPNs around is NordVPN. Via its service, you can choose a different server location than your physical location, ensuring your computer or smartphone believes you’re in that location. That way, if you happen to be visiting Europe, you can always pick a U.S.-based server to connect online via, thereby making Hulu believe you’re actually still in the U.S.

It’s the ideal way to avoid missing out while on your travels, while also providing you with the substantial extra security that comes from using a VPN.

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