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Amazon cuts up to 33% off of JBL Charge 4 so you can keep the summer music going

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Amp up this summer or any adventure with the unbeatable beats of the JBL Charge 4 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. With many other name brands like Bose, Ultimate Ears, or Marshall exploring the thresholds of portability and durability, JBL’s latest addition to the Charge portable speaker series does not disappoint. Competitively discounted at $120, sport the

JBL Charge 4

in black, blue, white, camouflage and more with Amazon’s 33% price cut.

The JBL Charge 4’s rugged design has enough makes it a great outdoor speaker. At a glance, it may not look far off from the Charge 3, but it’s slightly bigger in dimensions by more or less a centimeter and heavier at 3.25 pounds. Though it may weigh you down a bit, you should still be able to carry it your bag.

With an IPX7 waterproof rated exterior,  this portable speaker gives more room for fun and excitement by eliminating the worry of having to shield it from spills or from being submerged entirely. Just don’t abuse it or push it to depths greater than 1-meter in a 30-minute time period. Should you accidentally drop it from a boat or dock, these speakers can manage to stay afloat to give you a reasonable window of opportunity to recover it.

Since sharing is caring, wireless connectivity of up to two smartphones or tablets is possible via Bluetooth. Take things a notch higher, besides getting to take turns in being DJ, you can opt for stereo sharing of over 100 JBL connect+ enabled speakers. Much like its predecessors, the JBL Charge 4 has the capacity to charge your devices through its USB port. It also packs 20 hours of portable playtime in its rechargeable lithium-ion 7,500mAh battery. This way you will rarely find yourself low on power as well as enjoy going through most of the day of nonstop listening.

JBL Charge sits between the price range and specifications of the Flip and Xtremes series. Unlike the Charge 3, the Charge 4 sports a larger single oval shape driver instead of two small active drivers. Basically, the Charge 3 may score better in large open spaces and since it’s not a 360-degree speaker, placement matters. On the plus side, JBL’s dual passive radiators strive to intensify sound with strong, deep bass.


JBL Charge 4

is a versatile portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers a rich sound and housed in a fashionable and indestructible design. It’s also a solid bet to future proof your device as it comes with a USB-C. Normally retailing for $180, this camouflage speaker can be yours for $60 less on Amazon. Get your ears ready for an immensely charged experienced while stocks last.

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