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This adorable Lego Baby Yoda set is on sale for Black Friday

The Mandalorian took the internet by storm when it came out, and everyone was particularly charmed by a cute little character known as Baby Yoda. Every year, we scour the internet for some of the best Black Friday deals out there, and if you’re a fan of the hit TV show, we think we’ve found the perfect deal for you. Regardless of your age, we can all agree that building Lego sets is a fun exercise. This Black Friday, you can get a massive cute Baby Yoda Lego Set for only $64! At an original price of $80, you’re saving $16 for yourself that you can spend elsewhere — maybe even on some of the other Walmart Black Friday deals happening today.

This Lego figure is 19cm high, 21cm wide, and 13cm deep (which is absolutely gargantuan) and includes 1,073 pieces. If you think building Lego sets are easy, think again — this will challenge you with its surprising complexity. Of course, the set comes with an in-depth manual, as is the case with all Lego sets, so even though this figure is a challenging bit of fun, it’s still in the realm of possibility for all age groups. What’s great about this Baby Yoda figure is that it has movable ears, an adjustable mouth, and a posable head to capture all of the different cute expressions the character has.

We think this is an amazing gift to pick up for young family members, as Baby Yoda is all the rage among younger age groups. You can see Baby Yoda in Fortnite — Chapter 2, and Disney+ membership skyrocket after the release of The Mandalorian. If you’re looking to cut yourself a deal this Black Friday, maybe you can store this Lego Baby Yoda Set for Christmas time and gift it to nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap birthday gift or an early Christmas present, no matter the recipient’s age, as long as they love The Mandalorian, we’re sure they’ll appreciate this gift. Or get it for yourself at a discount! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. For this Black Friday only, pick up this Lego Baby Yoda Set for $64.

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