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Amazon Prime Day date is official, but is Walmart having a rival sale?

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The Prime Day date is official: Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 a.m. ET on July 12 and runs through July 13 this year. Walmart typically follows Amazon’s lead when it comes to announcing its alternative sale — Deals for Days. After all, long gone are the days when Prime Day deals were exclusive to Amazon. So, what do we already know about Walmart’s Prime Day sale?

So far, we don’t know much. Walmart hasn’t announced a specific sale around Prime Day just yet but it seems highly likely that it’s coming. Walmart has done so in recent years and we can’t see anything being much different in 2022.

Often, the best place to buy a TV on Prime Day is at Walmart. The bricks-and-mortar company that also has a hefty online presence tends to offer some amazing Prime Day TV deals, stealing the focus from Amazon when it comes to TV deals.

That’s because Walmart consistently offers an extensive selection of TVs and also tends to provide them with sizable discounts during sales seasons like Prime Day.

Amazon has already confirmed that it will offer up to 50% off its Fire TV range. It has stated that TVs will start from just $90 with an Insignia 24-inch HD Smart Fire TV available for this price, meaning 47% off the usual price. The top-end deal will be a Toshiba 75-inch M550-Series 4K Smart Fire TV for $700 instead of its usual $1,400 price.

However, we’re counting on Walmart to go even further than this. The retail giant tends to have a wider range of TV options, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see some deep discounts on the best TV brands including LG, Samsung, and Sony.

Ultimately, with so many TVs to choose from, Walmart could well be the place to go for high-end TVs like those that incorporate the latest QLED or OLED technology, with Amazon possibly a better bet for cheaper TVs that might suit your kitchen or bedroom better than your living room.

For now, all we know is one key thing — if you’re looking to buy a new TV soon, early to mid-July is almost certainly going to be the sweet spot for saving big this side of Black Friday.

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